Green Line


Bastiaan Oostendorp







Good Reader,

May this book aid you in the quest to spirituality and the goal to attain peace of mind.

May the good days and prosperity follow the life filled with prayer, meditation and the search for wisdom and happiness.

This serie is inspired by prayer to the higher force, the Allmighty and by meditating as being constantly aware of the reality.

This serie consists of the english books: Silver Line, Bronze Line, Blue Line, Green Line, Orange Line and Yellow Line.

The other serie in dutch consists of the titles: Zilver Licht, Brons Licht, Blauw Licht, Groen Licht, Oranje Licht, Geel Licht and Scheppingskracht.

I wish the reader a pleasant reading and happiness through wisdom.

Virtues as compassion and calmess are highly regarded values in society.

May the Allmighty give us attention.


Bastiaan Oostendorp



Table of contents

Green Line


Table of contents

patriarch & matriarch

Royal spirit



expert in mentalism

Magicians of Yore

Space recruiter


synoptical sound

When culture deprives

Pit of darkness

Second sun

Healing sphere

Level of attention

Sandy surface

Transversal liquid

Disease control

A king of bad rules


the saints invisible

The twelve caves

silver disk

Water Field


Free time


being good

War and Terror

Vision on heaven



pearls and diamonds

Weather in science

gold and silver

My palace

Royal elite

syndicate of consumption





Time erases

Intelligent Species

Light Source











riches and fame




patriarch & matriarch

When the world is governed by man,
it will be a competing world.

When the world is governed by women,
it will be a world of mutual care.

But what use is care when only healthy people exist.
But what use is competition when all people need help.

Its good to have parents, both caring both giving competition.
Its good to have both male and female in the society.

Most people feel internally what they want.
Some want typical male things,
Some want typical female things.

But in the level of technology,
there can be things possible not very good.
Male persons getting children,
Female persons doing rash war things.

If male persons are behaving as females. What use is it.
If female persons are behaving as males. What use is it.

It’s a theory that if society get more crowded.
People are diversing from their origins. for example males feel theirselves being females.
Not procreating. it diminishes the amount of new humans being born.

If all has the good place it belongs to. it will give peace.
But if all things are getting into chaos. what use is it for harmony.

If values are losing value. Get a matriarch healing it.
If values are fought for to hard. Get a matriarch to restore the hierarchy.

If values, would be important, and more important than the feeling of happiness.
Then get a patriarch giving way to hierarchy.

If children learn to compete, and war is the highest purpose of life.
Give way to matriarch.

Patriarchs rebuild hierarchy.
Matriarch makes place for imperfect creatures to live.

Patriarchs strife for individuality and goals.
Matriarchs strife for a social group accepting all, even crippled or limited.

Patriarchs needs borders to transcend.
Matriarchs puts every creature inside the borders.

Patriarchs defend borders with violence or force.
Matriarchs invent rules to question creatures not wanting the borders.


Royal spirit

Spirits, we all are alike. conscious, ability to move.
Feelings or whatever our source of action is.

But there would be a special kind of spirits.
We don’t name them, but i could say they should have a name.

Royal spirits.
They have blue blood.
blue having the value of virtues and wisdom.
blue having the value of not harming or damaging any live creature.

Royal spirits,
from every point of view, or poing at which they live.
they can regenerate towards the three goals of spirits: Happiness, Health, Goodness.
These royal spirits, when brought in danger, when being in hardship would
have the abilty to turn every bad situation towards a good situation.

They are royal because they as history tells us, would be sooner or later part of royal families.
Unless they would have a certain task.

Royal spirits.
If talking of dreams.
They would be the winners in war,
They would be the inventors of allneeded things and processes,
They would be the leaders giving peace,
They would be the teachers teaching wisdom,
They would be the medics saving people.

Royal Spirits.
Its not good testing for it, for you will not find them.
Its not good educating or forcing spirits to be one, you will not create them.
Its not good paying for them, for they are not worth their existence in money.

May Royal Spirits, be born, or created by goodwill.
May Royal Spirits, have place, and feel accepted.

Is wisdom in a country. its the source of wisdom, as the light of consciousness.
Is peace in a country. Its the source of peace, as the light of consciousness.
Is harmony in a country. Its the source of harmony, as the light of consciousness.



In science fiction books we read about teleportation.
But in reality it needs a lot of work to make such a thing possible.

In our dreams we teleport to another planet, and live their as kings.
Or we teleport to big oceans and swim as dolphins through it.

Teleportation not only needs that your body is rebuilt on that spot.
And with the body all the fysical characteristics and cells.

When the body would appear there, the question is if your consciousness
also appears there.
And if the consciousness appears there,
we ask the question is the content of your mind also available there.

Some experts in computer technology would compare it with
the use of a access key, or code or address is the basis of rebuilding a creature.
Both the fysical body must be created,
and it needs an address key, pulling the conscious soul to it.

In theory it would be possible.
But in reality. maybe its quantum mechanics which make it possible.

In bad cases when the copy of the teleportation is close by the original.
And both act as being conscious, how do you know which one is the real. which the clone or copy.
and are both of them conscious.

And if you could teleport, would you like that your conscious is in the newly created person,
or lives on in the original one.

Very Important People could use it.
As we dream about being famous. It could be fame in triple or double.

Teleportation. We make some people very skilled and educated. And teleport them to regions with much problems. Those copies can help restoring the good society.

Would it be a sin? if its used for healing or goodness?



Every being, living and able to move or act.
Every specie of life,
Has the ability to be conscious.
And consciousness comes with the ability to compare.
Comparison of food-supply, social status, group-behaviour.

In humans there is the desire to belong to a group. a social group.
This desire for being able to behave in a group, is
the protection to be safe of visible dangers, and dangers to be protected against.

As humans have laws, being the conditions to be part of a group.
Other living beings, also have certain laws.
Not always written down and teached by speech.

Animals, have rules by which they behave.
And if we look higher in the hierarchy.
Creatures not known to mankind, or not seen by us,
would also have rules by which they act and interact.

These creatures we not see, we not know of.
Have their own laws and rules by which they may live or be member of a group.

We as humans cannot force laws or commands on other creatures, intelligent species.
Even when those creatures would have been humans in the past,
They are not bound to laws applicable to living and visible humans.

If humans are part of a hierarchy. The hierarchy is responsible for letting humans have the
place they have access to, or are part of.
If humans would force their laws on creatures not seen or not known.
What right could be the reason for it.

The same we treat our domestic animals.
We don’t explain the law to them, but they are trained to behave in a normal way, making it possible to have them around us.

If we are part of a bigger hierarchy. With the boundaries being the borders of the universe.
We are not responsible for things, we are not able to understand or anticipate with our intelligence.

If we would have a choice.
It’s always better to be part of a group, a social group. giving protection, purpose and peace.
In that way of understanding, we would have the question, does life exist,
not only on the hierarchy down, name them animals, but also the way up. sometimes we name them angels.

May goodness give way to blessing.


expert in mentalism

Expert in Mentalism.
The object of their expertise is the
They use the mind, to save and protect in that sphere what is
valuable, what is weak.

They say the mind has no connection to other minds.
They say the mind is merely illusion.
They say the mind is not source for governing or labor.
They say the mind is just an eye of creating desire.

But they are wrong.
The mind is from old days used to create and manage whole kingdoms.
Not only in the mind’s eye but also in reality.

But they are wrong.
The mind is by some secret groups used to subdue all powers.

May the mind be given value, but not the value above other values.
May the mind be given shape, by secrets of wisdom.
May the mind be given figure, by the harmony of a balanced figure.

The mind, the rosecrucians made use of it.
The mind, The groups of illumination use it.
The mind, the Freemasons use it.

But with no mind, you are not known to those powers.
But with no mind, they say you live instinctively.
But with no mind, Surrender to that highest visible might is possible.

the mind is the symbol, which gave mankind its technology.
The mind is a symbol, to let people talk about their things important.

May the mind, get a place below the creatures of conscience.


Magicians of Yore

In old times.
There was only a meditative way of experiencing.
In that time, we could say every one was wise.

Observing their own life, and acting as innocent people.
giving their feeling the compassion needed for harmony.

In old times,
some kings were visited.
They looked kind odd.
As jokers, As artists with their excentricity.
The magicians as they were called, said,
salutation to thee oh king, for we bring new things.
For thou to experience.
If thy reject our gift after three times of enjoying.
We will give you the riches of the earth.
And the hands of all next generations will regard you with offerings.

And the kings, as wise as they were. Knew. The purpose of good things lay in the experience being not with damage, wounds or bad intentions.
And they Admitted.
The kings were given the gift of dreaming.
The kings were given the gift of seeing, what’s invisible.

The kings, started dreaming.
They had in their real kingdom the citizens caring for food, drink, and art.
But the kings had no gold, silver or diamonds.
And as they started dreaming, they had palaces of gold, cutlery of diamonds.
They enjoyed their unreal kingdoms.
And before the three times were done. They said. We love the dream because it gives riches, and wealth we not yet have known.

The magicians, said may we offer it to your citizens too,
It might be the source of peace. Because the things wanted, are being dreamt of, and
need no real accomplishement anymore.

The kings, as deluded by the dreams, gave their permission.
As time flies by.
All the future citizens loved to dream.
But instead of brining peace.
It was the source of war and terror.
Not because dreaming gives fulfillment to desires,
But because the reality was misunderstood.

May those magicians call back their magic,
And leave the wise.

May rightious kings arise,
with a solution to this everyday problem.


Space recruiter

If we all would see whats invisible.
We would all be very depressed.

There is a secret agency, recruiting people to be agents.
special agents with special equipment.

They are sent out either on earth to protect the democracies,
or into space to heal interstellair conflicts.

Very futuristic. They are known without characteristics.
But from earth, some are elected,
and from other places too.

When you are between twenty and thirty. You might be contacted,
if you tell other people you want to be part of such a company.

On earth they sometimes are disguised.
Some say they are disguised as aliens,
not because they are alien, but to hide their origin.

When you are elected for that secret group.
You have to do very difficult tasks.
Maybe not worth the job.

And if you are found at the job,
You might face a very painfull investigation.

Some rumours are that such a secret group or organisation exists.
But rumours are not proven with evidence.



The seven cans of immortality.
Slowly you grow to have an immortal body (except physical wounds)
This immortality is given by seven cans of liquid.
After all seven has been drunk,
The body is able to live forever.

The body that lives forever, does not age, does not die.

The seven cans of immortality.
Sometimes a hero is born, because the wealthy having access to those 7 cans,
give it to someone with a very bad disease.
A rich man giving a permanently ill person the chance of survival.

What would you do?
Hold immortality for your own good,
Or deal with compassion by sharing it with someone else.


synoptical sound

There would be a sound,
That would bring peace and harmony to a society.
When that sound is played, everytime peace grows.

They call it the three-sourced sound.
With a balance in frequency.

No-one knows that sound.
But when found the society would quick rise to harmony.


When culture deprives

When culture deprives.
Criminality will rise.

When culture deprives.
Religion will be forgotten.

Rules of torture are used as defense.

There was a myth from long ago,
in some kingdom not seen by us.

They said, when some persons are in some way special.
Not known because they operate in secret.

They use an operation room in a hospital.
And bring their victim on the table.

What is done next.
Is the worst pain to be inflicted.

No-one survived.
No-one ever found the aggressors.

We only know they leave a red scarf on the spot.

What reason they have. No-one knows.
May such a sect of inflicting pain never exist.

besides the persons being the offender, are expert surgeons.


Pit of darkness

Is there a place on earth,
Where people see worlds in their eye.
Where people live lives unseen.
Where people see things never existing.

Its in the pit of darkness.
The mountains barren en for extinction.

When as a human you arrive there,
You will dream dreams making you suffer.
You will dream dreams, taking your life-force.

When you wake up,
You have the memory being in hardship.
Without being in real hardship.

They say its the abode of hell.
May we all be saved, and led away from it.

Sometimes they say its better then real movies or tv.
But when you grow old, the memory of that darkness, gives you
fear, uncontrolled fear.

May that pit of darkness, be bordered round with unsurpassable wire.


Second sun

During day, you may do what you want.
Travel long distances,
work on the fields,
Fullfilling dreams.
But as soon the second sun arrises.
You have to go inside and close the windows.

Because the second sun, is evil.
Everyone looking in its rays, will become evil theirselves.
Everyone suprised with the radiance, quick close your eyes.

The second sun, a heritance of old technology.
Is it used for a certain purpose?

May we hope the sun will survive.


Healing sphere

In some myth:

A race of humans where highly evolved and
for their wounded ones, they used a certain room.
A room filled with a certain energy field.
It is unknown, what field it was or how it worked.

But the effect was that the human healed from its wounds,
totally without any scars.

Even when people where shortly dead they would regenerate in that room.

The room, as was visible healed a lot of men.
from war or other causes of damage.

in one explanation it was said that the room was invented by extraterrestials, and stolen by humans.
And that explained also that when people where to long in that room,
they experienced certain hallucinations.
Hallucinations. not named, not categorized.

Was it a protection for the root-owners.


Level of attention

Is there life in a specie,
when its totally still.
Is there life in a specie,
Not giving life-signs.

Life is only to be proven by the subject itself.

May life prosper to wellfare.
May life create life.
May life has the purpose of happiness.
May life has the goal of happiness.

If life exists, May it be conscious.
If life exists, may it respect all life.
If life exists, May it have regards for their ancestors.
If life exists, May pain and suffering create compassion.
If life exists, May wisdom have a place in the highest towers.
If life exists, May the smartest beings strive for harmony.
If life exists, May the strongest creatures protect the weak.
If life exists, May life give life and be life.

Life, the core of it are a couple of words.
Life, the purpose of it, is a hidden sentence being sought for.
Life, the goal of it, is a memorized feeling of happiness.
Life, it exists because of three sources. Sun, Rain and Earth.
Life, it exists because of three purposes, Procreation, Happiness, Compassion.
Life. If it creates life, its a feeling of fullfilment.
Life. If it takes life, Compassion is violated.
Life. The words of it, are the strings of creation.
Life. the sound of it. Are the tones on a natural sphere.

Life, to eternity. to temporarility.
Life, to conscious, to nonobserving.

If you loose life, it gives meaning to have life.
If you win life, it gives meaning to get life.
If you destroy life, it gives meaning to compassion.
If you save life, it gives meaning to create life.

May life, be in harmony with life.
May life be with goodness towards all living beings.
May life, create peace, for sustaining life.
May life, be conscious. To share consciousness.
May life, be friendly.
May life, be wise.


Sandy surface

As a long time ago,
some people believe that Mars was colonized with a
subrace of humans.

They believed it was a nice climate on that planet.
And thousands of years before earth was showing intelligent life,
the martians already had a civilisation.

And wonder why.
They were on the surface in a sandy field.
So they made as was told by a myth a way of housing and living underneath the surface.

A surface of sand, if its would be the only drawback, it wouldn’t be that bad.
But after times of war and terror the surface was filled with the remnants of nano technology.

As we today use minefields to make borders in warzone.
In those times they used nanotechnology for it.
Creating death and pain for every trespasser of a certain border.
(on mars)

And because the areas built underground were safe. It was all underground.
And sometimes someone said, why don’t we live on the surface, in sun and rain.
And when such a one went to the surface. sooner or later,
pain was aching, blood pressure lowered, and the being suffered and died.

Is this a science fiction, it’s a myth


Transversal liquid

Every saw an invisible person.
Ever saw an unidentified spaceship cloaking?

You probably wouldn’t
Because they use expert technology.
made of materials unknown to earth.

About 3 thousand years ago there was material on our surface being used for that invention.
It was partly radio-active, partly as heavy as rock.
It shone as blue with white.

When used and made to the material needed for cloaking,
it had a process of three months,
after that time it was useable, able to travel and keep.

The material, was as liquid as water,
as thin as gas,
and as heavy as solid rock.

when its used to cloak beings,
it uses it like a fog.
and that fog has the abilty to reflect whats a couple of metres away.
As like a prism dividing light,
it gives the light a boundary and path to a new coordinate.

May that transversal fluid never be used for war or terror.
May that transversal fluid be used for peace and harmony.

A myth tells us, the material its made of, or the source of it,
was three thousand years ago existing,
but the level of civilisation was being destructed to prevent us from every using it.
The way they made it possible was by restricting the leaders from reigning to long.

Each one hundred years the leaders were expelled.
They did this with special force.

When the leaders were expelled, also the level of technology was being put back to lower kinds.

Transversal is not a normal invention.
but if its invented, may it cloak every innocent or weak one.

What chemical formula is this transversal liquid?
I don’t know.


Disease control

In the future, unnamed, there was technology
which healed most of the men.
They used a device. about 20 to 7 cm and 4 cm thick
It was put on the skin, in the armpit, or in another spot.
It was using a box of artificial tissue to
create a field in the human body.
A network of threads, and nanotechnology.
It was placed on the body and was hard to remove. except if you had the password or passphrase.

The device could heal the person it was applied on of most diseases.
Diseases based on bacterials and virusses.

The device also would heal the person if wounded.
It would create a layer of thin foil on the wound.

The device, when being used for royal purpose would also give the host advice on
difficult situations.

When in danger from a wild animal, it would create a smell of disgust for the animal.
And when in danger from criminals it would send a message to the officer.

A device of that technology,
We can create it in about 15 years.

But in that society. it was used for more than 4 years.
some say even the tsaristic regime had access to it.

A king of bad rules

In the past their was a king,
living and keeping his country at normal life.

When he lost his son, a little one, and found him back in the hands of a criminal.
He loosed his feeling of happiness.
He became bitter.

When criminality was rising and no-one knew a solution.
his advisors told.
give the criminals a way of punishment,
without harm or damage to the body.
But with enough badship to hold them back from criminality.

When technology appeared to give certain creatures a impulse of pain.
without hurting really.
they used that system.
And when a criminal was arrested he had the choice,
either live in jail for a long time,
or accept a pain impulse of a certain length and impression.

The criminals who chose pain, where put on a chair,
and electricity was hurting them, without killing or leaving traces.

Because the pain infliction was bad, the criminals learned to behave theirselves.

Of that king a lot of things are said.
He would inflict pain without reason, becasue of the loss of his child.
He would inflict pain in all his enemies. thus being a dictator.
He would have waited for that technology because he had a wish of letting people suffer.
They said because of his realm he was a demon.

Once it was said, he was a saint, but in the history books, he was named cruel, because pain is without ability to measure, and without reason to inflict.



In late medieval times there was a saint,
as written in some myths fought every night with demons.
During day he was devoted to religion ,and spent his time praying and reading the bible.
But at night he was in front of a gate. Out if which demons appeared. He fought with.

What a plausible meaning is.
He lived at the side of a mountain.
He had built his home a couple of metres asside from a cave.
That cave had connection to a system of caves.
And the mountain, with all the caves was visited by creatures which landed on the top of the mountain
and walked through the mountain and caves, and ended in the home of that saint.

Every night when those creatures entered his house he fought with them.
As he fought he destroyed those creatures.
Today we would name them aliens.
But in those times, they were called demons.

Another explanation is
he didn’t fought real demons.
but the demons inside his mind.


the saints invisible

The saints,
We know a couple being the most wellknown.
Like Fransiscus, and the apostles.

But unknown to us are for example:
Jacobus, a sage which erased the idolatry in his time.
Before christ was born, we know the prophets existed.

But a lot of waht happened before that time we don’t know.

Jacobus was in his life a pious man.
He told the leaders to heal the society from bad things.
All books with aggresion and criminality were being burned.
And all art and other things, if it serves a bad purpose where deleted.

Besides Jacobus there was Petronius. He was an agent of the Allmighty.
And teached the men to ask the Allmighty a favor.
And everyone might ask the Allmighty in his or her life one favour.
And that favour might be for yourself or your loved ones.

So some asked for a judgement, Some asked for happiness for their beloved.

Petronius was also a pious man.

In the end of that era people didn’t ask anymore for favors,
but lived their lives unconscious of better ways to live.
They lived their simple lives not questioning what is above or below.

Has these saints really existed, Not as we can prove.

Sources of prayers are for different groups different targets.
The witches of the medieval times, asked their favors from our planet earth,
and using poetry for it.
The christians used their godly power Jesus to ask their favours.
The other religions also had their targets,
the hinduists theire names for the different parts of reality.
the indians addressed their ancestors which lived in their surroundings.
The jews targeted their prophets.

(These saints did these things because they had high esteem for their god)


The twelve caves

In our planet, an intelligent core is visible.
Its the source of the earth angels.
Helping those who call her.

As in times of indians, America, Africa, Asia,
It was wellknown as a source for good living.

And the heritage of it was a twelve cave group which was used to
lead the world towards its goal.

Twelve caves, in which a group of elders were discussing the important happenings.

Twelve caves, being hidden and disguised with large doors of heavy metal.
Those twelve caves, when earth was being besieged held the power to reflect the attack.

Those caves are forgotten, the metal doors were taken away.
The caves filled with dirt is not visible anymore.

The indians, having thee society and power to live and defend are extinct.

May their heritage live as words in our mouth.


silver disk

In the far future or the far past.
When another race of humans exist.
There will be a discovery of technology.
Giving the leaders the benefit of choosing the great intelligent ones.
As technlogy rises, and computers are more sophisticated and more semi intelligent.

It is called a silver disk in our language.
A silver disk which has the ability to catch the human soul from a fysical body.

A silver disk, with intelligence.
Intelligence used for creating a illusion of a full reality.
And it interacts with the soul being catched.
It creates a dream. little or big.
A world of birth to end is being played as a movie before the eye of the soul.
And every act leads to a next set of situations.

The silver disk, creates a dream or world, and the soul forgets it not in reality.

The silver disk looks and tests the soul on a couple of theme’s
Like in movies, adventure is quest.
And intimicy is another quest.
In that sphere a couple of tests are in the run.
and while the disk contains the soul it has the option of returning to its roots,
a civilisation which created it.
The disk, as being created and sent out, travels millions of miles towards its destination.
And when arrived it falls on the surface of the planet.
And waits till a intelligent life form passes by.
And by passing by it fogs itself to not being discovered, and then launches itself to
take place in the brains of the one passing by.

The silver disk, there are intepretations that give it a purpose.
But the real purpose is unknown.

One purpose would be to elect a new king with the best personality.
One purpose would be to capture the soul and bringing it back to use it as a slavelabour.
One purpose would be to safeguard the soul from danger or pain.
One purpose would be to test all lifeforms in the universe to discover new or better ways of living.

As it has purpose, may it be used for good intention.
May it not be used for purposes of suffering or war.


Water Field

A Water field, is not yet discovered, but its as like gravity existing and working.

Water field, is all the water of the earthsurface which creates harmony.
when we would use water as a source and changing it to a chemical formula by which we would gain,
The water field would loose value and effect.

Water field, some experts say its the basis of civilisation.
Some expert say, without it there will be a high rise of criminality.
Some experts say, with a water field, there is contact on a basic level with all life species in the universe.

If water would be used to give memories of humans, or other species to a persistent information carrier, the water field will diminish in effect.

Water field, we don’t know what use it can have.
But its also being hold in the darkness of what is available.

A certain memory of me is Black Energy using water and some extra materials to create a semi-intelligent life form. Acting as for example humans, but far more worse. Because they lack the conscience of humans.

Another memory, the invention of the water field to hold memories or movies about happenings which are a large influence. Putting for example unsolved criminality into the water.

A third memory is having lakes of water with a certain projection power. Being able to show large movies, like gladiator fights into the water.
As watching a Tv but then in a large basin of water.

A good function of water is, and will always be the fullfilling of thirst.



Radioactive is the emission of certain particles with a frequency of radiation.
We all know the nuclear powerplants, with their use of fuel to create electricity.
They create out a couple of elements a energysource.

But the afterproducts or byproducts are highly poisoising.
We know when a nuclear power plant is destructed, or damaged that the people living in that area are being exposed to radiactive materials. And having chance of getting ill, or die.

We should instead of nuclear sources better use other renewable sources of power.
The technology of powercreation is available. Only the big organisations don’t use it, don’t make it because they want the highest profit, or want to keep the golden hen laying the golden eggs.

Renewable sources are like wind, water or solar energy.
In the future there will be more sources, like from seawater to sweet water.
From metals combining creating an power field being able to be a source of electricity.

And the use of Ozon to Oxygen. A way of transformation that gives high values of energy without much bad byproducts.

Radioactivity, a couple of decennias ago they made advertising with the good purpose of radium water.
By which many died.
Its the same case with other technologies existing today.
But its worth a chemical investigation.

When large cooperations have the right or scepter to make profitable energy or products, it will be a fog what will be damaging or good.


Free time

Most people with sparetime, spend it at games, stories, books, or television.
They feel as being entertained by that kind of timespending.

But most people know, that they cannot do all their time such things.
Because work or study requires attention and time.

There is a balance between work and spending for pleasure.

If you read stories, nice books. You learn how society and social interactions take place.
For example, if you read books, about relationships and all kinds of behaviour. You learn how to get a relationship or what you can expect with how you feel and interact.

Thus besides the entertaining value of such books and movies, it has significant value of learninh how to behave.

If you want to spend your time on entertainment, combine the good and the pleasure.
By choosing subjects from which you learn.

If you want to be an expert in the it sector, with computers.
Read all kind of books or movies about that subject.
There is a quantity of books regarding that subject.
Its the same with other theme’s of learning.



there is wisdom for those searching for it.
You can talk with old people, with skilled people.
Or use the legacies of sages being written down.

If you read and study, you will find the definition and the explanation
of wise talks or writings.

Sages are born by speech.
Children are born by lust.
Goodness is born by experience.

If sages are present in society.
If they have a good rank.
the world will go to rest.
And happiness will as sunshine warm all coldness.

If children are born.
there will be extra chance for labour.
Giving way to wealth and prosperity.
And as the moon, it gives light in darkness.

If goodness is born.
There will be countries taking fugitives.
There will be countries using technology for giving health and compassion.
There will be countries creating laws to the benefit of all.


being good

being good.
As a result of good teachers.
being good.
As a result of good nurturing.
being good.
As a result of much experience.
being good.
being tired of pain, and infliction of pain.

Being good.
Is it giving good contribution to society.

What is good in the past.
Is it good in the future?

What is good in the first days.
Is it good in the last days?

If goodness is defineable,
What symbols or words would you use for it.

If goodness needs a description,
What would you say or paint.

May goodness, have a value, for all of whom wants to do good.
May goodness, have a symbol, for all who long for it can understand.

Goodness. If its meaning is forgotten. What use will our society have for happiness.
Goodness. It its symbol is lost. How will we have a civilisation with laws and moral values.

Goodness. it is gold in hands of wise men.
Goodness. it is silver in hands of wise women.
Goodness. it is spontanity in hands of children.
Goodness. it is contentment in hands of old people.

Is there goodness without benefit?
Is there goodness without appreciation?
Is there goodness without being joyfull?

May through all times. wisdom, peace and goodness have a place.
Next to all good virtues being result of it.

May wisdom and virtue be a seed to be planted. Giving large trees of all kinds of happiness as fruits.


War and Terror

If there would be one reason to choose War as a tool of succes.
That reason would be personal gain of status and rank.

If there would be one reason to choose Terror as a tool of succes.
It would be the reason as told by religious seer.

May War be cast out and get a place by which it does no harm.
May Terror be cast out and get a place where it scares and wounds no one.

War, is a conflict of interests. But the wisest use no war to get their goals.
War, is a conflict of egotism. People using their possibilites to reach their goals.
War, is a way of getting riches and luxeries. Because stolen they give pleasure.

May Terror be invented by religions, as some prophets say.
May Terror, give our religious rightiousness as some prophets say.

We use war because our rights are violated.
Such thing says a president or leader of a country.

We use war because we run low on rank.
We use war because we are not the best country.
Such thing says a advisor of royal people.

May Terror end in mutual friendship.
Sharing gifts with each other.

May War end in mutual peace.
By sharing technology and wealth.

War is what no-one wants to be part of, if they are in danger by it.
Terror is what no-one wants to be part of. If it touches health of those you love.

May war be a word without meaning. without the discovery of its use for fame.
May terror be a word without meaning. without the meaning to use it as a tool for success.


Vision on heaven

Traditions, like told by old ones.
Tell us that life gets it value by caring for the parent and grandparents still living.
If you have grandparents. Care for them. Because when they reach heaven, they will remember you.
If you have parents. Protect and care for them. Because most mistakes for raising young children, or living life is because we do not take time for our parents.

If parents talk about the mistakes they made. Its easier to learn from it, than from trying everything on your own.
And the solutions your parents found, can be usefull for you too.

If grandparents take care of grandchildren. They will teach those children ways to overcome youth problems.

And grandchildren give grandparents joy of living.

If people cast out their old ones, grand parents and others. Civilisation will become a survival.
A survival only strong,rich and famous ones will win.

If people esteem their old ones and grandparents. Civilisation will get an esteem on morality and virtues.

If old ones take place in the government. Its sharing wisdom. And giving place to both rich and poor, giving place to both healthy and wounded, giving place to both the wise and the idiots.

May our society choose the best way for having wellfare on our planet.



May mercy be in the heart of the offender,
May mercy be in the heart of war.

May mercy be a cause for friendship.
May mercy be a cause for peace.

Let harmony build a house in your kingdom.
Let harmony create jobs in your society.

Let peace be the reason for prosperity.
Let peace be the cause for wellfare.

Mercy to the victims.
Mercy to the lost ones.

If pain is the cause of revenge. It will not stop after revenge. It stops by expressing friendliness.
If damage is the cause of hatred. It will not stop after retaliation. It stops by expressing kindness.

May pain be a cause for searching wisdom.
May damage be a cause for searching goodness.

For wisdom is the eternal source of peace.
And goodness is the eternal source of wellfare.

Give to others what you want to retrieve.
Give peace as you want peace.
Give goodness as you want goodness.

If reason is telling you to kill, wound, of damage.
Tell your reason to heal, give life, and repair.

If your reason tells you that others are not of any worth.
Tell your reason that all are equal, all have right of living.

If your reason says to you. You earn to be rich, famous.
Tell it richness divided over all living beings give richness in happiness
And fame used to show good values and laws is the source of society.



On earth we humans live our live in servitude of symbols.
We as christians. We are praying to Christ. Being a symbol of the past religions.
We as Hinduists. We are devoted to Vishnu, Krsna or other gods. They are symbols of old spirituality.
We as loving enlightenment, are knowing that the source of it was Buddha.

All are symbols, Long ago they lived. And died. But they left their message for us to study.
They had a certain wisdom. In which way the people in these times regard as important.

Symbols of these times. Are for example the brand of clothes you buy and wear.
The food thats giving us energy.

Symbols in the plantlife are all plants having names according to medicines.
Maybe not even having such an effect.

But we all know such symbols. And we all know that if we follow a symbol, we get more peace, more property or more fame.

Language, a symbol too. But its with the mutual understanding that is based in our childhood.
If as children you wouldn’t learn language. What would be the communication like.

Communication is a language of symbols. Be it in words, in stories, or in gestures.

May life in your eyes become a symbol of harmony and peace.
May life in your soul become a symbol of truth and wisdom.
May life in your body become a symbol of good health and longevity.

May society be a symbol of peace. For both inner and outer realms.
May society be a symbol of protections. For all weak and damaged creatures.
May society be a symbol of wisdom. Creating life. Abundant life.


pearls and diamonds

does anyone know how pearls are grown.
Does anyone know how diamonds are crushed.

Pearls are a fruit of oysters.
Diamonds are a past tool of civilisation crushed to stone.

Pearls, grown by the pain of the shellfish gives its beauty when discovered.
Diamonds, pushed down after burial of heroes, gives after long time its precious value.

May pearls of civilisation. Be made by the effort and pain of wise men, prophets, holy people.
May diamonds of civilisation. Be made by the legacy of old sages.

Pearls. Hopefully we find them and make use of them. It gives the owner much joy untill he spends it for his living.

Diamonds. It is loved at the necks of ladies. It is loved untill its spend to give joy to the owner.

Pearls. If you don’t search for them. you cannot find them. Because those who search, are diving to depths unknown to others.

Diamonds. If you do not like them, you don’t know how much effort it takes to find or buy one diamond. Because they laid for thousands of years in the earth, waiting for someone making profit of it.

If you want a peacefull life. Do not search for pearls or diamonds. Because those high in hierarchy own pearls and diamonds. And what they do as living, is fighting for more.

Greediness is in the eye of the owner.
Of you do not own such things. They will not fight you for it.

May the pearl of consciousness shine in your eyes instead.
May the diamond of virtues reflect all sins instead.


Weather in science

All inventors. May they receive respect.
Because they gave us the goodness of good health, good shelter, good food.

All inventors. May they be regarded for their effort.
Because. Sickness is diminished, houses hold in weather, food is without source of disease.

If inventors, are discovering tools for living.
They can have good intentions, of healing society or bringing harmony.
Or they have bad intentions. Being superior in war, or being a survivor.

But the intention is not whats most important.
Because tools for war. can be used for peace.
And tools for peace can be used for war.

Its the weather which decides. Is it time for peace then all inventions are used for prosperity.
If the weather calls for war. All tools for peace are changed to those for war.

But not any human asks. Is it good that weather decides what time it is.
Not any person says. Oh let the weather be good for long times.
Not any person asks. Why is it time for war. is there no need for peace.

May the weather be as whats good for the universe.
Because if we compare to our atmosphere.
The sun is to grow the fields with plants.
Giving animals their need for replication.
And winter for being a border for little life forms.

May life be of worth. And the weather be a blessing for us.
We can call the weather, be it war or peace. A source of reason.
A source of our plans. Our expectations. Our mind.


gold and silver

Gold shines as the sun.
Silver reflects light like the moon.

The two sources of natural light, represented in metal.
The two kinds of worth, represented in scarcity and importance.

May Gold shine as the Sun.
May Silver shines as what is moon.

May gold be the gift i give to those i love.
May silver be the gift i give to those who are my friends.

May metal be the source of life. As giving us means to defend, protect and lead.
May metal be the purpose of life. Giving us a purpose of working for.
May metal be the tool to make our living easier and more acceptable.

If we desire gold, let it be without pullback for others.
If we desire silver, let it be without damage for those below our ranks.

May gold be the purpose of those valueing treasuries.
May silver be the purpose of peace in good times.

Gold as it has value. It is the source of all conflicts.
Silver as it has value. Is the source of shelter and food.

May gold be without damage.
May silver be without wounds.

May life be valued not in gold or silver.
But in the gold of experience. Happiness.
But in the silver of experience. Being wise words.

If gold would disappear. There would be no wealth.
If silver would disappear. There would be no fame nor glory.
Everyone would be equal in rank.
Everyone would earn the same reward.

May gold be without value.
May silver be without value.
Because the symbol of gold. makes thieves and criminals.
Because the symbol of silver. Makes poverty and handicapped people.


My palace

As someone around 3000 years ago told.
Make yourself a palace.
A palace full of treasuries.
A palace full of gold, silver and gemstones.

A thousand years later,
A little man, was thinking it over.
And said. No a treasury is not in gold, in silver.
Because when you die. you leave it on the earth.
Even when its buried besides you. its no use for the time after your life.

Maybe there is use for other things after life.
And he was reading scriptures. of the major religions in those times.
He was reading, and found a description of heaven, and of how you can get a ticket to that place.
He read, that all wise men, heroes, and good people own a place in that beautifull country.

So he thought it over and came with the reason.
If as a human you can realize a position of a good person, hero or wise man then its a good life.
So he told the people in his time to:
Either help poor people, because wisemen heal and bless those without help.
Either be a hero and save a country or people.
Either be a good man.

That was the basis of what he told. And he had a lot of followers teaching for example kings of
being good and building a palace, not in gold and silver. But in the gold of human. But in the silver of living.
Building palaces by giving away for charity.
Building palaces by giving away for the need of the poor and very sick.

That wiseman who was the origin, is still known.
Some call him Jesus, Some call him Buddha.
Did he have a name?
No such an invention or discovery is made, once in some time.
With the name of the one discovering it.

Was it a god, giving such a discovery,
Was it reason or thought, creating such a chance.
Was it pure intuition, being found by compassion.


Royal elite

We all know the people very rich, very wealthy.
Living of golden plates, diamond homes, and pearl cutlery.

We all know sometimes a royal or rich person comes in the news.
Doing something great, or something infamous.

They are protected by their status.
They are protected by their rank.

If they whisper; there should be war. It is reality.
If they whisper; very ill people should be treated. It is reality.
If they whisper; cast out the poor and fugitive. It is reality.

May those important persons. Because of their rank. Choose to sell their status.
May those important persons. Because of their rank. Make an ear for what is demanded in society.
Fulfilling the wishes of those without hope, without expectance.

The people very rich, very wealthy.
If every person on earth gets an estimation on how good they live.
If amount of money is leading in the estimation the very rich would have high ranking.
If quality of happiness is leading in the estimation; those giving for charity will have high ranking.
If quality of society is leading. All inventors, All heroes who offer their best for free het high ranking.

So if you want to either have a high rank in money: Then become rich, become famous, become a royal.
So if you want to either have a high rank in happiness: Then give for charity and volunteering.
And third is: Invent your life to be of use for society. Because every measure is in relation to society.

Let those royal elite be. If they are not happy. its their choice. They have enough advisors.
Even advising them to give for charity or care for society.

Let those royal elite be. Because if you fight them. its a snap of a finger to let you vanish of the scene.

Let those royal elite be. Peace of government. One hand is the democratic counsel, Second hand is the scepter of the king.

If you want happiness in your life.
Than end a life of comparing with those living around you.
End a life of comparing with persons of equal rank.
Start living and choose yourself as purpose for all you have in life.

But let it be with peace. Let it be with reason for society.
If you are not happy.
A cause can be egotism.
A cause can be a lack of compassion.
A cause can be a miscalculation in money.


syndicate of consumption

In these times, all groups of labour.
All labourjobs are gathered in guilds.
Name them syndicates.

They represent the rights and plights of a certain jobexpertise.

But a new theme of representation is
a syndicate of consumption.

Giving companies a guideline of what objects may cost,
or what price is normal.

People say its not necessary. Or its a waste of time.
But it can be handy.

A simple rule resulting from a syndicate of consumption is
a basic rule of requirement.
Giving the most required objects. be it bread or water a price of minimality.
So everyone, be it rich, be it poor can have access to it.

A second rule can be giving objects without requirement of basic living, for example for luxury,
Art or Cultural things a price higher than normal. because its not a basicall need to be able to live a healthy life.

A syndicate of consumption, could also choose to make a law of
what is damaging our earth, and raising the price of it, to compensate for the damage it causes.

Its a little example of what such a guild can be.
And if it has a legal status. What use can it have.

(giving the syndicate equal representation in people.



Gems. as soon you say you got one,
others are interested.
either where you found them, or how it looks.

If you say you have a diamond. They all are jealous.

Except the wise ones, who know that prosperity is not being caused by finding gems, or winning lotteries.

Diamonds. When you find one. You have temporarily wealth.
But with the growth of your wealth comes the growth of your spending.

So real wealth, comes from being disciplined.
Real wealth comes from wise choices with your properties.

If you win a lottery? There always will be people being jealous and saying they deserved it better.
Or they say you are gaining wealth at cost of other (poor) ones.

Choose to find the gem of real worth.
A happy life, A good health, food and shelter.
And not with great wealth. But with being content as you retrieve your position and
with what is given to you.

Is not the desire that makes someone happy,
But its the contentment which makes happy.
Being content, with no desires. Is most likely the source of a good and happy life.



Human specie. Human Mankind. Human race.
Homo Sapiens. Homo Intellectus.

Our humanity exists because of creation of offspring.
Giving humans the need to replicate.
Giving humans the need to be in relation.
Giving humans the need for friendship.

Some religions tell us.
That celibacy is a source of creativity.
That Chastity is a source of virtues.

Is it a source because there is no need for mating-behaviour.
Is it a source because there is no thought drawing away attention.

Religion, would be a source of celibacy.
Religion, would be a source of chastity.

But humans being celibates. Not always they are respected or are regarded well.
But humans being called celibates, not always behaved up to their imago of celibates.
In church there has been news of monks or priests not being so lawful.

A celibate is someone not having behaviour. Behaviour of intimate or sexual friendship towards other people. being from male of female kind.

Sometimes they say its a sublimation of feelings. Being attended towards religion. instead of relationship.



Will Intelligence have rights?
Will Intelligence have needs?

Even when it would be artificial?
Will human rights be applicable to artifical humans?

If robotics would create humanlike bodies.
Would it cause feelings of protection or value in real humans.

If robotics would create humanlike bodies.
Would they be in war more appreciated than humans?

If robotics could create humans,
Is it possible that they replace humans.

If Intelligence would be human,
Is it source for human law.

If intelligence is artificial but humanlike,
Is it source for human law?

Do humans, always have the right of respectful treatment?
Also when humans are artificially cloned.

Do clones have human rights.
Do clones have human worth?

Artificial, Does it feel pain or pleasure. Does it experience happiness or misery?
Would they be bound to the level of communication we would program to have?
Would they have feelings beyond the level of experience we build into them?

Would artificial life exist?



Animal, do they think.
Animals, Are they conscious.
Animals, are they logical beings.

Is it logical to fight over Territory.
Is it logical to flee from stronger enemies.

Is it logical to search for food.
Is it logical to raise offspring.

Animals are they logical acting?
Logical without thinking?

What do humans do?
Is it logical to eat and search for food?
Is it logical to flee from war and aggression?
Is it logical to work for money and spend it on shelter, food and culture?

Are humans logical beings?
why do we tell our children that animals are lower beings.
Not worthy of getting treated well.
At least when they are not pets of us.
What do we tell children, about the meat we eat.
About the shoes we have.

Leather, Meat, other animal tissues.
What do we tell our children.
Do the animals we use, have suffered for our need.

Animals, if they could think. Would they be able to speak the language we understand.
Animals, if they would be aware of their reality. Would we recognize that and treat them good.

Make it possible.
Treat all conscious beings with compassion.

Make it possible.
Make a fist for animals rights.
Make a fist for better treatment, be it pets or for industry.


Time erases

Our time, is a big monster eating everything that happens.
Our time, is a big monster eating all beings. that lives.

May time, as being our existance, give us good days.
May the bad days be less than the good days.

If time would be a color.
Would it be blue or green when peace is current.
Would it be black when war and famine are on the world.
Would it be white or yellow when a heaven on earth would exist.

Time being a movie, what title does it have.
Is it named with the name of the individual who is at the screen of life.

Time being a movie. Would it be named by the theme of the living.

Time being a short or long time. would its length be defined by seconds, years, or undefined.

Time if it would be the same for very being.
Would a fly live short, and an elephant live long.
Would time be short for a virus and long for a longliving tree.

Time. Its characteristics are named by every conscious beings.
But is it named with words. to be communicated to other beings.
Will it be named with other means of communicating.
And will it then change the interpretation of living beings, when getting better definition by communication.

Time. In egypt it was the snake biting its tail.
time. In rome it was the every living power.
Time. In babylon it was the tower of all nations. Talking the same language.
Time. In europe it was as the farmer ploughing its field. Getting both good and bad fruits.
Time. In religion a source of observation.
Time. In culture a tradition of those old ones knowing ways to live happily.
Time. As a discovery giving each moment new color, new taste, new existance.

Erasing of what has been.
Erasing of what yet will come.
Erasing what we already experienced.
Erasure. And giving us peace. peace of forgetting what was. and forgetting of what will be.


Intelligent Species

What is intelligence.
What is a defintion of a specie.
What is life.

Is life a source of effort or labour.

May life be ever protected when it is a value or positive result for the universe.
What gives life, the ability to be conscious.
What gives life, the ability to communicate.

If there would be rules by which intelligent species live, act, exist.
What would be those rules.

Is it as treating life forms lower than yourself as animals.
Is it treating life forms higher than ourselves as enemies. Trying to destroy them.

A couple of rules would be.
If we understand their communication.
Trying to convince those life forms of being non-aggressive, friendly, peacefully.
Trying to be a border for damage and destruction.

Life forms, higher than ourselves.
We would be victims of their games.
If their games would be sourced by predatorbehaviour,
We would not survive.
If their games would be influenced by compassion or altruism
There would be chance for a good exchange of abilities, forces.

As we see in our past. We as humans did not behave quite friendly.
As we treated indians. As we treated other human races.
We are ourselves not very compassionate.
Also because of our religions.
Today being source for the islam to their aggressive behaviour.


Light Source

If you look with your eyes to the sun.
They say you get blind.

A source of light is when to bright a source of damage.
A source of light when not bright enough is a source of bad coordination.

Each source of light giving us visibility to coordinate our movements.
Is as shaped with purpose to create ability.

The sun, in our past, was far more bright.
Giving another planet the ability to create life forms with intelligence.
That planet, some name it mars, some name it bitnom.

Mars, was having intelligent life forms.
But those life forms, where not fit for times with no moderate climate.
When mars had no good atmosphere anymore. The living creatures died.

The same happened on earth, with the extinction of the dinosaurs.

If mars was having living beings. What would they look like.
Were they as martians or skilled persons in martial arts would be.
An instrument of war and aggression.
Would they be victorious in their take-over of other planets.

There are no martians. There are no other life forms. In this sunsphere or others.
That is what logic says when we would never had signs of intelligence on our planet.

Martial Arts. a form of fight by which the aggressor looses when not skilled in martial arts.
And the aggressor wins if skilled in martial arts.

May the Light source, of our planet.
Being the sun. give us prolonged time to live on our planet.
And make us prepared to meet or visit other planets.

And may our planet be protected by the Allmighty.
So i hope. So i pray.



The island of the scientists.
The island of the luxerious.
The island being protected by camouflage.
The island, as told being extincted.

But that island, in our myths is a country with great technology.
An Island full of the most expensive inventions.

They would run on magnetism and water artificiality.

That island because of its immorality would have been brought to sunk by an angel.

But is that true?
Is it true that between greenland and the antartic an island was existing. With not only green land but with great possiblity to live on.

The angel, did He sink the island, or did the earth move counter clockwise so the surface would freeze.

Maybe in the future archeologists could look below the ice, to discover material belonging to a past civilisation.

May greenland be found.
May greenland show its secrets.

An island. Magnetic to those loving technology.
An island. As a stream of riches by water.



In the long past ago,
There was a myth about beings, living creatures, living in the sea.
That kind of specie was as being partly human partly fish.

Children sometimes fantasyze about such a being.
They would be very kind and friendly.

As living in the sea or ocean they would be hidden from normal sight of humans.
They would be partly human, because the upper part of their bodies would be humanlike.
With heads and arms as we have.
And the lower part being a tail and part of a fish. Maybe like a dolphin.

See mermaids. They would be the peacekeepers of our society.
See mermaids. They would be hidden, and only appear when special spiritual occasions take place.

May the mermaids, if they exist, keep being safe.
Because when we would find them in these days. They would not be safe.
They would be analysed on the surgeon’s table. And not have a pleasant life.

Mermaids. Let them be fairy tales with a nice feeling.
Let them be a source for children to learn to have respect for other life-forms.



Our world has a lot of creatures. Species being discovered by us.
Our world has in for example deep oceans life that we do not know.
In the air there lives a large group of creatures we not know.

Little ones as big as virusses.
Biggen ones as big as bacteria.
And if we fantasize bigger creatures being invisible.

Even spirits could or would be invisible because they have no fysical body.

We know there are lacks in our knowledge.
And as we live in these times, we see our history through the eyes of the scientists who describe and write about it.

The invention of soap, which was for centuries ridiculed is an example of an invention not very logical in those times.
As we can give it a name, be it influence of higher spirits, greater powers giving us a favor.

Some people would say, there can be nothing without intelligence giving such things to our world.
For example the invention of fire. Giving the source of heat and cooking to our mankind.

Are those discoveries really effort of a little group of humans.
Its in my belief that the source is neither human, neither godly.
Maybe godly but not our known religions.

I name those influences on good science being sourced by ‘aliens’
Maybe that alien source is long present influence.

Maybe its the influence of a society guard of beings we not know, except on what they show to us.



Time meets eternity at the present moment.
Each moment is as a granule of sand.
Making a beach when looked at far.
And being little specks when looked at from nearby.

The time flows as a river through time.
The time is as a movie being projected each moment after another.

If time flies by to slow, its caused by misery.
If time flies by to fast its caused by happiness.

The actor is influenced by what happens.
The actor learns to behave well when effort and attention is done to polish the sculpture.

May our living be a blessing to the society we belong to.
May our life, be as a pearl on a string. Being nice to look at, and to wonder what source it has.

May the time be as a wise advisor to all living beings. Giving them way to exist in a peacefull way.

If time would stop. Noone would be able to tell what reality we are in.
If time would loose its characteristics noone would know what moment or day in time its.



The whole earth, and even the cosmos is dependent on every little part of it.
Animals create nature. Plants make from minerals living tissue.
And mankind makes civilisation and uses natural resources to create
intelligent machines.

If animals wouldn’t exist. The earth would not be so pleasant to live on.
If plantlife would not exist. We wouldn’t have food, and within time no resources anymore.

If we respect mother nature. And regenerate what we use.
Then we will keep being blessed with the natural resources.

If nature is not regarded by us. It wil begin to be our enemy.
We think she is without intelligent core.
But we think wrong.

If we waste too much, She will waste us.
We are responsible. May we treat others, being human, animal or other right.
To keep being place in this whole universe and reality.

If we choose to damage our surrounding. What use do we have if it is destroyed.
Its easier to regenerate while its still not completely gone.
When we used our resources full, and leaving nothing anymore on earth.
It will be hard to grow a new world. Because it lacks all basics needed for it.

Dependency is dependent on the parts of it.
If we are part of it. Let us respect the parts we not are ourselves. the parts we see or feel, and the parts not visible to us.

May we untill far future be blessed with good natural sources.
May we untull far future be blessed with abundant earth. with abundant life species on it.



Is certainity a value worth of basing your presumptions on.
Is it certain a rule is applicable to all cases.

Is it certain that discoveries are useable in all situations.

As humans we can discover all kind of things.
But its uncovered by precise observation.
Uncovered by a smart person.

Certain is that life ends in death.
Certain is that when man and wife are one, create one.

Certain is that when life is good, its giving happiness.
Certain is that causing damage gives greater chance of getting damage.
Certain is using laws to restrict bad behaviour gives more peace.
Certain is giving laws to a society lets wellfare grow.

Certain. Is not a simple word. Because its valued by all people.
And every person has a different valuesystem.

Is there one goal that everyone hopes to fullfill in life.
IS it good health. There are people taking wounds as a cost for getting other goals.
Is it suffering. Some people take suffering to aspire for goals.

All values are different in different people.
The only similarity is that persons see advantage in their goal’s fullfilment.

The only similarity in life is change.
The only similarity in life is experience.
The only similarity is you grow older when time steps on the road.



What is our existence without being able to see, feel, hear.
What is our existence without being able to move limbs, coordinate movements.
What is our existence without the ability to acquire goals.

Axcession. To life.
Axcession. To observation.
Axcession to willpower.

Life is only worth living if moments of contentness, or happiness are a certain part of life.
Giving the experiencer the reason to live on.

May life be worthy to live.
But sometimes its not pleasant to live.
When you have pain not curable.
When you suffer not being able to withstand.
When you are hated and despised.

Some say a certain fate can be turned to a good one by:
Praying, being Altruistic. being friendly.

But in society its not always reasonable what happens.
Sometimes there is doom in life without escape.

May the good and rich and famous turn their excess to them.
To be helpfull for those not able to be helped or able to help themselves.

Life, is a question for value.
In the end everyone asks the question, what use was my life.
Did i add value to society.
Am i being loved.
Or am i forgotten or rejected.

If the total sum of your deeds is of positive worth for society.
You may feel content. Because its of use for the future.

If the total sum of your deeds is of negative worth for society.
You can ask yourself what use is life when its worse than before.

Its never to late to start a good life.
Its never to late to turn the ship and fare to good haven.
Its never to late to stop haunting and start helping.
Its never to late to stop destroying and start building.
Its never to late to stop wounding and start healing.

Its the choice in your heart that starts either a good or bad life.
Its the choice in your heart, as a seed growing to a tree of good or bad deeds.
And fruits of good life taste sweet to each eater. But fruits of bad life,
is bitter, and not loved.

If there is happiness in life.
Search and discover the source.
and keep it in your property.

If there is happiness in life.
Search and discover the source.
And share it with all who desires for it.



is there a goal without labor being worthy to strive for.
Is there a purpose of live without being usefull in providing effort for society.

It is hated when you do what is not your heart’s liking.
It is hated when you cannot provide you and your family for basic needs.
It is hated when its an infamous job.
It is hated when health is damaged.
It is hated when you are bullied in it.

It is loved when you are doing what your heart tells you.
It is loved when you can provide for basic needs and luxury in your family
It is loved when your job is regarded good.
It is loved when you and your family grow in health.
It is loved when you are esteemed high.

Its not good fighting for certain jobs.
Its not good fighting for certain payment. Except if you don’t have enough to provide your basic needs.

Help yourself. And Help others.
Help others educate to get their wanted jobs.
Help others provide for basic needs.

Your offspring will bless you when you give them a happy youth.
Your offspring will bless you, when you have time for them to be in their life as a supportive and protective person.

Share your experience and wisdom with the ones who ask for.
Share your experience in your old days with those in their young days.

Be a good person. and learn about ethics.
Be a good person. Learn about moral values.
Be a good person. Learn to bless.



Is there benefit in bad purposes.
Is there benefit in badness.
Is there benefit in War and fights.
Is there benefit in aggresion

Benefit for one, for a couple. But not many are happy with it.
Benefit for the largest group on the longest period.

Benefit for the greatest amount of people, for the greatest length in time.

Is it good to deprive many people of health or social status to give one person luxury.

Is it better to own luxury, or to discard it.
Is it better to have much pleasure, or to live sober.
Is it better to aim for shorttime luck, or to aim for longlasting peace.

Is it better to be rich,
Is it better to be wealthy.

Is it better to be poor,
Is it better to be sick.

Is it better to live during daylight.
Or to live in night times.

Richness is found in sharing.
Fame is found in being supportive.

Richness in not found in much gold.
Fame is not found in advertising beauty.

Richness is not found in lotteries or gambling.
Fame is not found in benefitting special attributes.

May Fame be used for giving a rolemodel of good values to young and simple people.
May Richness be used for giving society a safety net.

Is it better to be rich or poor.
It depends on how many people you make happy.
It depends on how great peace you realize.

Advantage is in how you are an advantage to society.
Advantage is in how great your advantage is to other people.

For the importance is in how you are experienced by others.



Wise is pointing to goodness
Wise is pointing the wounded to healthcare
Wise is pointing the poor to ways of gain
Wise is pointing to harmony
Wise is pointing all to society’s importance.
Wise is pointing criminals to law.

Wise is a person when being wounded goes to healthcare without a drawback for society.
Wise is a person when being poor uses ways without being a danger for society.
Wise is a person when being a criminal, searches for a way of revenge without breaking laws.
Wise is a person when being hunted for, uses means without hunting others.

Wisdom, is a word giving existance a new purpose.
Wisdom, is a word giving people a collective goal.
Wisdom, is a word giving significance to experience.

Wisdom, is a word giving way to a life of searching.
Wisdom, is a word creating possibilities for happiness.

Wisdom. It begins with one question, one word.
Wisdom. It ends in harmony and wellfare.
Wisdom. The ones being blessed with it, blesses others.
Wisdom. One person rules the world, may the wise be his advisors.
Wisdom. A few people rules the world, may it be in the hands of the wise.

Wisdom. Choose the values and standards wise.
Wisdom. Is it a necklace of silver or gold, wisdom has higher value then that.
Wisdom. Is it a ring of diamonds and platinum, wisdom is even more worthy of owning.

May the wise be in prosper society.
May the wise be in wellfare.
May the wise be in good health.

For growth is by the smart and wise ones.
Smart people invent technology giving easyness and luxery for a price.
Wise people give the laws and rules to give every one equal rights and equal respect.


riches and fame

When everyone have the aim for wealth, all regard gold, silver and diamonds as the top to be owned.
Then the price goes up, and only a happy few have access to it.

When everyone have the aim for the top jobs, it will have a reward as high as there are competitors having appreciation for it.

When everyone wants the best friendship. Its a fight to get it.

So when you want happiness.
Don’t participate in the game of wealth and beauty. In the game of Fame and Gold.

If the game is on, every one runs without looking for the best chance.
They only run for the chance that is advocated and made visible.

A purpose of living is not being wealthy in money, but being wealthy in being a blessing for society.

A purpose of living is not striving for the best job in ranks, but the best job in being a pillar society.



Equality is when benefits are gifted to all in the same way.
Equality is only good when the subjects get the most chance on equal reward.

Equality in the chance to get diseases. Is the source of healthcare with collective compensation.

Equality. When you are the top up person you don’t think of equality.
But when you are the down low person you make effort of getting equal chances and rewards.

When equality is in the government, giving each person same possibilities. A country will care for society without expelling anyone.

When equal rights are visible and gifted to all of countries members all will be happy.
when equality means equal reward for might or pride and low rewards for everyone else,
sooner or later a revolution will try to restore the balance.

Equality, Means giving al chances to reach perfection or expertise.
Equality does not mean everyone has the same job, the same property.

Equality, for all of society is a reason to help and be altruistic.

Equality in color is not whole black, but is visible harmony.
In color and shape.

Equality in music, is not one tone for longer time,
But giving listeners a good sound, with symphony and a calm melody.

Equality in labor is as giving each laborer the same reward for work done good.

Equality in friendship is.
Everyone being healthy and social being befriended.

Equality is a word that has only significance in the explanation by them who uses the word.



guess in the casino, and loose your money
guess in the court and loose your law suit
guess in life and you will fail.

Knowledge comes from understanding
Knowledge comes from observation
Knowledge is a result of communication.
Knowledge is in the eye of the gifted one.

Is there truth in lies.
Is there truth in humor.
Is there truth in existance.

If all effort fails,
The work will deprive.

If all effort fails,
The living creatures wil stop trying.

When life hurts,
The people go and search for healing and a solution.

When life hurts,
The ones, being hurt are looking for help.

As long as life is happy and without suffering,
You have no vision on the suffering of others.
Because for your own suffering you understand what others might feel.

The life of a good person is from blessing to another.
with the blessing being to care and help the lost ones.

May life give its secret.
May existance give its happiness.

A good guess gives temporal benefit. But work and research gives a long lasting benefit.
Because its not a little luck that causes it but the work and study thats replicatable.

Do not aspire for luck or chances without stable cause,
Because in times of need its not there as an option.

Guess in life,
And a life will guess on you.

Guess on education
Will not give the grades being aimed for.

Guess on friendship.
Hopefully the friendship lasts as long as the guesser wants.