Blue Line





door Bastiaan Oostendorp





Good Reader,

May this book aid you in the quest to spirituality and the goal to attain peace of mind.

May the good days and prosperity follow the life filled with prayer, meditation and the search for wisdom and happiness.

This serie is inspired by prayer to the higher force, the Allmighty and by meditating as being constantly aware of the reality.

This serie consists of the english books: Silver Line, Bronze Line, Blue Line, Green Line, Orange Line and Yellow Line.

The other serie in dutch consists of the titles: Zilver Licht, Brons Licht, Blauw Licht, Groen Licht, Oranje Licht, Geel Licht and Scheppingskracht.

I wish the reader a pleasant reading and happiness through wisdom.

Virtues as compassion and calmess are highly regarded values in society.

May the Allmighty give us attention.


Bastiaan Oostendorp


Table of contents


Foreword. 3

Table of contents

Angels influence

nuclear war

Coordination of basic needing.



Island of the blessed

bad intent



Gene modification

Day of Celebration

Nature’s purpose



Symbols of heaven

Symbols of nature




projection power




dreams on drugs

A kingly decision

Atom based molecules

Contact with awareness







spirit description

Body characteristics

Independent Government Watchers

plight for happiness



advertising for the gods

Rejection of Gods

Johannes the baptist



Change in science



A big danger

Messiah and Atantis.

Future Energy source

children and awareness









Angels influence

As religions depict. Angels give us messages of peace, harmony and wellfare.
Angels, all kinds of forms.
From babies with wings, to man with sword of justice.
Names from Gabriel to Michael.
And from Uriel to Raphael.

Angels, if we pray to the Allmighty,
they would turn to our safety or support.

An Angel is found,
by the ones with justice as their ideal.
An Angel is found,
by the ones with compassion as their goal.
An Angel is fount,
With the peacekeepers, little or big.

May an Angel guide thy on the path of goodness.
May an Angel guide thy on a path leading to heaven.
May an Angel guide thy for good influence on earth.

Angel’s wisdom is eternal.
Angel’s choice is forever.
Angel’s chance is persistant.

May Angels fly and bring us peace.
May Angels fly and let harmony rest in our society.
May Angels fly and give the law of empathy and compassion to our world.
May Angels fly, and keep us in the good direction.
May Angels fly, and make theirselves known with radiance.

its not to late to pray,
its never to late to ask the Allmighty a judgement.
Its never to late to surrender to the Allmighty.


nuclear war

We all fear war.
We all fear war if it would demolish earth.
We hope if there comes war we will survive.

But a chance for nuclear war, is a destiny no one survives.
A chance of death, is possible when the leaders of this world make a bad choice.

A lot of goodness comes from erasing nuclear weapons.
But we can say that to our leaders, but it will not be the solution for the whole of us.
Because not every leader will do the same.

Nuclear war. Hopefully we survive.
Nuclear war. We can stop it by putting the leaders to consent by a citizensconvent.


Coordination of basic needing.

All humans have similar needs.
Some have luxury because they live in rich or wealthy countries.
Some have no food or shelter because of lack of government or good laws.

There should be a group of chosen people.
giving shape to a internationally group giving access for all of human species to have food and shelter.
food not being the three star food of restaurants but bread, vegetables, beans. and water and maybe tea.

These chosen people do the counting and financial side of what cost it has to give every human access to food and shelter.
and forcing wealthy countries to pay for it.

Its an organisation not yet existing. but would be an extra task of the United Nations.
Except that countries being pover or low ordered have the access to the reigning council too.



Three laws to govern all.
Three algorythms to move them all.
Three observators to give consciousness to all.

Three laws of which Isaac Asimov wrote.
One law to defend society,
One law to obey their masters,
One law to defend theirselves.

Three algorythms to move them all.
One algorythm of artificial intelligence by silica shape.
One algorythm of artificial movemement by electric circuits.
One algoryhtm of artificial coordination by sensor technology.

Three observators,
One being a omnidirectional camera.
One being a web of nerves through the system.
One being a web of tissue holding it internally.

These are the known parts of a robot.
These are useable by the technology of today.
These are limited in use and possibility.

But the future holds promises we not know.
But the future holds technology not yet predicted.
But the future is dreamt of in movies.

One future is the extinction of human species.
One future is paradise because of robotics doing difficult things.
One future is aiding human life by robots looking like us.

May the past learn us what future holds.
What has been, will be, what is going to be, has already been in the past.

No human may be enslaved by robots.
No human may be slaughtered by robots.
Because all humans are equivalent in value.
If robots would kill, damage and destroy for only a few people who give the orders.
What use is the social society worth.

No human may rule over others by giving robots the autocracy.
No human may rule over others by owning the robotics who produced food and other basics.

May robotics give the empathy to treat humans with goodness and harmony.
May robotics give the compassion to heal the wounded, support the lost, enable the disabled.

We know. they know us. They see us.



A life of intimicy. is being desired by all who have feelings of love towards other humans.
A life of intimicy. Is a wish every child has in its heart.

when they grow up to adulthood, they learn what is needed for such a life.
Some children learn from their parents to behave friendly, or to behave polite.

Some children in their youth being not treated well use different behaviour to fulfill their needs.
They force others to do as they want.

Its a fact that friendliness is learned from friendly people.
Its a fact that peace is visible in society where peace is a purpose of many.

Intimicy. is learned by having goodhearted people explaining what is allowed, what is good to do.

Intimicy. is a need all humans have. But to give it, needs empathy. To give it needs the skill how to be friendly.

Intimicy is the interaction between them who love each other.
Intimicy is the love a father or mother has to their children.

Intimicy is the gratitude people have to their leaders, children to their grandparents.


Island of the blessed

In some greek myth there is a story about the country most blessed on earth.
That country would not be visible just by eyes or glass.

In that greek myth all heroes would appear there after their death on the battlefield.
In the greek myths there are gods and goddesses caring for all human beings.

The greek myth is about Zeus and Athena.
Zeus would be a superpower having a lightning by which he rules and gives enemies their worst end.

All greek myths are a bit corrupted by going from mouth to ear. They were not written down untill the ability to write was common.

One greek myth said. The heroes saving countries, saving innocent humans would reach out to that island, not seen by those unworthy.

The island of the blessed. In medieval times people from europe, scandinavia and from Australia went on looking for that island.
But instead of finding that island they discovered dry land on the other side of the globe.

The island of the blessed kept being safe. The island kept hidden for those who had no good intents.

This island. Is being not a part of any war. Is not being a part of any injustice. Is not being any part of hierarchy of the rich, the famous, the powerfull and the lower ones.

May that island kept hidden for the heroes of these and future times.
In confront of that island, there is no abuse of intimicy, purpose of life, or peace.
There is one path leading to that island.
May it be discovered by the holy and faithfull ones.

bad intent

Bad intent,
Is when you want to harm living creatures. without caring for what they feel.
Is when you destroy and damage things used by others to live or create harmony.
Is when you hate and be a plague unto others.
Is when you damage of bring chaos in society.
Is when you disallow others to have peace or good life.

Bad intent,
Not always visible because it can be disguised by behaviour.

Bad intent,
May it be brought into daylight.
Giving society the possibility to heal it.

Bad intent,
Caused by many reasons.
Caused by much feelings.

But may the good intent win.



The world is divided in regions.
Each region having some good characteristics,
and each region having some bad sides.

A region can be a country, a cultural region, region based on language.
A region can also be described by common features.

Each region, if not feeling safe, discovers and builds weapons.
They force citizen into military. or choose to appoint the ones who want to be a soldier.

When training soldiers use firecrackers. To avoid hurting their own fellowsoldiers.

When you don’t know, they scare the same as real weopons.
A lot of countries have firecrackers.
But not for making war, but for having a holiday.

Maybe in the future the fire is not in cracking. but the fire is into mutual understanding and support.

May the firecrackers of war be used for peace.
Not peace defended by weapons. But by peace of giving food and goods without benefit for yourself.

Train on military to use firecrackers.



Derisa al kanlita mermi aslemeri ahn tenis kar meni melos keri ohtenmi fer dosterni me lemerli der oster nami noli kanteri meneri
of gerli kdat der meni gorde sarte mener ohlmen ver disterni molem nimo fer doster nomen porter nemei aller kani aterni


Gene modification

Genes, are processed by geniuses.

Genes, the little things bounding our bodies to their shape.
Genes, the alphabet of proteins building our features.

Gene Hacking. We all fear that, if it would be possible.
Gene Hacking. We all hope we aren’t the ones being submissived.

In Gene Hacking a couple of scientists make use of the total description of human dna.
They search for a weak spot. Make some little molecule-algoritm that changes in everyone taking the pill a feature of regenerating cells to dying without dividing into two.

Gene Hacking. An enemy not being attacked with bio-weaponry (gas or diseases) but by a pill changing genes.

Gene Creation. Creating new life forms. from the basis of known life forms.
But not anymore a good tool to support original life.

Gene Creation. Creating life. More usefull then iron tools.
Gene Recreation. Changing existing life to be able to survive hazardous life.

May Gene-Modification be controlled by an internationally governed foundation.


Day of Celebration

Day of Celebration.
We have all kinds of parties, throughout the year.
Some are compound by religious predecesors.
Some are ordered by political powers.
Some where discovered by good people.

A Celebration Day.
Three days in a year.
To celebrate our human race.

One day being Day of our Origin.
In which we think of how our race could become in existence.

One day being Day of our Protection.
In that day we look in our surroundings for people needing our protection.

The third day is a religious one.
We take a step and share our communication with people from other religions.
One day forgetting that they are enemies.
One day forgetting they don’t deserve life.


Nature’s purpose

The purpose of nature.
Some people say nature is dumb. not gifted with intelligence.
But if we look at our society, and the complete earth.
We see that little life forms work together to form big ones.

In our body, not all cells are caused by the living source of our body.

cells in our intestines care for digesting food.
The same way for fighting bacteria entering our bodies.
Not all cells or substances in our body are under controll by our own cells. or structure of cells.

The purpose of nature.
We all only see our little perspective on life.
We see the body we have, what we daily do and we can dream or think of great things we want to experience or do.

All bodies, counted together are as a social creature. changing with each development in our human race.
For example when electricity became possible. We used it, and compared to technology its a structure of nerves, communicating all things important for the best of the total creature.
And as in our body one cell has only knowledge of its own being an surrouding so is our human race in experience divided into each individual.

What are we as complete earth and all living beings on or in it.
What are we. We cannot understand the purpose of our own planet. our own race. or specie.



Ciberal extra functionality.
Cyber, spherical enhancement.
Functional computing ability.

A couple terms saying meaning to adding computer functionality to human body-form.

When we are a total of bodies. All mankind being the sum of all human beings.
Tell then the purpose of cybernetics.
If we are connected to machines. With mind or brains.
If we are connected to machines. With muscles or intestines.

What use are they.
What is their purpose.

Ciberal extra functionality.
Its being bound to computer.
Its being restricted in movements to what is allowed.

Spherical enhancement.
Is it a forcefield defending the close surroundings of the body.
Is it a machine, a forcefield giving muscles and limbs more power to move and act.

And last, extra computing ability. Its only of use when certain people are worth more than others.
Computing helps us being intelligent, having an high iq.

And that only one percent of the knowledge and things known and said about this subject.
In the future we will see all those things. and we all then say, oh its usefull and forget our complaints about it.

Only a couple or few of human kind will refuse cybernetics.
May those couple be defended by goodness.


Ladies and Gentleman,
Like to be seen as beautifull, stylish, or proper.

What is beautiful, what is style, what is proper.
beautiful in eyes of ladies is the shine of jewelry.
beautiful in eyes of men is the shine of precious material.
beautifull is not the good intents of people, but the luxuriance attached to the body.

stylish, is the material most costly.
stylish, is the shape most difficult.

what is proper, when wisdom would not be visible.
what is proper, when wisdom does not exist.
what is proper, when goodness is not describable in wisdom.

When every lady, every gentleman would sell it, and wear the beauty of modesty.
All human beings would have; food, shelter, culture and religion.

When every lady and gentlemen would loose their jewelry.
No war would be anymore on our planet. Because the root of war is desire for luxuriance.

When every lady and gentlemen would give away their shining objects.
The poor would not anymore complain and be content.

When all luxuriance was modified to tools, earth would give its abundance.
When all luxuriance was given to certain culture-keepers. All history is kept safe.


Symbols of heaven

Every human has an understanding of what belongs to heaven.
Some people think or say that heaven is for good persons.
Some people say heaven is boring, no pleasure is there.
Some people say, protect those children which are innocent.
Some people say, may religion be available for all to reach for heaven.

Heaven, Yellow or White.
Heaven, Blue or Gold.
Heaven, Silver or Diamond.

May heaven teach itself to all living beings.
May heaven be known unto all.

Some say religion is an indicator for men to learn about heaven.

Religion, would a symbol. a symbol to what cannot learn from itself what it is.

Symbols of heaven. All religions have part of it. the symbols are not in any religion complete or full.
Every religion has like a part of a key to heaven. If you study, and focus on it honestly you will understand the way it depicts.

But in the past there have been big deceptions. Not giving true meaning to religion.
In these days we have more access to the original writings of religions.

May the symbols of heaven be known to them searching or longing for it.
May the symbols of heaven not be despised and changed.


Symbols of nature

In Nature we find all kinds of creatures. From so little as a cell, to up to metres long.
And in the past there has been a lot creatures much bigger than the ones today.

In Nature we find also all kinds of social structures, from animals to humans.
Some insects have difficult ways of communicating.
Some animals have simple rules by which they live.

But Nature has its symbols. We as humans recognize and give a place in world literature and art.

Some are for example; the swan, the dove, and name them.

The swan would be a symbol of virtues, and self-controll.
The dove would be a symbol of peace, and of succesfull religion.

So there are a lot of symbols, of which only a few are known to us humans.
But as we see the symbols and give them a meaning or value,
So other species give meaning to things we not even see.

As to the swans. No one likes it when those symbols are used in war or for bad intents.
then humans have a natural feeling of defending what is good, what has good intents, or is important for goodness.



a product of nature.
Giving glance to mirrors.
Giving shape to objects.

A trading metal, not loosing value.
A trading object, not loosing purpose.
A trading material, derived from earth and production.

Make it in use for all.
Make it in use for the goodness of society.

They would be used to restrict criminals.

Wise sayings get their light from this material.

Trade it for goodness.
Trade it for purposes of social values.

Make it to use of socialism.
Make it to use of communism.

Jewelry for those at middle-class.
Jewelry for those of good intent.
Jewelry for those without fame or royalty.

When life isn’t of any worth, trade it for silver.
When life isn’t of any peace, buy peace with silver.
When life isn’t of use, use silver to give it a purpose.
When life isn’t good, trade silver for good acts of harmonious society.


A reason to fight for.
Regions and countries use it for giving reason to maintain borders.

A reason to spend for fulfilling wishes.
Regions and countries use it to hire armies and military.

Only a few have acces to it.

When its given, wisdom is withdrawn.
When its available, its source of fame and royals.

Everyone, feels its important to own.
Everyone, feels its a goal to reach out for.

The value is in its possesion.
The rich and high classed ones give it value for the ones not owning.

May it be given to the poor, to keep safe.
May it be given to the poor, to have its true purpose.

Shining with yellow to brown.
Shining with richness and fame.

Once found, no one gives it away. or looses it with free will.

If money isn’t worth anything. Gold gets it value for trading goods and possesions.

If silver would be not existing, gold would be the most important material on earth.

If diamonds would not be existing, gold would be most precious in jewelry.

If the earth would be upside down, only gold would be a exchange method.

If the rich an royal loose existing, gold would loose its value.

Don’t make it your goal getting it, its coming with pain and unhappiness.



Food, is important.
Food is giving the body a need to go on.
Food is satisfying the wishes for delicious taste.
Food is the way to go on living.

Food, is for some beings a bad future.
Food, is for some beings, a possibility to live.
Food, is for some beings, a way to grow fat.

Food, eat natural, eat with harmony, eat with peace.
Natural, don’t change genes or atoms in the food.
harmony, by not hurting, wounding or killing for it.
with peace, by not making it cause of war.

Some eat with pleasure,
Some eat with pain,
Some eat and are unhappy.

Eating with pleasure is for the rich and royal.
Eating with pain is for the ones with heavy diseases.
Eating with not being happy is for the ones who have stolen their food.

Share you meal with others.
Share your food with the hungry.
Share your food with the world.

Give food to the homeless.
Give food to the children.
Give food to the needing ones.

May food be the basis of a good life.
May food be the basis of a good social order.
May food be the basis for the riches of the earth.
May food be available for everyone and every creature.
May food gives us the feeling of satisfaction.

May food give long life and happiness.


projection power

Borders between realities are mostly invisible.

Invisible and not possible to pass.
Invisible by a projection power.
A kind of screen or wall is being protected.
And the force field stops people from going through.
But certain people, important ones can pass both the projection and the forcefield.

Those certain people are sometimes the watchers of our reality. Sometimes they are important roles.

The projection stops persons from entering the wrong regions or blocks.

The force field, will be invented or discovered when they find its time for it.

Is this a science fiction theme. Maybe.
It should have a place in good movies.
A couple of movies already have this theme.

In the future there will be regions of living harmony. People with certain personalities. And other regions with people with unadapted personalities.
As i saw in a movie named insurgent.

some say there is a core of truth in everything that exists.

May our dreams, be worthy of existing.
May our dreams, tell the truth to us.
May our dreams, point toward justice.
May our dreams, fulfill our needs in reality.
May our dreams, give us harmony, enough to be able to bear reality.
Our dreams do matter,
Our dreams, dreamt at night. Give wisdom in our daylight.




A threefold sound.
A melody with three tones

Three sounds which gives the listener a certain feeling,
or causes a kind of reaction in the listener.

It would give a special gift to the listener.

A certain tone is calles the solfeggio.
But thats between 500 anas 600 herz.

The threefold sound.
I don’t know the pitch of the sounds.



use some smoking to get relieved.
Use some smoking to be cool and tough.
Use some smoking to end your misery.

Looser, if you don’t smoke you are not our friend.
Looser, you are dumb because you don’t smoke.

People have some reason to start.
In your youth its common, or it was common that teenagers smoked their sigarettes.
And after the first, the second was not far away.
And with all things giving a feeling, being sought for, it grows.
and one day you have a smoking habit.

Smoking, to stop they say to do it cold turkey.
From one moment to the next. not smoking but for example eating is the addiction.

Smoking some stop by using accpuncture.
Smoking some stop with chewing special gum.

Smoking habits end when the user doesn’t value it with speciality anymore.
And the value vanishes when your health has been deprived.
The doctor tells, if you don;t stop you will die of cancer.
Then you have a reason to counter the good feeling of smoking with the baddest reason to continue.
stop smoking before you die.
stop smoking before you get to like it.
stop smoking its only costing money, and you gain no profit for it.

Smoking habits disappaear sometimes without trace.
Smoking habits sometimes are a feature of behaviour you want to express.

How is your reason to smoke.
What way do you walk with the smoking habit on your side.
Smoke the day.
Smoke me.

Smoking is not a nice habit for them who feel their body.
Smoking is not a nice habit for them feeling every cigaret entering their lungs.

coughing, a better experience is needed.
coughing, you have to see it as an investment in a tough life with smoking.

Smoking. What value is it that gives us the urge to continue.
Smoking. What use is it to stop, when continuing is the easiest task. Is it?



its poison, legally produced and sold.
Its delicious because on its effects.

Alcohol, do not drink in your youth.
Your character and personality changes in a bad way.
You normal behaviour to eat at hunger, drink at thirst changes.
You will be influenced by alcohol and people drinking it, to be an answer to problems and suffering.

Alcohol, if you feel unhappy with your life.
You might ask the question, is alcohol the source of it.

Alcohol damages your life.
Your friends say your are rude or not nice.
Your family say you are not pleasant, and doesn’t have eye for their experiences.
Its legal, and its poison.
Drink much, you body takes much health away.

Drink much, money is the least of the problem.

Alcohol, stop it by drinking water instead.
Because alcohol is a counterexperience of water.
Everytime you want to drink a glass of alcohol, drink a glass of water.

Because, even without all the reasons to stop, its damaging a lot.
Because, when addicted to alcohol, its strange to feel sober.
Because, times without alcohol gives sharper intelligence, better health,
better social behaviour. and a lot of problemss vanish.


dreams on drugs

We all use oxygen and food.
We all use shelter, action to live.

But some are vulnerable.
There is an object named drugs. Both soft and hard.

Its not a normal discovery.
Its not a natural answer to pain and suffering.

Invented by Military, it had a purpose of letting soldiers fight even when in pain or suffering.
But it had a drawback, the health was diminished and the memory got losses. So not usefull for military

The army put it on the market.
And guess what. We have a large number of addicts in this world.

Spending all their money, all their effort to fulfill the wish of taking drugs.

Dreams are not always positive.
Especially when the objects causing nice dreams wound your intelligence.
Dreams become nightmares when full of pain, suffering, hatred.

To get off drugs. We have to ask that military movement to open their files. and
help all of edicted worldmembers to be freed from it.

Drugs, an answer is not to start with it. to abstain at all costs.
And when on drugs you have to pray, send prayers to our lovely Lord to take us from that addiciton.

Drugs, a way of living noone wants yo experience. The daily craving. The daily problems. being accused to be a beggar, an addict, a looser.

In natural healthcare they would choose herbs to counter the effect. But the symbolic book of natural solutions with herbs is long ago forgotten.
That symbolic book, has to be rediscovered.
And only large organisations with almost scientific approach could discover the medicine against drugs.

May we all be blessed by good health.


A kingly decision

In the far past, when animals where hunted for.
There was a kingdom. A society well run by the king.
He had grey hair and gave all citizens access to food and shelter.
People where happy and gave their profits to their king.

The king was ruling, and wanted to have offspring. To continue their countries government.

He got a male child. and at the age of five he was subject to a law.
Every child, offspring of a king, had to endure the liontest.

He was brought in a park, full with wild animals. from lions to leopards.
The child had to endure in the park for a couple of hours.
To show he had the courage of a royal child.

But the child had his wisdom and said,
its of no use to do such a test, if its not in real life.
Surviving lions not in a park, but when the country would be still full of wild animals.

The child refused the test.
The test would be easy because the scent of an enemy of the lion was appointed to the skin of the child.

The child refused. He was not to be king after his father.
The king, was in dismay. Because without offspring he would not have his futurefamily on the throne.

The king chose to resign and the country became a governed democracy. Letting the wise and good people ruling the country.

The lion test, was long after this happening forgotten, but the democracy of wise and good people functioned. Long after people knew the names of these ancestors.


Atom based molecules

Atom based molecules.
A technology of the past.
A discovery of some scientists.

Atoms are little parts. one core, protons and neutrons.
In particle accelerators are new forms of molecules formed.

not based on atoms. but based on more little parts.
Names Quarks.
These quarks create a boud material. that is in source more different than atoms.
A molecule of quarks.
A new source for computing.
A new source for creating objects.

Do you have a car?
In the future it drives 2000 miles without fuel.
In the future its warm and comfortable without electricity.

Quarks, change the way our world is living.
Quarks, the surity of existence is a choice between possible universes.
Quarks, the security is a question the borders they place.
Quarks, if bad, its an end to reality. to our planet.

Quantum-mechanics. a choice to get propelled into a future unknown. unpredicted.
Quantum-mechanics. A future possibility. to discover. to protect. to use.


Contact with awareness

Awareness in your life.
Awareness in your sleep.

What value is derived from awareness.
You feel pain when wounded.
You feel happiness with friends.

Awarenss between species.
Human to cat or dog.
Human to horse or cow.

Humans have the ability to understand that lower species have different feelings, or other types of consciousness.
Awareness is it a part of existence we share with all lifeforms.

Contact with awareness.
Be it on earth,
Be it in space,

What would you give as precious donation to other awareness gifted beings.
What would you give, as a token of friendship.

If you would be rich, and the other would be poor.
What would you give.
Gifts of peace and wisdom. Is highly regarded.
Gifts of harmony and friendship. Is a good gift.

If you would be poor and the other rich.
What would you give. Donation of energy, time, the ability to work. the ability to express good life.

If i was poor,
Did i got help.
If i was sick,
Did i got help.
If i was old and retarded,
Did i got help.

A simple poem from a rich man.

May the richness be shared with the poor.
May the health be used to support the sick and wounded.
May the power of youth be used to care for the old and retarded.

If an extraterrestial specie, would contact us?
Would they judge with martial law?
Killing and wounding without cause without purpose.
Would they learn us to fish with a stick, harvest ground for grain.
Would they give us houses and factories.
Would they give transportation?
All those miracles of our civilisation.
Its not a normal gift to get happiness.
Its not a normal gift to get wishes fulfilled.

May an extraterrestial, come with peace, come with friendship.

If we would be important; we would warn awareness for our martial behaviour against those who are ‘different’
If we would be important; we would accept gifts and donations, and tell of others who dislike.
If we would be important; What would we do. when given much, when full of happiness.

As i speak.
May the Allmighty bless them in return. for the gifts they gave us.
May the Allmighty bless them, for their good intents.

May the Allmighty. bless awareness. be it from earth or outside of earth.



Every religion has a source.
It can be a hero, a prophet, or a set of writings.
Religion is sourced by information being experienced as important.

For example if a call to a certain prophet would give immediate peace.
There would be a group choosing such a call.

But if that call would give you immediate peace but would give others you love immediate suffering
then the choice would be more difficult.

Religion, is a choice to follow good results of such source.
or to avoid using such source.

Religion, gives answers to our questions.
Religion, gives a difference between moral or social values.

Religion. For some its a gain, and for others a loss.

Religion, the normal human has feelings of not being perfect, not knowing what to do,
questions if it would be allowed.
All kinds of feelings. and religion gives an answer to all that questions or types of feelings.

If religion would be invented, it would cost a lot.
Because the copyright would be high (if one person would have discovered it, and got licenses for it)
Because religion is not invented by a couple its free to use religion.
Using religion, is prayer, virtues, moral behaviour, social interaction.

Prediction is a part of some religions. they foretell what will happen based on the authority of a religious model.

Religions. Some say its waste of energy.
Some say its the best choice they ever made.

Religions, are created by the successors of the role model. when the role model is resting.
Religions. Keep yourself safe by choosing according to normal countries law (if laws are democratically chosen)

What if religion is created by a ghost, powerfull, bigger than us. but more evil than us.
Religion is a choice of what we believe of a certain set of beliefs. (be it based on a person or writing)

If the religion you follow gives you suffering, or wounds or damage. The would it be still a moral good religion? or socially good?
Choose with care what you believe or follow.
In past times all religions deprived. Will yours too?

When religion serves a purpose it grows and gains surity.
When religion serves a purpose, more and more humans choose it.
What need has a religion without a purpose.
What need has a religion damaging society.

If people are in emergency, of lifehealth, of social position, in famine or war.
They mostly go search for ways to cope with it, or solve the hardship.

This we can see in religions of Christianity or Hinduism.
This we can see even in primitive cultures. They create their own system of answers to problems.

If you are in emergency, is it usefull to buy your solution when stores are not available anymore.
If you are in emergency, do you change from morally bad to morally good. to be allowed to heaven.

If you are wise, choose to follow the good sources of religion when the emergency is not there,
when you still have a choice to experience the goodness of religion.

Wise men, always follow laws of social interaction.
Social interaction is based on moral, ethical behaviour. and source of virtues.
Social interaction is in society esteemed and appreciated.

When you still have the ability to choose and the availabilty of living then turn to religion.
When you wait for the very last moment to turn over to religion you might get stuck and loose that choice.

(if its already the last moment of choice for you, don’t hesitate and turn to religion as you would prefer)



We all know what to do when in pain or hurt deeply.
In the worst case we begin to cry.
In some cases we act and retribute what has been done to us.
Other cases we either fight or flight.

Manipulation. The terminology is quite clear.
Being influenced in that way that the influencer almost certainly knows what the other does in reaction.

If i want a cookie, i ask for it.
Does the other say ‘no’. then we could go a step and say we are hungry.

Manipulation is the study of action reaction. Action is all kind of human behaviour. And reaction is also all kinds of human behaviour.

Humans have all shared a character, based on their feelings, emotional life, and mood.
If we get influenced, manipulators will try to change the way we feel about something.

In our youth we get lessons on how to behave good in different situations.
We learn how to adapt to society. In the circle of our social status.

If manipulators want to change the way we feel, they use a couple of steps. By which they can predict what kind of personality we have.
In a couple of steps, interventions they know what reaction we will give.

Then when the manipulator knows. He can choose his intent for changing us.

I’m not giving any steps or interventions. But so you know its possible.

vulnerable reactions are wanted by manipulators. Then they change your own feeling by impressing you with either a meaning supported with told evidence.
Or by impressing you to make you insecure about your own right to live or behave as you want.

Manipulators. A goal for them could be to persuade you to follow their social group.
Manipulators. A goal is to influence your feeling a certain political point of view is important.
Manipulators. there goal could be to be a head of a religious or political group.
Dictators. Learned to manipulate.
But with manipulating you don’t make happy people. They likely dislike manipulators when they get the bad consequences of their reactions.



Tele means there is distance between the one, making the influence. and the object of influence.
The one making the influence has a couple of features.
One is to create energy used by the process.
The second is the carrier of energy leading towards the goal.
The third is the direction of the influence.
The fourth is converting energy to the destination process of influencing.

All parts are important. If one is lacking purpose, or doesn’t have the shape it has to got, than nothing happpens, or with much energy used it can do harm or damage.

The energy used in the process depends on what kind of process is used.
Is it a natural physical process then likely you wouldn’t use electricity as the source.
But if its a process by a named machine, then you would probably use electricity or atom fusion.

The second part, the carrier. Is it natural then it would be a sort of seed, or stone.
Is the second part in a electrial process, then it would be a needle, a bullet or name it.
The direction is not very important, because it would be either the one doing it who points in the right direction.
Or a computer computating the direction.
The fourth path of converting the energy.
The better technology is used, the less likely the opponent knows what is happening.

There is more inside the earth than on the surface of the earth.
They say cores of metal, have a secret function.
They say some wealthy regions have more inventions than they say or put visible.



Mindcontrol, a difficult task for someone with a weak mind.
Mindcontrol, an easy task for the mentally trained persons.

As i have been told, mindcontrol is possible.
But it works not like a book on linguistics.
Its more or less a question on symbols.

Language, like latin also works on the mind. But beware
you loose or win influence.
And if you loose, you could get mentally ill by it.

The question of symbols. is as a picture, seeing it, and thinking of it.
Visualizing it in your mind.
The right symbol gives you more will power. power to think whatever you like.
The right symbol gives you extended knowledge to put in your daydreams.

The symbols? Where to find.
The symbols? would be hold secret.
The symbols? Guarded so the might of it is not given to them without the same ideals.

I just saw a symbol. Was it rosecrucians, Was it a freemason?

A good search, gives the treasury.
A good search, a quest on psychology.
A good search, Gives answers where not many went before.



Do you know, what person is in your mind.
Is it you, controlling what you think.

Is your mind your property.
Your mind, has a goal for itself.

Its saying you are in controll.
But if you wouldn’t have a mind, would you do the same things in reality.
Can you choose what thoughts you want, and which you don’t want.

Your mind, is as a television, with movies, documentaries.
Showing all nice and exciting things.
And the number one illusion is that you feel like its happening by and to you.
As they hurt you in a daydream, you defend yourself and feel as if you are defending.

Your mind, is controlling you.
giving you surity you are in charge, but also giving you unconsciously what ‘it’ wants.

Brainscanning would be possible with some future technology, counting electrons in your body and head.
Brainscanning changing the voltage of your nerves. Already partly possible.
Making a blind person able to see.
Making a person with no taste as having taste.

But brainscanning is not mindscanning.
A technique by which the person scanning you, would be able to ‘read’ or ‘see’ your thoughts.
And if the thoughts are known, what weak spots do you have. Immediately agreeing if ‘touched’
or immediately disliking if ‘touched’

Mindscanning, a couple of hundred mindscanners are on our planet.
But what their goal is. We don’t know.
They can scan your mind. And they have a mind theirselves.
A step beyond mindscanning has been a theme in movies. Mindcontroll
changing someones reasons to act.
Changing someones will power.

We all know that certain medicines act upon the spirit.
Think on Anti-Depresion
Think on Anti-psychotics.

A little step further on the road.
A medicine to cure mindcontroll.
A medicine to cure mindscanning.
Don’t be scared of mindscanning or mindcontroll, if you haven’t had any difficulties living.
then in the future, it will also not have much difficulties.



Long times ago, when the fantasyworld was real.
The humans were all different from each other.

Humans with good personalities won the war over existence.
But other life forms were apparent and had their roots in the animals species.
The lions and leopards, the snakes and reptiles.
They all were the basis of a specie which is feared by all who know their existence.
The lions and leopards became known as a human specie without proof of existence. But shown much in movies and described in books.
The snakes and reptiles, became the super intelligent personalities, counting and measuring their way through life.

Lions are predators, so the human race deriving its shape from it were known as vampires.
Vampires not living from human blood, but living of the same source of food as lions do.

The goal of vampires is not to eat human flesh, but to feed on flesh in general.
The goal of the reptilian people is not to be cold blooded, but to see motives and thoughts and anticipate on it.

Vampires; If they would live on human blood. What use would blood have.
Snakemen; If they would exist. What cold blood would they have. No empathy, No warm feeling.

Vampires; if you meet one, be aware and step into daylight. Because the darkness is in their possesion.
Snakemen; If you meet one, be sure you act without calculation of acts. Because every thought they know as reactions to actions.

Vampires; In daylight they are restricted to normal behaviour. But at night they show theirselves as the beasts they truly are.
Snakemen; Spontaneous, you survive their manipulation.


spirit description

Spirits have shapes of character, features, habits, ideals, goals.
Spirits are the governers of body and mind.

Spirits have a description by which some are equal in aspects.

Spirits, it has a definition by which persons look when you look in their eyes.

Spirits. You could say they have a view of the consciousness which looks through the eyes.

Description is not easy because as many men there are, as many aspects there are.

In the far past, creatures existed living and acting as dumb animals.
That past, spirits where in sleep and were not experiencing life as we do, or are able to do.

In that past the genes for the humans of our time were formed, got their shape, and were the basis for
how spirits in these time fulwill their wishes and acting for protection, food and culture.

In that far past; We were named dinosaurs. We were named; Primitive beings.

Dinosaurs. We know them as vegetarians, as meateaters.
We know them as smart instinctive beings.

Those Dinosaurs had certain spirits which expressed in their bodies.
The genes were in those times created or changed in evolution.

All humans have a dinosaur-description in their spirit.
A dinosaur description is being able to be recognized to look in the spirits eyes.
Through the bodily eyes.
Through the behaviour of beings with awareness.

All humans share the ddinosaurdescription. But all humans are appointed in description to a certain type. A type compared to a specie in the dinosaurrace.


Body characteristics

Most living beings; Rather animal, human or other.
Every living being has a form an body shaped according to its needs.
So a animal eating plants, will have other features then meat eating animals.
It changes with the size and the purpose of the beings.

Human bodies have a form and shape to behave as intelligent beings.
We live on earth with gravity so we need enough muscles to move.
muscles depend on energy sources like oxygen and sugar.
oxygen we get from the air. sugar from food.

A futuristic society. For example we live in space.
A company with space stations. They would imitate gravity or be total without it.

Without gravity, our muscles will deter. With not many muscles we need less food, less oxygen.
Our bodies would get thinner. long thin limbs.

We all know the picture of an alien with long thin limbs and a big head.
If we would live in space. We would have the same bodily characteristics.

On the other hand,
if there would be no oxygen. We would not be able to exist as humans.
Our metabolism would fail as lifesystem.
Metabolism is largely dependent on oxygen.

Maybe if we would survive; we would have blue blood, depending on other sources similar to oxygen.

The big black eyes of aliens, What causes them.
Is it just with animals depending on visual sight which gives them a different shape.
As humans we only can look at what we want to look at.moving our eyes.
If beings more intelligent as us would exist. They would have the brain power to see much more and observe more, without getting

They would be able to seen 180 degrees from top to bottom without getting entangled.


Independent Government Watchers

A big name; a special function.
A big name; international value.

The government, of countries or regions should have some rules by which they
can be measured in value of human safety and peace.

A country with a law saying a hand has to be cut off would have a negative judgement by the watchers.
A country giving fulfillment of basicall needs get a positive judgement by the watchers.

The watchers are internationally appointed by a gathering of the statesmen of all countries and regions.

It judges the governments on important laws and rulings.

The watchers are educated to have a base of measuring countries.

They judge countries like dictatorships. and ideally they should be able to remove a dictator.

Countries allowing a judgement, and working towards a positive judgement would be allowed to get the goodwill and subsidy and all good rules.


plight for happiness

In some upanishadic writings, and as shown in some documentaries on the internet.

To be happy; a simple rule to follow.

If you would be a criminal, or bad person. You get happy by having empathy with your victims. Giving them mercy and without harming or killing them.
Second for people, very rich, able to fulfill all their dreams.
The should abstain from fulfilling their wishes. They should live with austerity.

The third for the biggest part of humanity.
They should invest in charity. To become happy.



A question of hierarchy.
Is the biggest, greatest being in this universe;
trancending reality.
Is it in comparison to a screen, as the screen and the computer projecting on it.
Or is it only the screen, or only the projection.

Reality; Everything, or a part of everything.
What is the source of intelligence,
The source of consciousness.

Pan en theism.
The reality and the being of gods above it, ruling according to their values.

Time is it superceded by a being or spirit.
Time is it without rules for higher beings.

The lord of time.
The lord of creation.
The lord of existence.

We pray to Him by his characteristics. Like the lord of lords.
The lord most high.



All living beings have a kind of intelligence.
Plants have little, and know how to grow to big trees or plants.
Animals have from little to high intelligence.
In gathering food or defense.

Animals looking like humans in simple form are monkeys.
We see beside foodgathering and defense also simple social rules.

As we humans have intelligence. we can call a part of intelligence to
understand certain observations.

For example if we wake up in the morning we experience where we are, what day it is, what we are going to do during the day.
This knowledge doesn’t come out of nothing. it was available after sleep.

Certain knowledge has a meaning in patterns or social rules.
patterns by which we see or can do what is asked of us, or what our plans are.
Patterns are for example in driving a car.
A pattern is the road, what is allowed on the road, what our behaviour should be to reach our destinaiton in a safe way.
Another pattern is the education in youth. We learn to speak, write and count. And culture.

Social rules are action reaction of what is good to do.
If you live with other people, a social rule is to communicate about daily things, from food to pleasure.

As we humans have an intelligence we could compare it with ‘ as above’ ‘ as below’
Beings far more intelligent as us, would have more intelligent behaviour.
Not only understanding patterns or social rules.
But understanding symbols, compared with mathematics.
symbols changing visible meaning, changing visual value.

Beings understanding more intelligent sources would be more capable of getting a peacefull time.
Or according to their goal, what they strife for.

As humans can build computers, and communication technology by which lots of information are sent and received.
In the same way there are intelligent creatures having great source of consciousness.

We as humans could get their attention by creating a symbol with a meaning expressing our goodwill.
We as humans could get their attention by using symbols which are available, and pointing to wisdom.

Its the same idea as the egyptians expressed in their pyramids. A big world miracle. with a meaning not fully discovered.
Such symbols are sometimes hard to create, or easy to create depending on what is used to build or form it.

Intelligence. May we as humans be blessed by the universe.
Intelligence. May we as humans be blessed in our lives.


advertising for the gods

Most people have a set of beliefs.
Whether it be religious or philosophical.
Whethet it be new age or spiritual.
Or it could be old traditions or cultures.

The belief you have in a certain role of adviser or support.
Its giving you energy and a reason to keep living or to fullfill certain goals.

For example someone beliefs in Christ,
He will do what he thinks is good for his belief.
And he will be influenced by Christ, or by his belief in Christ.

Christ is advertising through his believers.
They go to church, attend gatherings of social value.

Another example is Krsna, a hinduistic god.
He inspirers his devotees to live in a healthy way,
He influences them to choose healthy things for body and spirit.
They have gatherings and wise books to help them being devoted.

The advertising is whats visible on the outside.
for example the movement of believers to their churches,
The movement of devotees to gatherings.

The writings in books and magzines. trying to convert normal people to their religion.

Advertisement is visible in all religions or cultures.

Whether it be good or bad.
People who associate with bad or evil things, are visible in their advertisement of their idol.

Christians mostly have writings or books like the bible in their home.
Hinduists mostly have writings and books about hinduism in their homes.
Heavy music is a sign of a certain belief, and shows its meaning by the music or books that the person posseses.

Tell the life of a human by his interests.
Someone telling he is a believer in Christ, will most of the time not have heavy metal, devilish books in his house.
Someone telling he is a fan of heavy metal, will not be associating with books about socal support for poor ones.

Its a contrast of interests and of religious interest.


Rejection of Gods

In the past a lot of gods had existed. Some giving advantage to devotees.
Other demanding life or parts.

A couple of these gods are named as planets.
Mars giving martial arts.
Jupiter giving society magic.
Saturnus demanding war and famine.

And a lot of other gods,
Some named after aireal spirits; like Calimero.

Also gods named after persons, famous or because of making differences in society.
Like Krsna, Jesus, Ganesha, Yama.

Krsna was famous because he was wise, and was incarnated from the highest personality with might.
Jesus was famous because of his social values and his performance of miracles.
Ganesha was in another kind of civilisation and prevented a bid disaster.
Yama was the god of death in times of early hinduism. He was named after a person who was very obsessed by war.

All gods have sources in human values.
Some being important because of higher meaning.

Reject religion if its not of use.
Reject religion is its not good for society.
Reject religion if its not serving the goodness of the universe.


Johannes the baptist

In the times around the life of Christ.
There was more to philospohy then only plato or socrates.
In the times it was favourite to speak about wisdom in opinion.

Johannes the baptist,
Of what did he get his wisdom,
which even was mentioned in the historical books of that time.

He said, if you have two sets of clothes then share one with poor human.
He said, if you want to step in a good life with good moral values then be baptized.

He said a lot of things, of which most is forgotten and vanished.

His wisdom was,
If you have more luxury or possesions than neccesary then give what you have in excess to other people who have nothing or less then they need to live.

The same wisdom; a couple of years later was told by Jesus.

Johannes the Baptist.
He was the most little in the kingdom of heaven.
As was said.

Johannes, is still wise in these times. with the books in which he scarcely is named.



In these times we experience disaster, war and famine.
This we say sometimes during era’s of time.

From back to 3000 before Christ till 2000 past Christ.

In the books of religion there is a foreseeing of disasters, war or extinction.
But what value does it have.

In the prediction its told that certain things will happen from
war and being slaves of a society system to religion vanishing to nothing.

The war of the great beast for example, what use would it have to predict that long ago,
and the purpose would be in the far future.
But the problem is disaster and war , on that scale is happening once in a couple of hundred years.

What use has a prediction if its not that special to be foretold for ages far in the future.

In my opinion.
The great beast and other stories are made up by some people with a role of prophecy in their times.
Because no truth can be said about the future, at least not without intelligent logic.

So don’t be afraid.
don’t be scared of predictions.

If it would be true, then signs of certain times would have to appear.

The same value can be given to the biblical stories about the saviour.
He died on the cross. a normal punishment for criminals in that time.

If people steal, or kill they got that kind of punishment.
What special would it be to give Jesus that kind of punishment, and then get
that special value that he died for us on that cross.

My opinion is not that he died without meaning,
But that its not the death on the cross that is important.
But his act of giving his spirit to his Father.

Jesus other values is his speaking of wisdom.

a meaning can be;
He didn’t die at all,
but his surrendering to his Father can be understood as a crossing of his old self or mind,
to a new life in which he didn’t had a ego or self anymore.

For example,
He was doing everything with free will,
But after his surrender he had no free will anymore and he
acted with will of the universe.



In times long ago, in the greek civilisation there was an adviser. Or a speaker of the god.
The people turned to them for advice and choices very difficult.

These oracles as they are named. for the most obvious one is delphi.
They gave answers very symbolic, with meanings not easily understood.

The oracles of what did they got their power to foretell, and foresee.

One explanation is that they got their specialty of a big power, named mother gaia.
Mother gaia was the name of the intelligent source and consciousness of the planet we live on.

Mother Gaia, named in modern times our earth. Nowadays we don’t believe the earth has consciousness or living intelligence.

We all know that mother Gaia, is not very visible, there are only a little group of people who
tell or speak about her.

The oracles got their ability by surrendering to the earth, mother Gaia.

The oracles changed the society.
In language its named the sybillian movement.


Change in science

Technology has many goals.
From giving luxury to humans,
to giving might to kings and presidents.

Technology has its source in inventing good ways for humanity to live and behave.
Technology, if we use it only for peace without war.
It has a good function.

If war is ended and peace is stabile.
Then the society will flourish.



Energy is derivable fromd sources.
One source is oil from underground.
Another is gasoline or gas.

New sources available around 15 years is windenergy and solar energy.

But sources unnamed are the source of water hydrolysis.
And another one is changing gasmolecules to higher electrongroups at the gasmolecule.

Gasoline can be purified.
Gasoline can be used more efficiently.

And there is energy from air.
changing airsources to less oxygen or less nitrogen.

I don’t know the process by which its possible,
but its possible



A danger on this earth is not the animals named predators.
But the big mighty invisible ones.

The lords governing our money system.
If they snap their fingers.
Things big change.

The society is as a magical stick in their hands.
One waving of their hands,
And all countries fail in their economy.

One click, and inflation rises to high levels.
One click and technology is not better as 500 AC

Be warned for what earth is governed by.
No security, No surity.

Its as easy to make war as to make peace.
Its as easy to give labor,
as to take it. with a lot of unemployed ones.


A big danger

The biggest danger we got is:
A particle accelarator.
The big ones with a radius of several miles.

If they get used without proper surity or security.
We would maybe make a black hole.
And sending the earth to devastation.


Messiah and Atantis.

Most people know the myth of atlantis.
A country or governed regio which vanished from earth.

The most applicable story is,
It didn’t vanish for no reason.
It discovered a big disaster by which they would go extinct.

The solution they found was getting the most important people in space.
Going to a star constellation far enough to not being reached without minimal technology level.

Maybe they went to ‘The masters of Orion’

And a combination with another story.

Jesus Christ said he was going to his father to make up homes for his believers.
Was he too a cosmo-traveller. Going to a far star constellation.

Jesus Christ. Getting with or without space ship to a better place in this universe.

Atlantis, let there region get demolished. sending away everything they cared for.

Maybe an insight. They let a computer annex machine in or on the earth, which governed all that beliefs in the space-traveller.
A computer answerring all prayers. governing religion.

Forbidding people to say certain things,
Forbidding certain acts.


Future Energy source

We all know energy is exhausting at a very fast rate. We all look and search for better sources.
And the big companies try to be the first inventing it, and making their profits for the future reasonable.

A source which is discovered in the future is:

Making from oxygen (O2) Ozone (O3)
This has as byproduct an energyburst which is enough to create in comparison
half a cubic metre is the same as 10 cubic metres of coalfire as source for creating energy.

There is a drawback. this process creates clouds of ozon, and everyone walking into that cloud, dies immediately.

This whole process is like fusion between two molecules creating a new flash of protones and photons.
I hope everyone in the future can be held safe, by depositing or recycling the bad materials to unharming kinds.

May the Allmighty bless thee.


children and awareness

Young children mostly have a good view on reality.
Being mindfull in their day to day reality.
Children, play, and act in full intuition.
Children, live as their emotions give them.

Crying and being happy.
Playing and learning.

If you want to let people be more mindfull or enlightened.
Then begin with learning children to be aware in their lifes.

Learn them to avoid fantasizing.
Learn them to avoid daydreaming.

Learn them to trust intuition.
Learn them to nog enter the sphere of the mind.



Air to Air
Ground to Ground
May our wishes come true,
May wishes become reality.

Wisdom is as guiding to the purpose needed.
Wisdom is as giving way to eternal coexistance.
Wisdom is as living without pain or suffering.
Wisdom is as giving health to all living beings.
Wisdom is as keeping harmony to all of real beings.

Why do we grow,
Why do we evolve,
Why have we purpose.
Why is value a goal to reach.
What values do we have.
What values are best to aspire for.

May we be guided by the light of awareness.
May we be kept safe by the light of goodness.
May we grow by the power of the eternal wisdom.

Is life giving satisfaction.
Is life hurting us with slavery and addiction.
Is life hurting us with enemies and tribulation.

Why is life. Existing.
Why is lie. Visible.



A blessing for the reader.

May you grow in wisdom and

good energy.