Bronze Line


Bastiaan Oostendorp





Good Reader,

May this book aid you in the quest to spirituality and the goal to attain peace of mind.

May the good days and prosperity follow the life filled with prayer, meditation and the search for wisdom and happiness.

This serie is inspired by prayer to the higher force, the Allmighty and by meditating as being constantly aware of the reality.

This serie consists of the english books: Silver Line, Bronze Line, Blue Line, Green Line, Orange Line and Yellow Line.

The other serie in dutch consists of the titles: Zilver Licht, Brons Licht, Blauw Licht, Groen Licht, Oranje Licht, Geel Licht and Scheppingskracht.

I wish the reader a pleasant reading and happiness through wisdom.

Virtues as compassion and calmess are highly regarded values in society.

May the Allmighty give us attention.


Bastiaan Oostendorp


Table of contents


Bronze Line


Table of contents


choice of life

Sentinel of peace



safeguarding technology

storage of books

dna time capsule

shortage time investment

Capitalism & Communism

liberal & social

old times



words backward

Tree of good and evil


Free to have

hierarchy of gods


intuitive movies

government watchers

measure of education



purpose of technology

purpose of military

Country Defence



international organisation


Disaster preparation


equal distribution

visible vision


Intelligent robotics

Good hearth

The big war

Money science

Monks of awareness

monks of nutrition

monks of construction



May we protect the weak,
May we protect the poor,
May we protect those living by good rules,
May we protect those who want harmony and goodness,

May we defend our children,
May we defend our grandparents,
May we defend our source of goodness,
May we defend our ways of truth,
May we work together for prosperity and wellfare.



choice of life

Humans have all free will.
Some choose to live satisfying their desires.
Some are planning their life.

Some do as religious persons the best to help their gods.
Some do without knowledge what they want.

If you are tired of your free will.
Or if you distrust your thoughts.

You can choose to surrender to god.
You can give your life to god.

May we be blessed by god.



Sentinel of peace

Every human can be a force limiting the bad, helping the good.
A sentinel is working for the Allmighty to create a harmonious sphere on
our planet.

We all benefit from such persons.
They not always are publicly known for their work.
Some act in silence and peace.
Some act as soldiers fighting bad forces.

May sentinels defend our planet.
May the peace of all races come forth from their effort.




In these times we have movies like the Xmen about mindcontrol, telepathy etc.
Who the mindcontrollers are we don’t know.
And as long as we are not very important we will not have to be worried for it.

But mindcontrol does exist.
And what they can do:

Change your memory.
Change your character or personality.
Change some of your behavioural patterns.

You can learn it by training nlp and doing masterclasses in some countries.
But most mindcontrollers who are able, are in jobs at international intelligence services.

May the good be helped by them who can.
May the controll lay in the hands of those who want.

If someone changes suddenly and do counterclockwise his own daily things.
You then know. an influence not very common is acting in its life.

You cannot heal such a one, not by force not by reason.
You have to hope the mindcontrollers heal their wounds.

May freedom of life within law boundaries be a choice for everyone.
May freedom of thought not be manipulated by some able to influence it.




A lot of people say that the illuminati is a sect, and has bad intents.
They would be family of more.–
They would be very rich and even influence governments and royals.

The word illuminati means, as fas as i can see, the enlightened ones.

In that definition it would be everyone that is enlightened that would belong to that group.
The word enlightenment is as said by some spiritual ones the awareness of reality,
and the discarding of the mind.

If the real illuminati would exist, they wouldn’t egoistic or selfish.
They wouldn’t own a lot of houses, a lot of expensive things.
They wouldn’t influence others in a bad way.
Bad intents, would not exist.

their intents would be to help everyone who has no happiness.
Friendliness, charity.

Helping those that are cast out.
Helping those that are disabled.
Helping to give prosperity to all living beings.
Giving attention without predilection.



safeguarding technology

In our time we have a lot of technology to aid us in well-doing.
All those inventions make us feel good. a warm house, a way to prepare food,
a way of transportation. And all kinds of additions to life.

We should be aware that a major disaster could give us a setback in time.
So best thing to safe our world,
is by writing down all inventions, the way they were invented,
how it can be invented again.
What advantage it has, what disadvantage it has.

All those inventions- described together, can be saved in a conserved place.
To be kept for hundreds of years.

(a good thing is to also describe language. different symbols, definition etc.)



storage of books

In these times we have plenty of books to read,
plenty of all kinds of subjects.

All books would take 5000 human lives to read all of them.
Books about information on certain subjects.
Books with romance and fiction.

In the past a large library of alexandria was burnt down because of unrest of people.
We in the future will face such a period. Expecially if money will cause debt by government and
impopular choices.

We should save our heritage of information.
Because movies, music and the like take much effort and space to preserve we have to skip them.
But books as being text, if we would store them in plain text on a computerinformation disc will take a minimum of size.

So the best thing is,
Convert all books to plain text. drop out the pictures. and store them for example on a cd, harddisk,memory card.
And store those information devices in a safe place. Ready to be conserved for a long time.

(in the past they did the same with the scrolls of the dead see, nag hammadi writings)

May our future have a good eye on our humanity.

dna time capsule

Every human on earth has a different dna fingerprint.
Some may differ in skincolor, hair or eyecolor.
We all have a fingerprint, on our fingers. different from other people.
But in the future it will be the dna that proofs if you are normal or different.

DNA, in the future they will investigate and analyze these times. and will as we do archeology the same with our

To be in advance, save your dna in a condition that it will be kept safe for centuries.
You can put your dna in a time capsule, and store it in the soil.

You can think of other ways to.
The more dnasamples we store, the more view they will have for our society in the future.

Don’t be afraid they will follow rules of morality.
They won’t do inhumane things with it.

You don’t have to freeze your body or part of it. Just save your dna.
And dna can be some of your skin, or a little drip of blood.

May our future lie in our hands.



shortage time investment

In the future we all will experience a time of shortage or hardship.
In those times, normal money is not worth anything.
Values items in that time will be food and objects ready to be used,
even without electricity or water supply.

If you want to save your real value,
consider changing your savings account to pieces of silver or gold.
If you do so, be aware that criminals could notice your treasure.
And put it in pieces ready to be paid with,
so don’t buy kilograms of silver, but buy pieces with a good value also possible to buy normal stuff.



Capitalism & Communism

Capitalism encourages people to earn money and spend it on things they like.
With capitalism the danger is that some accumulate much money, or they
guard their income by rules and laws.

Communism, without corruption is
Everything is from everyone.
Everything is owned by everyone.
And giving each member a basic income.
income enough to have a good living.
if countries choose for communism, they should be aware that a couple of disadvantage appear.
Such as secret groups giving theirselves more oppurtunities for owning and living.
And inhabitants who realise they get money anyway wouldn’t work anymore.



liberal & social

The top of government is dividable in two.
One in which the government nurtures as a mother every inhabitant.
The other is giving freedom to her inhabitants.

Social is giving members access to shelter & food for free.
Liberal is forcing members to earn their own money.

Liberal, if you put it in extreme, no police would be there.
No education, no healthcare.
All those things would cost the buyer an enormous amount of money.
With pure liberalism there would be in two years anarchy.
Giving the richest or strongest the power to subdue whom they like.

is with empathy the basis of every good and harmonious country.
May socialism get more voters.



old times

Old times,
do we trust writings based on information thousands years old?
Hinduistic writings give a view on their technology.

flying ships,
humans with partly animals (Ganesha fe.)

All kinds of technology, from nuclear weapons (Sankarshana)
to laser guided weapons.

Some of the old ones had knowledge even on medicines giving lifes hundreds of years extra.

In those times they were all destroyed by the big war, kuruksheta.
After that war, all things decayed and went back to non visible source.

They promised the offspring safety when they wouldn’t turn to the same technology.
After that time, human mankind turned back to the use of stones and sticks.
And since that time we have the writings giving us experience of what they were.

In upanishads we read the core of their religion.
Asking the Lord to govern our lives.
Asking the Lord to give guidance and advice on the subject we think are important.

Hopefully we will in the future live our lives with his Blessing.

Old times. they perish in war, they prosper in devotion.




Healthy fruit and vegetables from nature.
Some heal, some hurt.

As food you need vitamins, proteins and kolydrates.
calories and stuff.

A profood is lemon.
a second profood is ginger.
fruit is healthy.
vegetables are healthy.

Other profood.




Magic is the science of making things visible.
You can use magic to let food or objects appear.
You can use magic to influence someone’s thoughts.
you can use magic to cause miracles.

some use spells or mantra’s to create them.
some use higher powers to ask them to create for you.

White would be good,
Black would be evil,

Green comes from nature,
blue from air or water,
brown from earth or ground.

Noone searching for goodness takes the means of magic.
Noone willing to be of good value for society chooses for magic.

Leave it be,
Turn to a religion.

Religion serving truth and harmony.



words backward

In some languages there is a hidden meaning in words.
so we have the english words.
Live, Lived.
if you turn them backwards you have.
Evil, en Devil.

In this way you can form a lot more words meaning something good or something bad.



Tree of good and evil

In the origin of jewish religion there was a concept.
Paradise, where humans lived a worry-free life.
and had all to be happy.

Then a snake invited the human adam to eat from a certain tree.
To be alike the gods.

He ate from it, including his wife, and went hiding himself.
then the jewish god said, now he is one of us, let us cast them out of paradise.

That tree of good and evil. is in my opinion the human mind.
We can think of things good and evil and get knowledge.
We hide ourselves in the masks we create y thinking.

The other tree in paradise, the tree of life.
That tree in my opinion is surrendering to god.
(as is said in proverbs by Salomo)

So choosing to use the mind gives you worries.
Choosing the tree of Life, surrendering to God is giving you a good life(as some writings say)




All objects that can be bought have certain division.
You have very expensive things, with high status value.
And the opposite, very cheap things, with low status value.

they share a couple of characteristics, both expensive and cheap.

For example a tablet computer, you can buy one for 600 euro’s or dollars,
But there is one far more cheaper with having the same experience of using it as the other one.

Shoes, you can buy them for thousands of dollars, but they step the same as one of 50 dollars.
You maybe have to search for it.

So when you are poor, don’t waste your money on expensive things.
So when you are rich, you do better to investigate your options.



Free to have

What in this world is free to get, or free to have.

We all feel good if we experience happiness.
We all want to experience happiness.

But what gives us that feeling,
when we reach goals,
When we are satisfied.

What is free is not always giving us happiness.
For example if a certain food would be free.
It is not per se healthy.

If all things in life would be free,
some people choose the same things, while others choose other things.

If nothing would be free in life.
There would be a lot off suffering and misery.
Not everyone has ability to work for money.

What is free;
Mostly sun light is free,
Mostly clean or dirty water is free,
Mostly a place to walk or sit is free.

If basic needs satisfaction would be free,
More people are happy,
Less criminality,
More educated people (they don’t have to make effort for the most basic needs)
More people sharing tradition and culture.

What is free:
Being a soldier in a country is free.
Being a slave for others was free.
Being a elderly person, should be free.

May all the good things in life be free.
May all the bad deeds be accumulated, analyzed and forbidden.



hierarchy of gods

A subdivision of gods.

May the Allmighty be known as the Highest, most Resplendent Lord.
May a step below Him be the highest Power .

May as Gods be known, the powers described in the holy writings.
Being the christian gods, the father, son and holy spirit.
Being the hinduistic gods, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.
Being other gods with their will.

If you search for a mighty one to serve.
Consider your choice and don’t make that decision lightly.




Devotion is giving your life to the Allmighty,
Devotion is asking the Allmighty to give a judgement on your life.
Devotion is offering yourself as a servant to the Allmighty.
Devotion is beginning the day with laying your day in the hands of the Allmighty and asking Him what you may do that day,
Devotion is beginning a task or doing certain things with asking the advice,influence and guidance of the Allmighty,
Devotion is in danger and pain asking the Allmighty his help.
Devotion is asking the Allmighty to give you a task or plight.

Devotion is trusting he exists,
Devotion is waiting for his answer,
Devotion is bringing forth fruits of prayer.

A holy task for a good time.



intuitive movies

When movie directors create their movies,
and actors are playing in scenes,
there are a couple of goals.

one is to make profit and be famous with your movie.
Another is to give vision to certain theme’s or behaviour of individuals or groups.
another is to give view to problems, little or large.

And an important goal can be,
to have everyone who sees the movie a certain feeling, or experience.
By studying psychology you can learn what happenings in movies or reality get a certain result.

You can use that instrument to, for example, give criminals insight on good citizenship,
or give them an insight in what criminality causes in victims or people.

You can use that instrument to let children have a view on certain jobs or education.

You can use it to change certain concerns in society.

And a lot more is possible.

Movies can be used for purposes adding value to society,
or can be used to deform society, or damage it.

Movies can be used to instruct or train individuals,
Or to hurt them.



government watchers

Each country has a certain government,
Some have dictators, Some have kings or queens,
Some have presidents, Some have a council of elders.

All kinds of leadership are possible.
But not all of them serve the goodness or wellfare of their country or state.

To have attention to that kind of expertise, a new group of jobs is to be introduced.

They are chosen by the global leadership of the world,
and they are unbiased.

They judge all governments of the world.
judging them on certain subjects.

subjects like:
– Leading as democracy or dictatorship.
– Giving opportunity to ambition.
– Minimal salary.
– Attainable healthcare.
– Basic education.
– Corruption.

And many more subjects that are applicable to government.
The global alliance has the right to judge countries and dismiss governments.

measure of education

If our civilisation is more and more internationally based.
The need for equal education is needed.

For example a nurse in this country should have the same study as a nurse in other countries.
For example a scientist should have the same study as in other countries.

Primary school,
High school,
And so on.

The next step is giving that education the same possibilities in third world countries.
To enable people of poor countries to study the same courses.

It would give benefit to all of us. Because more experts will enter the employment.
(only the language would be different)




Since eternity existed, humans are procreating.
Giving offspring their knowledge and giving them a basis to live.

One big rule is, more attention to your children, gives them
more harmony in their character and personality.

Attention, not in a bad way, gives goodness as a virtue to them.

All attention you give them, learns them to communicate about their problems and their experiences.

If you choose to get them,
then be aware you give them nurture and attention.
To let them be of value for society and you.

Unconditional love means you take their problems and questions seriously.
Unconditional love means you wish the best future for them.
It means letting them have part in their life. enabling them to make their own choices,
and learn from the benefit or mistakes resulting it.




In the medieval times, in another continent there was a good and big civilisation.
Not built on capitalism, or money based exchange.

They lived an called it service for the group.
A group was mainly the individuals with the same language or skincolor.

They had prosperity because they all understood the value of responsability for the whole of the group.
They were aware of the things they did, in relation to each other, in relation to the earth.

They said, all indians, being deceased are part of nature.
The spirits of those ancestors were in the air, in the water, in the earth.

They were aware every creature they killed for food or clothing was part of that world.

One wise sentence was;
Don’t leave footsteps on the earth damaging her.
When you are in your last days, give your experience to the young generation.
When you are looking bak on your life.
Did you add value to earth and its inhabitants,
or did you destroy value.



purpose of technology

Since the beginning of this world, our planet earth, or even before that,
if we existed far before earth.

We always experienced feelings of pain, misery, hunger.
And those feelings were the cause of desiring ways to cope with those challenges.
Those feelings caused in intelligent humans, or creatures the need for inventing answers to unhappiness.

for example the wheel, stone tools etc.

I{n these times we have the same desire for inventing tools and things to get more happy.

The purpose of technology is not profit, or luxury.
The purpose of technology is giving every member of mankind basic happiness.
And the word happiness is defined by each individual in a different way.

May our purpose as humans lay in the happiness of us all.



purpose of military

Every decent country in these times have a military power.
they train and exercise to be strong soldiers.
They have to defend and attack according to the plans of the leaders.

A better purpose in times of peace is
using the soldiers to bring food (bread, grain) and water to
countries in famine or decay.

And the soldiers can be appointed to build cheap housing for
the real poor.

If every country in peace would cooperate in this plan,
A lot more people would be happy.



Country Defence

Countries in these times have an army. Military to defend and attack.

The best way of military is,
a global system of defense.

Every state or country being member of it is in times of war defended by that global force.
If a country being member would attack another country being also member,
The global force only defends the countries.
Not being a partner in attacking.

The rule is the global military force only defends.
And only defends members of the global group.

If other countries not being member are attacked, no defense is given.

All countries on our world may apply for membership and may not be rejected without good reason.

It is a global defense allied group.

If countries in the world are attacked by one of the members, there is no supply of military for the attack.

The group only acts in defense. Not in offense.

By this organisation, countries get more budget for other things.
They don’t have to spend much on military (because it is globaly spended for militarY)
They can spend the money on other topics as they like.

(if a member attacks another member, only defense is given to the victim of the attack)




Every human needs sunlight.
To feel warmness, to feel comfort.

We should use sunlight as a source of energy.

We as we proceed in using electricity should turn to better energy sources.
For example if the oil in the earth runs out, and is dried up,
We can use sunlight as a energysource.

Putting in the desert big regions with solar panels.
And a electricity cable to certain points.

Maybe even big cars with big batteries, bringing it to the countries in need.

it would give benefit to all those poor countries.




Everyone on this planet, should have access to
food, shelter, tradition.

All people inventing technology might have the goal of supporting such an idea.

Not having as the goals superior warfare, but superior wellfare.

When citizens in a country are poor, or seriously ill, they are being looked at as inferior.
They are pushed to the margins of society.

If poor people of other countries would have the ability to be happy they could have a good influence.

Technology to give poor and ill people a living ought to be free of costs.

All technology which heals earth, or heals human mankind should also be free of costs.

And the payment of those technology inventions can be fame or the name of the inventor given to that invention.



international organisation

Big enterprises have local dependances all over the world.
Such as electronics suppliers.
name a few.

They make their products cheap in countries with low costs.
And they ship or transport it to countries with people rich enough to buy it.

International wellfare, it should be a part of this world.
Especially with the things we buy or create.

One international organisation would be a benefit for this world.
Giving people all over the world oppurtunity to have a job.
A job which challenges their intelligence, and with the outcome of goods available for all, and with the benefit for society.

For example someone in africa, helps in a factory to construct pans or dishes, or helps in a factory creating roofs.
They help constructing those things, and
they receive a reward according to the scale appropriate for that country.

Everyone in the world should be able to apply for such a job.
And everyone in that organisation would earn the same salary.
And all the products would be cheap enough to be bought by anyone.

The organisation would have employees all over the world.
Giving them houses, a basic income etc.

The idealistic goal of it is to support all who want a job, and all that want to cooperate to diminish poverty.




We all are humans living on this planet.
We all own certain objects, or other subjects.

If you as a human have objects like art, television or computers.
You have to keep them safe.
If you have art which is worth a lot,
you have to defend your home or that art.

But besides objects like art or technology people with a relationship own or are bound to their partner.
And maybe children too.

Then you have to defend your partner and children.
When a economic downfall appears you are worried how can i support my family.

All choices in life have their benefit and their drawback.
If you have a relationship, you have to keep it safe and good.
If you have children, you have to educate and nourish them.

All that effort and attention is then required by them.

If you want a relationship and children, then its not anymore possible to
spend your time and attention to a life realising a certain goal.

goals like inventing technology,
goals like devoting to a god,
goals like being sober,
all kinds of goals.

some people see their partner of children as property.
You have to defend them and deal with them.



Disaster preparation

In the future there will be disaster.
What form it has, is unknown, but it will happen.
The date on which it will happen is not yet known.

For preparation you can best have some food and water in your house.
When it will be happening the government will need three days to reach every house.

Be smart, spend some money for preparation.




Some are better,
Some are more rich,
Some are stronger or smarter,

It is the human who is sometimes better, superior or inferior.
This value is for humans the biggest influece to act or do.
If you are rich you can buy pleasure,
from objects to property.
If you are strong, you are known for your strength.

If you are smart you can have the highest jobs in society.

All these charactersitcs are not of value for the sensitive people.
It is a characteristic of comparison.
And comparison is a function of the mind.

So all things we see on our planet, and the way humans act.
It all is a result of us using our mind.

Hierarchy, a mind thing.
War and Terror, a mind thing.

If you would be in war, and not have your mind, you would be stopped hurting others as soon as you felt sympathy with your victims.



equal distribution

Every human on this planet, can have food and shelter with pleasant experience.
If everyone would be vegetarian, more than mankind has enough food.
If the super rich would give their money to satisfy every human, we all would have housing, basic fulfilment of needs. and acces to books.

If we all would share the same rich and possibilites, all old and sick people would be abe behave.

If all countries cut off their defense budget every human could exist without unhappiness.

We all van benefit from such choices be made.
Every government can bring in such subjects. Sooner or Later citizens take over such ideas and
a good an happy country is born.

Equality isn’t the fact that everyone is the same, but the fact that everyone has access to the same possibilities.

If life would be free, everyone would be rich.
If life would be free, everyone would strive for happiness at no costs.

We as human mankind have to choose for happiness attainable for all.



visible vision

As we see in our world,
we have televisions and computers.
They have characteristics of how our inner life works.

Our mind is as a television showing what we want it to show.
The mind is as a computer retrieving ours commands and showing response to it.

The mind is connected to a imagined super intelligent source.
That intelligent source, defines what thoughts we receive.
It defines the style of colors the thoughts are,
which subjects are composed to the either radio play or movies.

If we choose a certain subject or theme, the gigantic computer is computing the result as so we wish to see or hear.

The mind is expressing itself in our world,
by the discoveries of television and computer.

What will our future be?
spectacles by which we are not anymore able to tell what is illusion and projected in our eyes, or what is an experience in real life.

What will future be,
everyone connected to a computer and projection in our eyes.

Or will our age of computer use end with a disaster.

For sure you can notice that the mind is far more intelligent as we are.
We do not even recognize its plans or patterns it uses.

The mind of one person, is invisible connected to the minds of all humans.
And is it a border to mankind, maybe it includes much more.
We not even are able to imagine every part of it.

We see in our thoughts what the mind wants us to see.
For the use of its own benefit.




In the past we made use of materials like rock, earth etc.
In advance of our technology we used raw materials to create robots, computers, machinery.
In the future we will step from using minerals for machines to living tissue, being artificially designed.
From microchips of silicium to computers made from sugar-moleculebased advancements.
And every step in technology is rising to next level.

From minerals to simulated plantlife, to simulated breathing animals.

Making computers beyond our imagination or comprehension.

Making machinery not any more dependent on electronics or energy of electrons.
But also based on water, later oxygen and energy of sugar based material.

The benefit of plantbased or animalbased technology is the greater ability to calculate choices.
And being far better in changing algoritms to rules of patterns prediction.



Intelligent robotics

In our future it may not be clear what role robotics will have.
In books of science fiction they say robots can replace humans.
in other books robots have a very bad role, making war to the human race.

May robotics be part of a peace program,
defending the poor, the sick, the innocent.

May robotics be a tool to heal our planet.
May robotics help the disabled people.

May artificial intelligence have the border of pain as a no go.
May artificial intelligence do what we can’t.

Robotics, as we now have chips of transistors, there will be future means to
enhance robotics. enhance intelligence of machinery.

Is there a test to judge the damage or contribution of the semi intelligent device.

As Isaac Asimov told in his books, a threefold law, a creative brain by positrons.

May we invent and discover for our wellfare.



Good hearth

Everyone with a good heart,
Is known because of friendliness,
Effects of harmony.

A good heart is,
Helping those in emergency.
Valueing their own life. not doing anything risking health or life.

A good heart is,
Doing good work as employment not cooperating with goals of war or damage.

A good heart,
May they as lights shine in our reality, giving everyone the surity of a
stable and safe time.

A good heart,
May they be found in future times and get respect.

A good heart,
Is as wanted to invent tools of peace, both material and as pattern or algoritm.



The big war

In our history we learnt there is no decade or century without conflict.
In our history we promised, not any more such a mass torture or fight in which
civilians die or suffer on large scale.

As countries or regions invent weapons, to as they say defend their country it is a fact that
as effect of one weapon is larger than only warcriminals are hit, we are as citizen in danger.

Weapons, inflict pain.
Weapons, inflict economic downfall.
Weapons, crete enemies, not named before.
Weapons, inventing them gives profit for the few.
Weapons, gives social groups benefits because of their power.

The big war. No one knows when it will be., will happen.
But einstein said, how third worldwar is fought is unsure but the fourth is with stones and sticks.

As our world evolutats it gets more intents of peace. Which will hopefully prevent war.

As normal people we are not aware of the dangers of the future. but the multi rich people, can predict what near future will give.

As they say, they pull the strings. As the string is pulled we do as was teached to us.
As the strings move, we think we are ourselves cause of what happens. Because we identify with decisions made by government of important people

May the big war not hurt or wound good people. giving them a safe refuge.
May they keep sources of food and shelter during that hard times.



Money science

In our world, today there is money.
money is worth a genuine amount or value of goods.
Money is used to exchange means necessary to live.
Quality multiplied by quantity gives the price its worth.

When money is no longer needed for society, we will exchange and
will be happy with whats available.

Money, the few posses the large.
Money, a dime’s worth is enough to change reality.
Money, a dollar is enough to feed 30 poor people in 3th world countries.
Money, spend it, the economy rises.
Money, save it, inflation falls.
Money, spend it, loans are given out for higher interest.
Money, save it, it’s used by others in mirror value.

We as society need money to compare what we own, to estimate our salaries in comparison with what we produced.

Money, may it be gold, may it be salt. Value is what we agreed with all parties involving it.



Monks of awareness

In the future some ways of behaving as humans are not very easy. giving pain and suffering.
In the times ahead of us, we need people using their consciousness to heal and harmonize earth, and the planet we are on.

They choose to grant their awareness to reality, without benefit for themselves.
As they choose they can do simple work, with no intellect needed.
When they get more advanced and more intuitive gifted they can do more highclassed work.

These monks change the vibes of earth. Making harmony as a source of peace and wellfare.

These monks get paid by charity or gifts.

As everyone knows such peope are needed they give and help them living.



monks of nutrition

In the future when war has destroyed earth.
There is food needed for the survivors.
Because money has no real advantage to our existance we can choose
for volunteering as workers.
harvesting food from our land,
processing it to eatable object.

Monks of nutrition,
As a noble task of providing for food.

They work as volunteers and give all donations to the organisation,
which gives every member a equal share.

They process and harvest food, and give to those who need it.
Not making distinction between features and expression.



monks of construction

When earth is in decay, a new opportunity is needed.
To heal and recover all buildings, places, nature, there are workmen needed.

It is a noble task to repair all damage done by war or conflict.
It is a noble task, when money is rare to work as volunteer.

The monks of construction,
Rebuilding houses, reconstructing roads and bridges.
Creatings factories for food and supplies.

These volunteers get paid for what they get as charity.
Charity given to the whole organisation and shared with all volunteers.

The organisation, gives food and shelter to the workers, and educate them to be
fully functional as technicians.

May by their effort, society be healed and repaired.

May the Allmighty bless us.