Orange Line


By Bastiaan Oostendorp






Good Reader,

May this book aid you in the quest to spirituality and the goal to attain peace of mind.

May the good days and prosperity follow the life filled with prayer, meditation and the search for wisdom and happiness.

This serie is inspired by prayer to the higher force, the Allmighty and by meditating as being constantly aware of the reality.

This serie consists of the english books: Silver Line, Bronze Line, Blue Line, Green Line, Orange Line and Yellow Line.

The other serie in dutch consists of the titles: Zilver Licht, Brons Licht, Blauw Licht, Groen Licht, Oranje Licht, Geel Licht and Scheppingskracht.

I wish the reader a pleasant reading and happiness through wisdom.

Virtues as compassion and calmess are highly regarded values in society.

May the Allmighty give us attention.


Bastiaan Oostendorp





List of Contents

Orange Line


List of Contents

Useless life

Getting power

Open force

Religion and respect

Chance for wealth

earth & human

farmers land


connection at heart

school of spheres

amber globe


Weed or usefull

Crystal orb

quantum communication

Cloning border

Oxygen, Air, Drawback

Dimensional storage

Electricity grid

Energetic life forms

Interstellar travel

Alien communication

String of moments


Debt is normal


Healing sound


visible or notexisting



Shape shifting


Device of protection

Royal elite

World Labor Alliance

sun light & Gaia

Earth Egg

Future value


good versus nice.

Black disk

money and purpose

council of species

Collective assurance

World problem


Radio activity and nucelar activity

Hunger and eating

Smoking and nicotine



Useless life


Do you feel your life is not worth what you would like.
Is life a unhappy living.
If you would like to have a life full of good things.

There is a way of transforming your life from bad to good.
from unhappy to happy.
And from useless to full of good things.

The only thing you need is to surrender to the Allmighty.
You will experience for yourself what will happen next.


Getting power

In a not so distant future there will be a person,
a leader of our race. He leads us through hardship to peace.
He leads by giving everyone good chances and equality.

His force is not a intellectual one.
He leads us by having His own source being realised.
His force is daily replenished by his effort to do everything the right way.

His secret is he prays to His god, the unnameable source of humanity.
He prays to the source and creating power which created our race.

His power is daily influenced by that source.
Asking an talking with that source of humanity.
To get strong and wise.


Open force

In this world we know the definition of open source.
Applications that can be used and modified for free. And the programmers did effort to make a good application.
Sometimes better than the paid alternatives.

Open force is a definition of a kind of force field, giving good vibes in the air.
It works like a rainbow in a dry climate.

It is made by having three objects.
One is a plate of 15×15 cm
Second is a piece of pipe with a radius of 10 cm and a length of 20 cm
and third is a bundle of wire of 15 to 20m

To construct. put the plate on one side of the pipe so it is like a mug or basket.
Then attach the wire on both ends to the improvised mug.
And then lay the wire around a room so it is like a square of several meters.

The pipe can be filled with water. Just normal water.When the water evaporates it can be filled with fresh water again.

The basket with wire can be of copper or brass (koper or messing called in dutch)

The radioatmosphere will be healed and improved.

Good luck and be blesses.
The more people do such a device, the world will be improved.
Imagine all over the world a kind of electric rainbows.


Religion and respect

We see in some religions that there is war against those who don’t believe or are pagans.
As far as i can see is the religious god being defended, not clear in that he wants it that way.

Killing or wounding to protect a god is not very humane.
Asking for respect towards a god is a democratic process of debate.

As a devotee you can ask for respect.
But not for the dead of those who attack your gods.

If you are not sure about it; ask your god to give you a message.
Or let your god protect Himself.

Then if he is into defending Himself by killing it will be sure be seen by everyone. and will be as a thunder in blue sky.


Chance for wealth

There is a way to get the chances for succes in life.
I saw lastly a documentary of someone who was in childhood poor. But he got a book about yantra’s
to be precise a sri chakra yantra.

He had it as an art object on the wall.
And he as he said himself in the documentary got rich and succesfull.

See the yantra below for the one he had.




A description...


earth & human

We humans have a physical body.
Legs, arms, head and chest.
We have arteries for blood transport.
An immune system which stops infiltrators and bad bacteria.

As we look to earth it has a same kind of system.
The arteries are the highways and roads.
The immune system is the police and military power.
The transport of oxygen is the warehousing delivering goods to stores.
the muscles in our body are the companies on earth.

As above so below.
The system is compared to humans or other life forms.
Same kind of groups with functions.


farmers land

Farmers and other filed workers have each year a new plantation on their land.
And to keep it fertile they use artificial fertalizer.
Its not very good, after a number of years the land looses its nutritients.
Best is to keep the land once in 30 years for 3 years without crops or usefull plantation.
Let the weed grow and restore the ground and earth.



language is a system of symbols formed into sound and appearance.
symbols have a couple of features.
One is the quantity. saying how much you have.
An military army is counted in a number. that number is the quantity.
if you buy food, you buy a number of vegetables or other stuff
The second feature is quality.
it describes how it looks, feels, appears.
it tells different things about what you have.
the quality is the appearance and describes characteristics.

the third feature is the intrinsic value.
The value it has, if it would be not visible or countable.
it tells what is in source what it was.

a soldier, a number of them in a legion,
characteristic is a copper helmet and a sword.
intrinsic is that the purpose is to fight, and serve as protectors.

The fourth feature is the goal or purpose of it.
the purpose of protecting a statesmen or king for example.

Symbols have these four features.


connection at heart

We all know that people live with their heads and other with their hearts.
The head is the mind, giving you thoughts and knowledge about all things.
Giving you power to plan and interact at a intelllectual way.

The people who live with their hearts.
Body and consciousness. They have a connection with the universe.
Giving them a signal which way to go, what to do.
An intuition gives instant knowledge.

A connection with the universe. giving guidance to life.
Giving guidance to your body,
With a purpose good for all society and moral values.


school of spheres

Comparison of spaces.
We live on a planet called earth. With life forms, plants, animals, humans.
We have a habitat for a lot of species.

The planet is like a person. with qualities and characteristics.
The planet is and individual participating in the universe as a creature.

Imagine that earth is an individual in a classroom on primary school.
The grade it has is life forms habitating the earth.

Higher grades, more intelligent life forms.
And a task for getting a grade is a certain level of realised things.
Able to travel long distances on space fusion.
Travelling time.
Using energy and transferring it without loss of effectiveness.

In the universal primary school.
We all are part of a certain level.

In the classroom its like a human person operates and acts.
And the questions are like have you already atomic energy.
and the teacher learning the individual planets certain technologies.

Earth as a beautifull lady or girl in the class filled with planets.
planets being highly rated by their technology or social structures in society.
Planets being low rated for the noneffective means to hold a society.

We are the internal planet of the external person, by the person being analogous to human life.


amber globe

A globe as an orb.
Made of amber and put in a tower at reasonable height.
And the amberorb is turning around its axis. At a good speed.

It creates energy, electricity or other and it give a harmonious frequency of signal.
The amber orb is used for civilizations to enlarge peace, and give a radio signal ground.



Magic, we know it as playtoys for children.
In a park for children all statues, scenery we see all nice things.

Magic, in earlier times it was believed it was available and used.

Magic is possible, try to have break in you mind, not thinking for a period.
If then after it the first thought is of a certain object or purpose its more likely to be happening in reality.
In the history on that kind of act all the magical items were created.

So by not thinking for a period, and after it one clear thought on a subject creates magic.
Magic without contract with bad forces or devils.

Some people by mindpower are able to do supernatural things.


Weed or usefull

We live in a civilised world.
With use of resources, regions for housing, industry.
Gardens, fields.

As human we understand that if we have a garden, we keep it tide by removing weed.
Also when we have animals they are for our pleasure, food or protection.

Everything unwanted gets removed.

With the saying as above as below we see that if something is needless or causes damage we kill or remove it.
unless we see that in the future it will have a bigger benefit than the damage done now.

If we as humans are a pain for the society we get busted in jail.
If we assume a creator of our human race. In religions.
We should be aware that creatures being usefull for the creator get chances, help and good things.
And those hurting or needless for the creator will get hardship.

As we being weed or grain in the garden of the creator.
A good step for being usefull for the creator is asking him for advice, a task, or his wishes.
Its called prayer.

If he exists, he will answer. His answer will be clear for you.
As i pray also to the Allmighty.

If you are usefull for the creator, he is more kind to you.
Because if you have an instrument or tool that you use you take care of it.

Beginning to pray has no prerequisites. It has no requirement.
And you don’t have to be holy for it. and the reason that only the chosen ones may be religions is a lie.
If you start praying you are allowed for it.

If you are scared to have sinned and may not anymore pray or do good things.
Thats not a reason to not pray. When you start praying your sins will convert to good life. by being in prayer and expecting answers from the creator.

The saying that only jesus may confront the creator is false. We as humans all have the birthright to use prayer and devotion. And we never loose that birthright.

If you want to test the goodness of the creator. Human laws, stated in countries laws, en all the good rules are applicable to you and everyone. Saying the creator wanted you to, is not an excuse for starting war or doing damage.


Crystal orb

The persons of gypsy kind have one job.
Reading the crystal orb for secrets about human life.
Prereading the future.

A crystal orb is the aftersubject of the medieval oracles.
In oracle language. its the spell of human behaviour.
the big life events being described.
Relationships with characteristics on body, psyche or coincidences.

The crystal orb can be made by chemical processes.
A orb round being filled with water.
And a undefined computer changing the water in condition.

A crystal orb Also by having a visualisation in front of a crystal.

Many ways to predict future things.
Oracles by asking mother earth for answers on lifehappenings.

a source of oracle is the sibylline scrolls


quantum communication

Quantum mechanica. a new field of exploration.
Having theme’s like appearance, speed, perception.

Technology promising great uses.
One if it is having two quarks(quantum parts) changing condition on the same time.
one quark vibrates with a certain speed (frequency)
and other quarks vibrates by cooptation. The vibration of the first causes the second.
If the quarks are in distance its a possible source of communication.
A source thats faster than light speed.
In that way communication over long distances are possible.

One planet to Other planets, with light years between them.

If its possible its the usage that prooves good or bad.

Quanta communication and quantum computers. the main use as we can think of.

Another usage is using it to read all space on intelligent messages.
More advanced races of life beings will use quantum communication for their basical needs and work.

May our race join the international community, the interstellar community.

May we be blessed by instant transfer of message.


Cloning border

In these days we have new technology, scientists are experimenting with dna changes, dna modifications.
They were able to clone the sheep dolly. but the steps of dna modification are more advanced now.
creating organs for people suffering organ depletion. and creating muscles. Looking in children for born in diseases. and lots of utils for it.

If we are able to clone and use the sperm to fertilize an egg. the step further is by using a human sperm with an animal egg. Creating a crossbreed of life form.

If such a technology is going to exist. We cross an ethical border.
Choosing to let the human specie be intertwined with less intelligent beings.
It will be the border of good society. Having inferior beings.

What use will it have to create half human half animal. War purposes for strong fysical strength for body to body conflict?
The border which we cross is the border to combine human with animal dna, and have intelligent,life-able beings.

Aware the border will create misery. not little but big.
May the scientists be wise enough to avoid that kind of technology.


Oxygen, Air, Drawback

On earth above the surface is a layer made of air. air including oxygen.
What we don’t know is that by a little change in the chemical condition.
All the air would explode. and each explosion gives the starting condition for additional explosions.
In only one hour all the air would explode.

Not for us a good thing. we would burn by the exploded air.
It’s like a great fusion bomb, only without the control and benefits.

Air, we have to keep it safe, and technology giving such effects should be used carefully.
May our human specie not destroy what’s our most needed material, oxygen and air.


Dimensional storage

We as our human specie are used nowadays to storing in chests, cupboards, other storage.
As countries we have central depots to store important things.

The illusionists have experimental knowledge about it.
A type of storage without visible appearance in our three dimensional world.
If they click it disappears, another click a large object appears.

Its a multidimensional space.
As example two boxes, overlapping each other. and with a tunnel being able to move an object from the first to the second box.

Multidimensional its like 10 boxes in the same space with tunnels covering it to have like doors in it.
if you want to store something you move the visible object through a tunnel to the other dimensional box.
And when you need it, you move it back from the second box to the first.

In more futuristic usage, the boxes can be opened and back retrieved on different locations.
Moving the tunnelstart from one position to another. from miles even.

A multidimensional system to store, save and ready use of what is needed.

the box theory is even applicable if their would be one more dimension.
Moving life species into other dimensions not only need space like objects but also oxygen and gravity. and its not prooved that oxygen or gravity can be available there.

May the dimensional storage be used for peace-applications.


Electricity grid

Nowadays we have wires of copper into each room and space to give power to electric devices. and electricity gives the energy to let computers, machines etc. work.

In small electronic devices for example sticks and cards a chip is powered by the radio-energy in or near it.
rfid is powered by a radiofrequency of energy.

In the future our computers and lights are powerd in the same way.
A energetic energetic field gives the energy. and all the devices need no copper wire but gets the energy out of the surrounding space.

And another secret, the human body is used as a radio antenna. but that is already known by scientists.

May our electric device be good to assist our living.


Energetic life forms

In a far galaxy there is intelligent life. only a difference is.
They are made of energy instead of fysical material.
We have bodies consisting of water , earthly material etc.
But those life forms are made of energy.
consisting of some kind of magnetic or electromagnetic energy.
They are great intelligent. and a outer skin of them is made by force fields.
Putting out to out and keeping in whats in.

They are highly intelligent. think of a computer made of energy like light and with infinite computing power.
And then with artificial intelligence. and translate it to life form, intelligence and consciousness.

If they would communicate, they change gravity or small electronic fields
( our brains communicate also via little electronic pulses)


Interstellar travel

A day ago when i was looking a movie, i got an image of how interstellar travel in the future could be like.
When humans will travel for about more than 10 years to another planet. They can be held in stasis and while in stasis they look movies about important subjects.

According to their future job they will see movies about function and coping strategies.
some who become missionaries will see movies about saints, woodworkers about all woodcraft etc.

and those movies will have an interactive part. thus the subject can learn from the choices he makes.

the ship can be as large as wanted. only storing the soul, or the body.

When the ship arrives the movie will show information about the destination and wakes up all the humans.

ofcourse in the movieworld such a thing is already valid.


Alien communication

The movies talk loud about all kinds of extra-terrestial life.
They would be angry, aggressive, or nice and friendly.
In movies we treat them sometimws befrienden, someties we war against them.

We don’t know in reality what they look like, or act like.
We would behave uncommon if we would meet them for real.

If an alien would ring your door and asks for asylum would you accept him as a houseguest, or kick him into death.

We don’t know if intelligent aliens already can read our communication devices, or hear the conversations we have near an electronic device.

If we as humans would like to be an ambassador for life capable of understanding lifesubjects (food, territory, toolcraft etc.)
We can just enter a message on our computer and send it over the internet by mail or by blog.
If aliens are intelligent and reading all our messages they certainly read that too.

And watch your steps for uncommon acts, its like being influenced by a spiritual being.
Some call it angels, Some call it guides. What do you give the force a name?

May the Allmighty bless us.


String of moments

Every life form, has consciousness. As a movie gives its visible screen in the string of moments.
If we as humans have a certain experience its in moments who pass after each other in front of our perception.
Our senses show us the reality we experience.

As humans the moments not pass by in moments by mathematical measure.
Its not a moment each tenth of a second, or even a moment each thousands of a second.
Its as a string of moments not giving each moment the same distance after the other.

If you watch a movie, more than one time, you see different things.
The repetition of what you see, if its a same content, gives you different information or different knowledge about what you perceive.
Like different elements from the movie is seen by addition views of the movie. You learn more by repitition. You learn more by choosing to let yourself be influenced.
Even if its the same information or vision.

In that idea of a string of moments. In humans lasting a lifetime. Other life forms do have strings of moments as well.
But we do not know how fast or how slow it happens in or on them.

What does influence the speed of the moments or the speed of change.
Is it earth or sun ruling the speed and the perception of moments.
Is it space giving moments a certain blackness or invisiblity.

The moment is best lived in the moment it self. not avoiding it by thought or thinking.
The monent gives its knowledge or wisdom, they call it intuition.
The moment gives back energy to rest.



Its popular to let your children be cared for by special companies.
They give your little child attention. from playing to eating. and resting.

As we have seen in history is the biggest drawback that parents don’t treat their children friendly or doesn’t meet with them at all.
If they lack in attentoin towards their children they have more emotions being on the dark side of personality.

A child without good attention grows aggressive or more evil in his emotions.

On the other side, the light side. Mothers, dads who care for their children giving uncondition love and positive feedback, have children also with harmonious personalities.
And caring for their life and those of their beloved ones.

Attention towards children, your children or others, give back the attention if good or lovely attention three fold in their future.

An adult with good youth, has more friendly feelings, and have more compassion.

Children can change the way how their parents treat them, by choosing theirselves to be obedient and brave (if the parents are open for such behaviour)

Children, treat them like little angels and they become angels.
Children, treat them like little devils, and a criminal is born.

Children, meditate on their nurture and train good persons.


Debt is normal

We all are in debt, accoring to religion, christianity, we have our inborn sin. We have a debt on our karma.
We are in debt, by the houses we bought with mortgage.
Companies we have are in debt, by the shares the sell.
Countrie are in debt by the bonds they sell out.

The world is at total in debt towards the natural resources of our planets.

We have a debt that is called normal, or healthy.
But its not normal and not healthy.

Its best to only spent the money you have.
And to pay taxes which is not spent at interst of bonds.
And to buy products of companies not in debt by there shares or bonds.

Its the time we are in debt. the debt of our intelligence not understandig what debt really is.
Its an obligation towards those we loan from.
Its an obligation which can be used against us.

A recent example. The debt of greece, not anymore able to pay certain government costs.
The result, internationaly they are asked to sell all collective companies serving the country.
By obligation of their loans they are forced to change governemnt, or change politics.

A debt is an obligation to follow the advices of those who lent you the money.
Debt gives the power into the hands of those not intentionally having the good intentions for that ruling group.



Every person on this earth has social contact with some or more other human beings.
Communication about food, housing, culture and other subjects.

We in the wealthy part of the world have other information sources as well.
The television, radio, computer.

On television everyone gets the same kind of information. And by movies or tv series we see behaviour that is most likely for humans to be interesting.
Because of tv we know how to have intimicy towards others, how to make war or verbal fights.
How to behave in situations.

We by television know how to have relations.
Its an easy step towards a bad kind of society if television and computers (internet) is used to push our personalities in a criminal way.
If we are in doctrinated. We have no choice how to avoid it. If computers and televisions are obligied to see or watch, or interact with.
What choice do we have if we are the subjects being manipulated by what we see or interact with on television or computer.

A good example is the war the past decades. Information being told or broadcasted is source of ethnical differences, traditions or culture which is weaker or put in the bad kind of society.

There is only one hitler needed to give the whole of society a bad direction and a devastating time.
Is democracy really democratic? If our media (television, computer) is influenced by a certain group of influential people.

Not that there will be a hitler. But its mostly the wrong person on the wrong time who causes the wrong period in history.


Healing sound

There is a sound consisting of three tones that will heal all the creatures who are air breathing.
As we see today there are a lot of musicthemes.
Some are pointing to black sources for example black metal, hard rock.
And some are pointing towards beauty in voice. name the singers of dance or opera.

In religion we see the use of music too. In islam you can hear the songs of war,
the songs giving the hearers a urge to fight for a purpose laid in the songs.

In christianity also music is used to give those with faith feelings that give way to their religion.

What is known is that music gives the listener a certain feeling, and that feeling is shared by fans of the same music.

In the past, the time of classical music, musicians like beethoven and mozart not only made music to have easylistining but also giving a certain feeling.
Not some feeling not known of while designing the song.

The moon sonata from beethoven would have a good influence on people with psychic ilness.

If you start searching for the purpose and effect of music. You can learn a lot.

Its the same with the experiment of emoto, a japanese scientist investigating the effect of music and thought on water crystals.
harmonious music gave nice crystals, chaotic music gave rubbish crystals.

Certain outerspace species use sound (combined tones) to let creatures fall asleep or to erase shorttime memory.

When they are on mission, they come with a ufo near the spot they have to be, sound the tone. The creatures including humans fall asleep.
They fulfill their mission, and another tone wakes everything up. and the living beings think oh i was temporarily asleep. oh thats not bad.



We all know our current educational books about physics.
One chapter is about gravity.
Gravity pulling all that exists on our planet towards or throughout the ground.
Everything keeps in place.
Things on their surface. and air and atmosphere around us.

What is gravity. is it a wave of particles. is it a wave of energy.
We know that magnetism is being caused by metal or some material consisting of it.
Magnetism we know we can use it for our machines and computers.

Is gravity also made or caused by a material maybe similar to metal and magnetism.
Is gravity made by a material deep in the core of our planet.
We cannot be sure untill it would proven by scientists.

If gravity would somewhere on earth be less or absent, it would give big disasters of materials flowing from one side of the planet to another side.
And all the surface of the earth would move and create mountains of stone and liquid gasses.

In the core there must be a source for the gravity which is a homogenous kind of material around the globe in the core without much difference.

Gravity. We all would want to live without it, to fly to outer space, or to move with less effort.

Gravity, it holds our atmosphere together, making it able for us to breath, to be able to look without damage by sunlight.

Gravity. all the living species, animals, plats, bacteria. It all exists in this egg of energy.

Gravity. it is caused by some measured change in the core of atoms.
It is caused by a certain core-element inside atoms not yet counted, measured, seen, proven.
A core element, the scientist want to find with particle accelators.

May science find a peacefull way of implementing such inventions.
A peacefull way to ensure the good and moral use of it.


visible or notexisting

A long time ago there was on this planet called earth a specie named dinosaurs.
They lived as mammals do today. in an ecosystem eating each other, fighting for their territory.

The dinosaurs had one big drawback named that they only could be aware of changes in their surrounding.
They only saw what whas moving, they smelled differences in the surrounding.

When a creature didn’t move, it was unseen. and it could escape from the predators.

In these days we have our human mankind. we see everything also the nonmoving material.
But we cannot see thinga which doesn’t move.

If you have money on your savingsaccount. it doesn’t move. and is invisible in the economy.
Money gets to be seen only when spend on concrete or existing things (objects, seervices or values)

If money is not spent, its not counted in economy.
The country exists only by the things being sold, being earned.
And being sold is only what has been in stores and is consumed.
And everything being earned is only what has been worked for.

Money which is not in the economy, is not counted.
For example if a rich banker owns half of a countries savings. And is able to make more of it.
In a savings account it isn’t worth any goods or visible representartion.
Only when its spent on something, its appears in the economy as valued goods or services.

If money doesn’t move its not seen, its not visible.
As long as it doesn;t move, its safe value.
(by the example of the predator looking for prey, if the prey doesn’t move, its unseen.)

The same is with having savings, a making it visible by talking about it, or spending it.

Money exists from the moment its spent.
Money disappears when its a little time not used.



As a specie of life, a form of living in a body.
In our world we have different species. From inanimate to building or protecting.

There is primary intelligence. which is basically eating, fighting, flight.
Most animals have this primary intelligence. the instinct to eat, fight etc.

There is secundary intelligence. The species are with extra intelligence.
Primary to eat and fight, to search for shelter.
The secundary intelligence is to build homes, labor for food, arrange for protection.
Most humans have this secundary intelligence.
They can make tools and use them to assist also in their primary needs and intelligence.

What humans don’t have is:
Tertiary intelligence.
Secundary was to build and use tools. to make homes, do farmerjobs for food, build defense for countries. etc.

Tertiary is to create living species, life forms with procreation and bodies capable of doing a task.
These living species do tasks to help a superintelligent specie, a tertiary active specie to
make living easy for them. homes, food, protection. By life forms created, designed by this third level of intelligence.

We as human beings are slowly transcending to this tertiary kind of intelligence.

But as i guess those thirdlevel intelligent beings are already present in the universe. Maybe we are part of their creation.



In a civilisation unknown there is a kind of job that is very special.

A couple of persons are trained in theire cinetic possibilities.
Not by touching with hand or body but with the power of the mind.

They are trained to get information out of persons minds.
Before special activities they read the mind of important people.

And when they want they change subjects in the victims mind.
They change the way countries are rules. They change the way the hot shots do their specialty.

Cinetic is a way of acting with a kind of power compared to magnetism that influences data-objects like disks.

Telecinetic are the psi-agents appointed by the highest of intelligence agencies. They are unknown to us, but they are uses by every very important situations.

Maybe to normal people its a fantasy. By normal people seen as a subject for a good movie.

May the wisdom be placed in the hearts of those who creates the governmental plans


Shape shifting

Shape shifting, you don’t notice it when you are not informed by them.

They use visible persons to give their appearance a function.

If they would change to mister bush or prince of some country.
No one would notice.

Except when communication is checked.
If you see an actor in your surrounding you sure know he is not in your country. Then it is a shape shifter.

Normally shape shifting would be for aliens to ensure their tasks on earth.

If you recognize someone with eyes in a certain glance.
Be sure it is a shape shifter.
They can choose to appear like that.

Shape is a function they can change just like we change our clothes or change the picture on the desktop.

Some when they saw someone name it angels or guides.
And they act as protection sometimes by prayers being said by a person in danger.



In a future situation the hospitals not only cured by also made possible to enlarge living time.

If as a person you had enough money and if you wish to live longer there was an option in the hospital.

A room full of beds and in each bed a cable which was connected to a central system.

The victims would give life-fluid to make able that others with money can use the life-fluid to longen there life.

The victims loose life fluid, thus living shorter.
The clients receive life fluid and live longer.

Another theory was that persons who cam in the hospital had a choice of giving their soul to live in a central computer.
The cable would pull the soul out of the body and even could place the soul via a cable in another body.
In the other body it could be forced to do tasks for the soul in that body.


Device of protection

In a future place and time there was a technology that helped the people to be protected for all kinds of danger.

the technology was a device that was about 15 by 7 cm in size.
You could place it in an armpit. It would create a network of lines through the body and by that way protected against diseases.
And a forcefield prevented from weapons entering the body.

to activate it was given an expression, and to remove a second expression was used.

The device was later on when society fell in wealth only used by kings or royal persons.

A couple where left of those past ages, so it was only for the very special people.


Royal elite

A myth of the far past was:
Persons of royal nature. Being kings, queens or royal
are gifted with a good nature and character.
Persons of royal nature where not choosen for their riches or their fate without ground.

Kings and queens had a special ability.
If you would place them in a situation, even a low one in the hierarchy. They would be able to do the things to retrieve a good position again.

For example if you would place a prince in the position of a beggar or homeless person he would be able to get work, say the right things, do the right things to get that high position again.

they where not kings and queens for no reason, they had the right to it because they worked for it theirselves.

A king is a king because he worked for it, an had the capabilities to become one.

In another myth a king when having a child, the child had to be tested. If it was a ritual or a real test is unknown.
But the child had to stand in a room with a wild animal and had to survive or win the fight. And he had to not show fear or bad emotions. A wild animal for example a lion.
If he would succeed he was in the royal family.


World Labor Alliance

A possible social instrument for the whole earth is an organsiation which has a couple of functions and resources.

An organisation providing laborplaces with a reasonable salary and a option for a house and enough to buy food etc.

An organisation at which everyone can apply for a job.
The only difference is it has no marktebased salary and its a basical option of living.

In all countries there should be a place where that organisation can be productive.

When applying for a job, the person can if not educated attend for a jobtraining.

The differences with normal organisations is:
Salary is on a minimum amount, enough to have basic food and living.
Education is part of the contract and has no extra payment for it.
Places are in each country on the earth.

The organisation uses labor all over the world to provide places all over the world.

The reason for this organisation is:
Poor or rich, enough reason for application.
Living in a poor country, able to apply. You can be placed in a country able to provide for the labor of organisation.

A worldwide organisation.
Working for collective products and services.

Collective for example healthcare, government labor etc.


sun light & Gaia

We all experience warmth when we are in full sunlight.
We see all things clear and we love the light for its good radiation.

The sun is our source of good feelings together with food and water.
Food has the source of sunlight to grow to delicious vegetables or meat.

The water gets its clear nature by the sun shining in river and sea.

But the sun is more as we know and can see.
The sun has as its radiaton the visible light.
And the radiation is warm and full of energy.

If we compare it to a living being.
An animal has a heart, blood and all kinds of functions to make it able to move and do intelligent things.

The sun has as its body his radiant sphere which we see in the air above us.

the sun has its radiation the light which gives the ability to see and coordinate our actions.

The sun not only radiates a shine of light but also a radiation of consciousness.

When we say something has to show in daylight, or it cannot be in daylight.

Then its the consciousness of the sun which gives something a good or bad reason or purpose.

The sun sees and experiences everything its light enters.
So the sun sees our bodies, our actions, our intentions.

The same is with the earth.
The earth has a sphere and body we call gaia.
Gaia an intelligent system of particles from the molecules in the surface to the plants and animals.

We all are on earth a part of gaia. And we fullfill the task the earth places in our intuition and feeling.

Its a theory but when we die, we return to the big spirit of the earth waiting to be sent to a new body again.

Both earth and sun are conscious and sends the awareness by light or other forces.


Earth Egg

We all know that our earth is growing unhealthy.
We use the resources out of the earthground.
And the atmosphere is more polluted.

The earth suffers from our work to enrich ourselves.
The earth has no choice to endure our influence.

But sometimes its a way which will be good for the future.
If we look at now its devastating our earth.
But if we look for a future purpose then its seen that we grow up like an infant specie to a mature specie.

As like in a chickens egg. The chicken eats his egg to be a child chicken. If we would compare.
The chicken doesn’t destroy the egg for no reason. Its using it for food, and when he is ready he breaks the eggshell and becomes a creature.

We also have the same thing. We use the resources but not for no reason. When we are grown up we will break the shell.
And we travel to space to become a space specie.


Future value

In the future we will change our society in some ways.
We will be more paid for work. Because the governmment will be less in size and more things are done by robots.
The second thing is that gold an silver will be worth more.

Gold and siver will be in thr future a side-exchange object.



In these times we are all used to having a watch or a clock in our sight.
But in the past it wasn’t that normal to have the time as a number or symbol to be looked at.

Time in the past, was a feature of religious and cultural people.
In the religions it was a usefull tool to have a church with sounding the bells each hour.
And in culture there where proverbs giving guidelines.

Time in the future will be a step ahead of what its now.
We are used to have appointments on certain times.

In the past they had appointments given or planned by the phase of the sun and moon.
Sometimes people where waiting for hours to be in meeting of each other.

In our future, how will we measure time.
By the hours, by minutes, by seconds.

Or will it be advanced. Giving computers information out of our brains.
Accessing our bodily functions through a artificial intelligent system.
Even controlling our thoughts.

In the far future if light speed is used in transportation.
It will be sometimes a microsecond which gives peace or war.
It will be sometimes a microsecond giving large groups in our civilisation food or drinks.

A microsecond judges the good or bad side of your life.


good versus nice.

A lot of people know sometimes, if i do this. its not healthy for me.
I can get sick, i can be in pain because of it in the future.

Its a profound choice. is it good or bad. is it nice or boring.

Most people know sometimes that a choice is not jusrt a choice but being weak and stepping in the pitfall again.

In your life, you can best start choosing to be on the right side as early in your life as possible.
Because when you get older, you can have the feeling it gets harder to choose the right path.

If you learn in your youth the good things. its easier to be on the good side at a step further in your life.

Its every time the choice. Is it good? can i choose the good thing. don’t be weak.

For example if you weigh to much. and you get dinner. Will i choose what makes me thick but tastes far mroe delicious, or do i choose the healthy stuff.

Healthy is what is said to be healthy by healthcare. Vegetables, fruit, nuts etc. are said to be healthy.

Its as having in your soul two forces. One saying ah please it doesn’t matter choose the delicious one.
The other saying. don’t do its giving you a bad time later. please choose even if its boring or if healthy stuff is not cool or tough)

A good choice will give you the longes time of bodily happiness. being experienced as a bodily feeling of calmness, non-suffering, good energy.

A choice for goodness is giving you if idealistic the longest life, the least pain, the best behaviour.


Black disk

There is among the intelligence agencies a special disk.
Its called the black disk.
On it is stored all the largest risks of society.
How the risks are being caused, what to do about them,
and what characteristics they have.

A black disk, is about society, all the bad things,
Not only earthquakes but also the most vulnarable things.
How and where they are in risk, and how to prevent them.

But thats not the only information at the black disk.
Its also all the countries governors or ruling people.
What they have as secret plans and if they could succeed in inflicting it if they would use bad instruments.

In diplomacy is a group of people or agents who know about the black disk, and they agree with each other on helping each other and serving the bigger good.

A black disk is a disk with the risks.
But also future plans of the black society.
The black society is a shadow ruling elite.
Not only good people but also secret organisations of the mob. Mafia.

The black disk. Not a black box. or a black organisation.
Its bigger. Its important to not comply with people in your surrounding asking you to be together with them in such plans.
Because the first time you say yes to it. They have a special way of manipulating you. Stepping in is easy, but stepping out is hard.


money and purpose

In our future we will have money, and we will be satisfied not by expending our money.But because we choose to let it not be our main objective.

There is a good possibility that people will find out that when money disappears we will be satisfied.
Because without money we have no desire for profit or riches.
We will be content with what we have.

Money is a piece of wood representing a god or superpower. But as soon as people experience that the god doesn’t talk, doesn’t help they will throw away the god and search for real gods.

May mankind find the best possible future, and the best way of life.


council of species

In our future we are in contact with intelligent life forms.
They will be called intelligent because they are able to communicate with translinguistic features.
The contact with those forms will be organised in the council of species.
Each specie representing their race and have their intentions and goals.

Will we be able to put aside our aggresiveness to work for the greater good.

we will be most likely maybe the richest specie but not the most empathical or the best at social functionality.

The council of species. May they brin peace among intelligent life.
The council of species. May they create a haven for the poor.
The council of species. May technology and education be shared without cost or profit.


Collective assurance

The countries as being formed from far history, have borders distinguished by three marks.
The border of language, a differen language can be a different country.
The border of culture, habits, traditions, skincolor can define borders.
The third one is religion. A country with christians versus hinduism or islam.
Countries with a border are found in each region.
Regions as being defined by coordinates like being distinguised by sattelite or cartography.

countries sometimes enlarge their territory. enlarging the regions by which the name sets the name of the country.

Countries having the same culture or relgion, become allies.
Countries being enemies are mostly different religions or culture.

if the language differs its not directly they are enemy.

A concern of a country is the safety for internal and external dangers.
safety means that citizens or inhabitants can feel safe.
A safe feeling has as its basis that violence or other causes of misery have no base of existence to the height of possible intervention.
Violence can be prevented by a police force or a military force.
Another importance is that citizens can feel secure about income, labor and education.
Education gives people a path to be able to provide for needs and wishes. (wishes for neccasary livelihood)
Income gives people security about being abel to eat, drink, have housing and doing culture.
Labor is the means of the society to form it to a unity and maintainig the whole.

another concern is the healthcare.
People must have acces to medical care with cures or care for diseases which are collective and are not caused by individual acts.
A human with cancer, if not caused by personal act, ought to have acces to medical care.
All diseases which are caused by behaviour and is a choice of causing or avoiding it should be financed by a proportial share of the income or savings.
(to stimulate citizens not to do things that have a negative impact ont their health)

A collective concern is something that is larger than the individual influence.
For example a market financial system with money or trade is a collective concern.

a quote of plato a famous philosopher is:
If you put at head of a civilisation someone who is a trader who daily works with money and profit.
or if you put someone at the head who is an athlete. Who has as his goal to be tough and strong.
or if you put a politic and studied person on society and rules.
Plato compared it with a captain on a ship. someone who knows how to control a ship. bieng someone a trader, an athlete or a shipscaptain.

A collective concern should be cared for by a collective government. to be ensured that the right concern is being fulfilled.

Collective certitude about health, income and culture.
Collective certitude about the right on religion, culture and tradition.
Collective certitude on personal responsability and perceptibility of danger and advantages.
Collective certitude as means to social wealth and happiness.
Collective certitude as goal for individual and social help and protection


World problem

The biggest problems in our world are the wars that now and then rages over the earth.
But as said by others that religion is the source of war is untrue.

It is money that is causing over 80 percent of the wars.
The other twenty percent is the natural urge for territory defense and offense.

Money is the main cause of most of the conflicts.



The source of inflation is printing money without a backup of value in gold or material.
The more money is printed the more value in numbers it represent. But the real amount of money doesn’t rise.
So money devaluates by increasing the mass of it.

Inflation is a bad process in society. Not because it destroyes value, but because everything that is owned gets less in value.
A house gets worth less. And all the owned things too.

Deflation is a natural antidote to a society getting depressed or going bankrupt.

When a country has inflation, then don’t lend moneu, but increase investments on industry and production.


Radio activity and nucelar activity

In regions with power plants. where radio activity is in the natural envirronement.
A solution is to sow lupine plants or seeds in the ground.
Everytime when it is big, mow it and leave the dead plants on the ground.
After a couple of years the radio activity is neutralised.


Hunger and eating

If you have often feelings of hunger.
Try eating raw carrots. By chewing them fibers come into your stomach.
And hunger disappears.
Another solution is by drinking soy or almond milk.
A third solution is by eating nuts (unsalted)


Smoking and nicotine

A good remedy for smoking sigarettes is
drinking tea made of cinnamon sticks.
Boil a stick for 15 minutes in water and drink it when you feel the urge to smoke.