Silver Line



author: Bastiaan Oostendorp








Table of contents


My Prayer. 6

My Values. 8

My View.. 10

Right and Plight. 11

You & You. 12

Radio Emitter. 13

Selfie. 15

Wise ones. 17

I wise. 19

Being Real 21

devotion. 23

Jesus Christ and faith. 25

Krsna and devotion. 27

submission by Islam.. 28

Task and Servitude. 29

Job by task. 30

Good food. 31

Sustaining earth. 33

Fight against drugs. 34

Relations. 35

freedom of Speech. 36

reaching Heaven. 38

Goodness. 39

Cosmos. 41

Angels v Aliens. 42

Society and capitalism.. 44

communism.. 46

Education. 48

crimes. 49

value society. 50

tradition. 52

truth and lies. 53

gold and silver. 55

happiness. 56

future. 58

Peace. 60

virtues. 61

natural resources. 63

giving peace to history. 65

illusion. 66

cure and care. 68

invention. 69

Eye on you. 70

dictator. 72

peace of hearth. 73

time. 75

a past secret 77

future beliefs. 79

Society of goodness. 81

richness. 83

Criminality. 84

normal people. 85

respect 86

dealing with the bad. 88

angel or demon. 90

the Past 92

Mirror. 93

body and soul 94



My Prayer

Allmighty One,
May we treat you with esteem.
May we respect you.

Allmighty One,
Give the damned ones salvation,
Save the lost ones.

Allmighty One,
Give your influence to:
The earth,
Our country,
the governemnt,
The top of society.

Help saving wounded and sick people.
Help giving the poor their basical needs.
Help giving the unemployed ones with work.

Help us ruling and serving in this world.
Help those who cannot help themselves anymore.
Help those who are willing to serve you.

Grant us your wisdom, your power, your advice.
Grant us health and long life.
Grant us to be usefull for you.
Grant us your mercy.

Thank you for what you give me.
Thank you for who you are in my life.

I ask your judgement on my life, my soul, my spirit.

I ask for your help, to live according to your laws and rules.
I ask for your protection, to keep me on the path of rightiousness.
I ask for your protection, to keep goodness in my hearth.
I ask for your protection, life and consiousness.



My Values

In society there are traditions, cultures, sciences and all kinds of beliefs.
People believe in values and try to do according them.
In society, our peace is the value of mutual understanding and mutual communication.

My Values, In a lot of holy writings values are given to stimulate peace, wisdom and happy living.
Values in writings are based on the goal certain writers had.

For example in Hinduism cows are holy, may not be killed or wounded. In our western society we see that value of them but we think it is not a realistic value, and not very effective.

For example in christianity it is a value that humans of feminine side may not be leaders or experts. That is for nochristians a stupid belief.

And values from buddhism are also in eyes of others a bit strange.

To give the values strength of effectiveness we have to understand what their meaning was, which problem it solved, and how they were made.

For example if a value is made by a temporarily believe in unrealistic things, like fantasy then it is not very during.

The values, by living, and by experience are the highest class of values, of truth. Because they are made by experience and based on true situations.

Values from books, are class 2. They are proofed by people following those values.
Books have a length of proof. As long as people feel those values being good they follow it, if its not any longer used, the books are destroyed or forgotten.

Class 3, values are those being told by people being victim of it. Sick people complain they are not helped caring for their problem. Poor people complain saying they have to steal or are with hunger.

My Values,
Valued high is effectiveness. By living you get experience. If you play your whole life. You in the end have loss of all things neccesary in living. A house, Work, Property.
Valued high is realism. If you think of all things not existing, you get desires. And if the desires are not fullfilled, one get angry or dissapointed.
Value your reality. Value your life.

Valued high is virtue. Doing with intention of goodness, Thinking of all that is true or real. Put your goal of wisdom.

Valued high. Taking serious wisdom of religions and spirituality.


My View

Good reader,

May i wish you goodluck and goodlife. I myself am a philosopher, and a creationist. But most of all, i believe in one of the biggest powers of this reality. My i introduce you to Him. He is not called with human forms, or characteristics of personality. He is named by some marks, such as Allmighty, Omnipresent, Allknowing. Just name it with that kind of words. If you fill it in as him being human, you loose the intepretation.

If you would like to get more known with this subject. Do not read books of inferior classification. But read the source of religion by their holy writings.

Or by praying, ask or say what you like to this power. Ask this power to enter your life, ask him to change you.

May this power, the Allmighty proof to you he exists and what he can be for you. May he give you prosperity, and peace.


Right and Plight

As humanity we have inborn rights, named and acted as our feelings.
As humanity we have rights, named in the lawbook and acted by citizens.
As humanity we have rights, named by tradition and passed on from parents to children.

May our race be succesfull, and be blessed with virtue.

The rights are for example, allowing to be educated, allowing to be protected, allowing to have homes.

But another side of the coin is plight.
What must we do, what can we do. What is obligied.

In my opinion we have as the society the plight to help everyone, every part in our specie to have the feeling of peace and ability to live without pain or suffering.

In this plight, a poor one get basic shelter, food and clothing.
In this plight, a very sick person, gets care and treatment.
In this plight, an old person, can live and pass on wisdom.
In this plight, it is investigated if citizens are being treated rightfully.
So they are not forced to criminality.


You & You

In the future we will see what the history has been.
We will see, we used earth and what’s on it for our pleasure.
We will see, we disrespect our natural sources.

We will live in polluted areas, with kinds of diseases no unknown.
We will live, not in peace because of pain and suffering.
We will live, maybe cursing our history.

When we will be in the future. We will know extended means of living.
Being changed to cyborgs, changed to genetically modified beings.
Changed to nano versions of living entities.

We will have change, but not named good.
We will have effort, but not for our profit.
We will have chance, but we will name it with bad names.

May our future hold good things, for us. By the effort of today.
By the effort of saving natural resources, giving earth a good free time.

By the effort of renewing lost sources.
By the effort of using energy in a good and non destroying way.

Life. is not a noun but a verb.


Radio Emitter

With the current technology, we burst out a lot of waves into the atmosphere. Radio waves of all kind of electrons.

Radios receive the waves and play them according to its form. The Earth is being a loud source. We as humans don’t experience it, but other life forms does.

A solution for this kind of invisible problem is by creating a harmonizing source of radio emitting waves.

Waves also electronic, but far more good and harmony. We as humans can do effort by reducing our radiotechnology and by creating points of compensation.

In my view there is a solution, a solution of good waves.

It maybe sound a bit untrue but you have to believe it, and make it to be effective.

Make a jar of metal, and a line of metal around a room or house.

The jar of metal can be of brass or copper. And connect the jar to the wire.

Then fill on a regularly basis the jar with normal water.

At first you do not notice any difference, but by time there starts to be more relaxation and rest. And you start feeling as if you have slept good.

These jars with wire is as sending waves of electrons around the spot and giving a point of free energy to all beings in the air, and around the place.

If you add this to your home, you will become more friendly, more effective in work and better in you relationships.

I wish you succes to this project.

I, myself made such a jar by asking a metalstore to saw a piece of a pipe of 10 cm diameter, and 10 cm long. and a plate of 12 by 12 cm. And put them together with glue.




You make a photo of yourself. A photo by which others can see who you are. What you do or what your life is worth.

A photo is one point in a timeless range of moments.

A photo is a painting giving information about you.

If men are trained in psychology they can interpret what kind of personality you have, what hobbies or living you make.

And best of all if you are friendly or hatefull.

A selfie is more than a painting with modern tools. It is a view on karma.

Karma happens to people as giving justice to their lives. Justice which is put on their face as lines, scars etc,

Karma is a selfie made by the creator to give you feedback about your life as being good or bad.

My Selfie, is My current view on life. My view which holds values and norms as being peacefull, being friendly, helping those without good possibilities in life, Doing good things for badly sick persons.

My Selfie is more than a photo, it is a feeling ranging from moment to moment. And it is a View of my thoughts, from time to time.

May my selfie be known to karma.

People can use their selfie for communication, such as facebook or weblogs. But the selfie of which i speak is not for communication but for life itself.

Change thoughts of good and bad, and learn to act good. Learn what the value of good, or goodness is. Try behaving without leaving bad traces on earth.

May the good be prosperous, may the bad learn to change to a good living.


Wise ones


The society is formed by all kinds of individuals. From one color to another color, from one view on life to another view on life.

But society is built by a few ones who have a view on how the society acts and cooperates.
Society in other words is as a mountain of termites. They are quite good architects with their hills with air pipes etc.
society in our humanity has a place for all the individuals. and by the effort of many it gets the form it has.

But society is not always right or fair. Some people get lost, or get wounded.
Some people are poor, some are sick.
And it is not known if it has regular causes. (if we do not speak of karma)

Because that kind of things are not predictable it is hard to give it good way.

Because it is not predictable it is not fair.
It is one way to prevent such things by teaching people how to live.
How to live good, without drugs or alcohol, with enough sport etc.

But even then there is a chance, without cause that you experience bad things.
By war a lot of people are killed,
By terror people are killed,
By disasters people are killed and wounded,
By diseases people are wounded.

To be able to have a rightious society we need all those not predictable things to be managed by the whole of society.

So in idealistic form we can say:
wounded people, people with diseases get compensation by treatment and basical income.
And poor people get compensation by basical income.
Wars are best being prevented by making bonds between countries.
Terror is best being treated by communication.

If society is healthy, everyone, not one missing will say, i have money, i’m healthy, or I’m being cared for.

Only the very rich people will feel a bit disappointed because instead of having three millions they have one million.

May our civilisation strive for the goodness of living.
May our civilisation care for the sick, poor and old ones.
May our society care for criminals by psychic treatment.

Good living and Good luck!


I wise

I’am who i am,
I can be, what is accepted for me.
I want to be, as being happy and safe.

What is the i in the lines of text.
Is it a pointer to a being, to a body, to a robot?
Is it a pointer, with consciousness as its observer.
Is it a pointer, pointing to feelings.

The I is the witness of both body and mind.
The I is a being, with coherent acts and needs.
The I is as a living being, talking about itself.
The I is selfconsciousness. The highest form of being aware of living.

May it be the form of shared awareness.
What i see, is in some ways what you see.
Or others see who passes that situation or spot.

Reality. Is it real.
What is reality. Is it body and surroundings. Is it feelings and acts.
Are intentions real.

May Reality be known to everyone.
May the I witness reality.

Where reality is, there is problems, war, needs, feelings.
Where reality is, there is love, peace, happiness.

Reality. When someone is immersed in reality. One form with it.
Only seeing real, and experiencing reality.
And without seeing unreal things.
And without experiencing the unreal.
In some books, the mind is a source of illusionism.
In some books, the mind is unreal.

So enlightened beings, only are aware of reality.
Then the phrase that enlightened is as not doing in doing and counterclockwise is a description of a real experience.

Awareness. It is done by stopping thought.
It is done by not starting in the morning with thinking.
It is done , praying for it at the Allmighty.

Awareness. Peace is your life.
Harmony is the result of good awareness.


Being Real

Real is Real.

Most people are not doubting their reality.
But when things happen, not very predictable, or very dangerous.
They doubt their reality.

What is Real. Is it a situation which is logical with relation to former situations.
Real, and Unreal. When we experience things, we do not know, cannot give a name. do not understand. We can sometimes doubt them as being real.
Children often see things they think as real. Then parents counter their view with their vision on it.

Sometimes, people wish for reality to proof them. Proofing that they exist. That they reached certain goals. That they are in respect to others in a certain way truesome.
Money, is a way of proofing reality to someone. By logical conclusion in money giving and spending, one sees. This is real. Because in the past. I earned it and it was real backthen.
Money, is a way of giving reason to the reality. When someone works, and works with result of adding value to society, or reality. Then it is experienced as a object of proof.
If money would not exist. People get everything without work, or by coincidence. People would not be forced anymore to work in reality.
Money is the bond between reality and the spirit.
Money is the chance of survival.
Money is the chance of fame.
Money is the chance of richness.
Reality. Sometimes fair, sometimes unfair.
Reality. Sometimes logic, Sometimes not.
Real is what we experience. What we cannot manipulate or change by attention alone.
Real is what is stabile, what is not being destroyed by intention alone



Being religious, As named by religion is different.
In christianity its named faith,
In Hinduism it is named meditation and austerity.
In Islam it is named submission.

All religions have an object of adressing to.
In christianity it is Jesus Christ.
In Hinduism, there are three objects. Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva.
In Islam it is Allah.

They all represent object of intelligence, object of awareness.
It is in those religions that by talking to that object, that devotion is formed.
A devotion to a living entity, so believes the devotees, the practisers of religion.

In the past there were also other religions.
From objects like the earth, the sun, the source of the universe.
From objects of named gods like the air, the fire, the water.
From objects of statues of long forgotten heroes.

All those objects, had done a lot of changes in the world.
All those objects, by there influence were experienced by the practisers as being real. and with a certain benefit.

Religions in these days are only a couple. Hinduism, Christianity, Islam.

But these religion, after time and time also will disappear, and will diminish in form and value.
In the future times, new religions will arise. Will give their practisers profits and benefit.

In this time, i propose a religion which is the wheel in the car, and the water in living beings with intelligence.
A religion, with one object. an object without human form. an object without any form at all.
Not able to be thought of.
This religion you may name its object by one word only. one word with the only true meaning.
An object named by one characteristic.
Name it Allmighty,
Name it Omnipresence,
Name it Allknowing.
Name it AllConsciousness.

Praying is talking to an invisible might.
Praying is not knowing what answer will come.
Praying is the truest speech there is.
Praying is asking influence of that might.
May that might proof to you his intention



Jesus Christ and faith


These times, religion is slowly diminishing. The old days where one religion was growing and giving meaning to the lifes of them following it is slowly changing.

One of those religions, Christianity. with the main person as being Jesus Christ was for many people a savior.
Jesus Christ, promised to everyone believing in His name, a good life, or a meaningfull life.
Many christians prayed daily, and worked on a task. A task to give the world more peace, more wellfare.

The churches were full from the tenth century to the twentieth century. But people forgot the benefits of such a way of life. Saints from the fifth tot the twenty-first century teached and showed the people a good life.

Praying to Jesus Christ, or calling His name in dangerous situations would help.
So as the first prayer, of fishermen asking Jesus for a succesfull fishing. He just said, pull the fishnets on the other side. And they got a good catch.

So throughy times a lot of people had proven the power of a faith in Jesus Christ.

One option which also is a good life is surrendering to Jesus Christ.

(if you believe, and your faith is true, Jesus learns you how to live, and gives you strength in difficult times.)



Krsna and devotion


Religions, in old time a safehouse for the future.
All kinds of religoins have existed throughout time.
With all kinds of teachers, prophets, or other examples.

One of them is hinduism. With a sole person ruling all his followers.
Some name Him, Krsna,
Some name Him, Vishnu or Brahma.

He brings his practisers to heaven. a heavenly kingdom named vrindavana.

He gives truth and peace.
He has a writing a book covering subjects about his wisdom.
Some read the Bagvad Gita, others Purana’s

He also is named in older writings, such as aranyakas
writings read and spread by old people living in woods.

May he give peace to His devotees.


submission by Islam


The third religion with a prophet or messenger is
Muhmmad, a person who live between the fourth and eighth century.
He became ‘famous’ because he intervened in disputes between countries or regions.
He as he said himself heard the voice of an angel named Gabriel.
Gabriel told him the text of his writing. The Koran.
This writing was according to witnesses in those times holy or must be kept pure.

Later people reading the koran said it was a truthfull book.
With rules how to live, how to give life, and how to manage a goverment.

Mohammed he is named these days.
And these timess also, they fight to save the purity of His name and his religion.

Islam, means submission. Submission to Allah.
Some types of islam say he is the Allmighty,
Some types of islam say he is a chosen one by an Angel.

But most important of all, a True religion based on believe in the Allmighty,
will not choose to use violence or crimes to defend their religion or prophet.



Task and Servitude


The religion most radiating and splendid.
A religion only found by them loving the truth, by loving the peace.

May that religion named by its subject.
The Allmighty, Omnipotent, The Omni.

Pray to Him and get goodness.
Pray to Him and get inner peace.
Pray to Him, learn about life.

Choose for servitude.
Choose to be His servant.

Ask Him to make you a citizen in his Kingdom.
Ask Him to judge your life.



Job by task


Every human, as an indivual has a benefit for society.
Some serve society as doing their job.
They earn money with it.
They get their living by working a certain time during a period.

Sometimes your job has more openness to what you want yourself.
You can add by your own creativity.

As doing a task.
This task can by by changing a bit of your work,
To a goal more representative for a certain task.

For example if you are an artist, writer or painter.
you can be of value by using your creativity by adding meaning for
a subject like a god, or a higher spirit.

Make some object worth your goal.
Make an impression of your own view on religion.

By doing this you can say you have a task for the Allmighty.
Add value for longer times by adding meaning for a being which is known for longer time.



Good food


Food is the nr one cause of diseases and death.
If you eat or drink unhealthy you shorten your life, you feel more misery.

Food, Some people think food is not important as long as you live and do what you like you are happy.

But food is important.
Every dish entering your body gives energy for your daily tasks and living.
And every drink entering your body is giving you a good or bad feeling.

Food which is obviously bad is drugs like hard drugs, or soft drugs.
And also other drugs which is not named so like alcohol is bad.

Smoking cigarettes or other stuff is unhealthy.

Some people think sugar is a source of energy. But its a bad influence for your body.
So better not to eat or drink sugar.
If you are in need of sweet food, eat fruit or vegetables.

Meat form animals, or meat from fish are a good source of nutrients, but in these days those animals are not very treated well. So avoid eating meat.

If you want to live purely good,
Then only drink water (hot or cold)
Eat vegetarian.
And do some hours in a good nature spot (woods or other)

If you want to live happy, you have to choose.
What is going to make you happy.

The same as 70 percent of the world or the few that give attention to health and goodness.

May the humans thrive in goodness.


Sustaining earth

Earth as a planet has his own consciousness.
Ans with his power he warns us for bad living.
By earthquakes, disasters and all sorts of ways.

Earth is not very good in condition anymore.
All the underground sources of material we extract is wounding our earth.
Earth is responding but not with happy messages.

If we want to treat or earth good. We have to choose to fulfill earths message for us.
Treating earth good. With giving her a good condition.

Some people say only reserves are enough, but others more educated in this subject say we have to change a lot in or life.

Maybe a good invest in time and means will give change to such a thing as health of our planet.


Fight against drugs

Drugs, the number one temptation. Humans get sick by it,
They long for it when they are addicted to it.

A cure for it. Some say by getting off it cold turkey,
others are in a hospital program.

A cure for it is:
As some religions say.

When you are content with it, surrender to Jesus Christ, Krsna, Allah, or the Allmighty.

It will surely help you with your addiction

(help others by helping yourself)





Relations, many men are longing for relations.
Some look or search for goodlooking people.
Some look for friendly people.

Some people love but cannot express it.

When you want the right one.
The one which is like a second half.

then you have to ask a god or a lord for a favor.
For example ask Jesus, Krsna, Allah or the Allmighty.
And then wait for things happen in your life.
No one can say how long it takes, or in what way your prayer gets fulfilled.


freedom of Speech

Speech and expression of thoughts,feelings,inspiration.
Every human in countries with a decent law have the right to
utter them.

If we talk to others,
If we write about things to others,
If we sing or show messages.

In decent countries people are protected and have the freedom to say or express themselves in
every way that is not harmfull.

If we insult others. others as humans, as organisation, as countries, regios, religions,cultures.
We have no right for protection.

The border for communication is the moral, ethical, spiritual wounding of others.

If we give commands to kill, to hurt, to wound.
That is a crime, because every human may live.

If we say of religions that they suck, are evil, are lame or other comments,
We have to be aware that others could or would say or express the same about our religion or culture.

The same is with expressing a meaning against countries or regions.
In some countries it is even forbidden.
For example if we would publicly insult a member of the royals, or of the goverment.
They would very fast ask you to not do that, or they would stop you by force.

So if with insulting royals or government such consequences arise, why wouldn’t it be applicably also to religion.
Not with our religion and not by being biased only for the rich or famous.

(my own opinion: if you hurt others with your freedom of speech, let the judges of the country speak to you)


reaching Heaven

Everyone has a view on how heaven is and would be.
Heaven, some are meant to reach it, some are damned and will go to the opposite.
Heaven. When you live good in your life. Then you will earn your ticket.
When you do bad in your life, you will not get a ticket.

My view is:
If democracy rules a country,
If a company is led by a council.

Heaven is like the balance between those who love you and would allow you to go to heaven
and those that do not love you and would forbid you to go to heaven.

So if four persons love you and wish you could go to heaven,
and two persons do not love you. Then the balance is positive.

Maybe it is even more complicated. With percentages etc.

But if you want to go to heaven, then help a lot of people,
do good things, and put effort in good living.

May heaven is reached by a democratic council after your death counting all good and bad things.

May the good ones reach Heaven,
May the bad ones learn goodness.




What is goodness,
Everyone has a different belief on that subject.
Some say it is good to help sick and poor people.
some say it is good to make profits with your company,
some say it is good to get children and raise them to adulthood.
Some say it is good to follow your dreams or heart.
Some say, and so many beliefs there are as persons.

Goodness on moral value it is following the law.
A law in which the rights of humans in a certain country or region are written down.
A law in which it is valued what people may do in relation to other people.
A law in which people get the possibilities to manage there life.
Choose one, discard another.

Goodness in Ethical value.
Is a balance between values of society which are not always written down,
Sometimes we learn them in our youth from parents and examples.
Sometime people get angry or critizise us when we break those rules.
Ethical values are about who to safe, who to hate.
Ethical values are, is it legal to do this, or that.

Goodness as a social rule.
Social rules are more or less dependent on what the government imports in their values.
When social rules are implemented, there is attention for problems as,
Being poor, without possibility of work (employment)
Being sick, not being able to work.
Being old, not healthy enough to work.

How to educate children or adults who want to learn.

And the last value is of safety for the citizens of a country.
How to protect against crimes and keep citizens safe.
Like sending criminals to jail (keeping them locked in so they do not any harm anymore)

according to holy writings it is an intention, of healing and harmony.
accoring to holy writings it is defending an serving a higher power (a not always visible power)

Leads to Harmony,
Harmony leads to peace.
Peace leads to Happiness.
Happiness leads to prosperity.
Prosperity leads to global awareness.



This cosmos has a form of reality.
It is by some scientist said that it is as a circle eating its tail,
It is said that it has wormholes, snares, particles of matter.

The cosmos, is in big scale the same as small scale.
So in the big there are planets, suns etc.
In small scale, atoms, particles.

The cosmos, it is said it has a balance that returns to stability.
If we would hurt the cosmos. Big powers would appear to bring it back to stability.

If the smaller objects we change, the bigger the effects can be.
If we fuse two atoms. a region as big as a lake can be caused to be a danger zone.
If we fuse two planets. (not in our current possibility) than it would give two stars or suns as a result.

Cosmos, is living, is intelligent, is awareness.
Cosmos, is wisdom in patterns from big to small.

May the cosmos help us finding our purpose.
May the cosmos help us not going extinct.

May the cosmos learn us her secrets.



Angels v Aliens

In old times, they were widely known.
They saved and helped people.
Especially righteous or religious people.
They gave us the messages by which we were guided.
They gave means to give good people the way they wanted to live.

But they were not always present.
Sometimes people pray and are in panick. without help, without safety.

Angels, today when they would appear, scientists and atheists would think they are aliens.
We would i it would be possible, bring them to a certain area to investigate what kind of living beings they are.

Then Aliens.
They are in our movies mostly living beings with untameble thirst for violence.
Not being intelligent at all.
they would murder, harm and do all kinds of things to make us suffer.

Higher evolved humans, would choose to live according moral, ethical and social rules.
They would feel empathy, and feel altruism.
they would have better ways of giving society a form in which every being would be happy, and do what they are good in.

We don’t see them. Do they exist.
If we turn down the scale.
If we see a little intelligent creature. We try to understand its ways, its patterns, its feelings.
For example swans or monkeys. swans are beautifull. We make photo’s of them. Which we use to give beauty a place in our world.
Monkeys, an intelligent creature. We investigate our own consciousness by learning and understanding its ways.

So would aliens bigger than us, more intelligent than us do the same with us?

Make the world a better place.
Make empathy a goal of society.


Society and capitalism

In our world, the most rich countries or states are in capitalistic hands.
Some people, very rich, own more than three quarters of the wealth of the world.
But the other side of the coin is, as long as it is in hands of the banks, or governments, it is spended twice its value.
The rich see it as a number on their account,
and the banks use the mirror value to give out loans and savings accounts.

But if the super rich would deduct all their money, this world would be in serious danger.
In short time all property would be turned over to the state(houses, cars etc.)

If we want to help society be based on a non negative money value, we have to change our system.
Not any longer a twice value of money, but one value. If money is in hands of the banks, it is not spended at things it never will be worth.

Savings will not be multiplied for loans.
And accounts will not be bound to a certain percentage of giving or spending it again.

May money be a value based on real property, real valued material. Be it housing, gold or other.

If you as a citizen want surety about your money, then give call to the banks and ask. Is money based on a real value, or just a number being multiplied by the bank.

If money is based on unreal value, it will sooner or later fall in price and value.
A guilder will be worth a ten times of value.
An Euro will be worth nothing but a dime.
And a dollar will be worth as one want to buy at any rate. If their is not any real worth coupled with it.
what worth is it.

Choose you wealth. A number on a bank account,
real property,
Rare materials like gold, platina, silver, or gems.

Choose your wealth, a number for giving your loans.
Your loan on housing, is it worth buying it.
Your loan on cars, is it worth the percentage of interest?




A while ago, a couple of decades there was a style of government.
started by a couple of genius.
They called it communism. A government based on equality.
based on simple by difficult hypothesis.

Money didn’t exist in a capitalistic version.

Everyone got the same salary,
All companies were owned by government.
All goods and things were priced by a central government.

It wasn’t the best kind of government, because some people used the system to get illegally wealth.

If everyone get the same salary it is not anymore important what the top income is,
if some one gets nothing at all.

The drawback is that a percentage of the population don’t want to work at all. And without a instrument of salary control they cannot be forced to work.

Another drawback was that culture and religion was not very welcome in those systems of government.

Communism in ideality would be; everyone equal income, everyone share responsability for instruments, sources etc.

And a forgotten value in their time was religion.
If religion was added to communism it would have been more popular than capitalism these days.

Communism is not about who wants what, but about who is able to do that.
Communism is not about who is doing that, but about who can do that.
Communsim is not about what is there to use, but about what do we need to use that.



An important subject.
Who does want to learn,
Who doesn’t want to be the inferior person.
Who wants to get knowledge of reality.

Education. Learning is the best way of giving people the idea that they are important, that what they do matters.
Education. If one learns, he or she is content and doens’t give problems.

If education is reachable for everyone, at costs not to high, than society will get prosperity.
If education is on all levels reachable, society get wealth.

Education, from low levels as primary school to university, gives a goal for everyone.
It is good for the masses to learn.

Education is a value in society not to be forgotten. Not to be used for bad intents.
Propaganda is easily made harmless by giving people education.
Dictatorship is easily made harmless by making citizens wise and smart.

Education. Be wise, Learn to get good jobs and salary.



Criminality, the worst enemy of civilisation.
Nothing helps preventing.
Nothing cures it for eternity.
Nothing to prevent victims for being wounded.


If criminals learn to meditate, reflect their feelings. Learn to feel, instead of act.
The crimes are more prevented. Because the impulses, thoughts of crimes are seen, and felt.
Then the criminal learns that thoughts are not true. If they are about violent theme’s

If criminals learn to meditate, what would stop them from giving value to their life.

Meditating is not acting with violence.
Meditating is not escalating reasons for crimes.
Meditation gives way to feelings. feelings of what others did to you.
feelings about what you are doing.
feelings of hatred and anger.
By feeling it, you learn to explain the feelings to others.
And by explaining you get more peace in your life.
And if you talk about your feelings others can respond an give you advice.


value society

What gives a good society.
Are people happy,
Are people working,
Are people procreating,

Society, if you follow your heart, do you have a good life. or is it all lost.

Give way to let people do as they desire, within bounds.
Give way to let people avoid what they hate or are afraid of.

Let people help you if you need help,
Let people help you, if you need help without you knowing it.

Society has a value.
Dictatorship is valued negative if there are innocent or victims without reason.
Democracy is value negative if the population is not choosing or giving the choices a side.

If society is bad, nobody is happy, people get killed or wounded without cause.
If society is bad, noone gets educated.
If society is bad, their are not many children.
If society is bad, religion is forbidden.
If society is bad, culture is forbidden.

If society matters, choose your leaders with wisdom.
If society matters, choose the right instruments to lead the country.
If society matters, give people permission for creating family.
If society matters, educate children.
If society matters, give borders for crime.
If society matters, reward good deeds and good intentions.
If society matters, choose a government based on the choices of the population.
If society matters, allow change and chances.

Society a good choice for them who want peace in their life.



Choose the history of your family.
Choose the sayings of old people.
Choose what is commonly known as wisdom.

From reasons to act to effects of choices.

Old people know what was common in old times.
Old people know solutions to problems, existing also in the past.

Wisdom, is a source of goodness, and a cause for peace.

May the wise be heard,
May children be happy, and allowed to play.

Give border for damage and violence.

A word being good.


truth and lies

Truth is what is true,
Lies are what is said not have happened or what is not analogues with reality.

True, is what people see as existing or as being valued by people.
Some laws say that true is what three witnesses say is true.

If lies are not existing, there is cause for pace.
If truth is not existing, there is deceit, treachery, corruption.

If people want truth in their lives.
truth about what is influencing them.
Truth about what chances they have for happiness.
Truth about who they are.

If people want to lie about their actions and living,
If people want to lie about their offspring,
about work and society,
What is reality worth, if all lies where said without meaning.

Lies are a cause for stagnation of growth.
Lies are a cause for criminality.
Lies are a cause for downfall.

Lies. Choose to counter them with truth.
Lies. Choose to use them to heal lies.
Lies. Do not follow lies if you are not getting benefit from it.

Truth. number one value in life.
Learn your children to follow truth and use lies only for avoiding violence.
Learn your offspring to use truth to grow and for evolution.
Learn your offspring only to use lies in war.


gold and silver

Materials, raw ore, or raw in form.
It is not worth as much as refined material.

Choose to use silver as value for money.
Choose to use gold, for large savings.

The only problem is storing without chance for thieves to steal it from you.

Choose to use silver to pay all your goods and needs.
Choose to use gold, to give a downfall to current day capitalism.
Because gold in your property cannot be used anymore for giving it a mirrorvalue of giving out loans.

Gold is a new value to old truths.
Silver is a new value to old truths.

If you say you own a golden treasure, people are drawn to ideas of getting it to own.

So if you spread message of owning wealth, it is a temptation for people.

Gold stored, silver stored gives a value without inflation.
It is not used for giving false value.

Use it to counter the banking system, capitalism.



Happiness, everyone desires it, everyone has it as a goal.

But what defines happiness.
Some search for it by fame,
Some search for wealth,
Some search for it by success,
Some search for it by spirituality.
Some search for it by acceptation.

A goal in your thoughts,
A feeling in your body,
A purpose to life.

in your body as a feeling by eating, acting healthy.
Eating wholesome foods.
Acting, with good moral and ethical intentions.

Not using drugs, alcohol, sigarettes.
And all kind of values in that sphere.

Happiness in your thoughts,
Reaching goals.
Reaching the fulfillments of your ideas which are most important for you.

Happiness as a purpose for life.
Gives a lifetime of effort and experience.

Happiness. As many meanings it has, as many people following their reason or intuition.

Create Happiness for others,
and get the satisfaction of being at value for others.

Find in altruism a tool to give way to goodness in society, and also in you.


The future is unknown to mankind.
the future is predicted by cryptic statements.
From old times where the bible has got its form with revelation and other told stories.
From tradition passed on from father to son, and from mother to daughter.

Future, has been covered in details by all our science fiction writers.
Future, thought in all kinds of forms by the important people governing us.

Future, May we get peace, May we get harmony,
May calmness be in our hearts, May friendliness be in our thoughts.
May the civilisation be healthy and good.

We have learnt from the past that war is devestating values as virtue and goodness.
We have learnt all our growth and wellfare are destroyed by war.

We have a choice, a choice we make to make our future a good one,
by taking responsabilty for what we do now, what we do today.

Is it a war, spreading all over the world,
Is it peace, for thousands of years,
Is it reality, unfolding and giving its characteristics.
Is it our government choosing to give us peace.
Is it terrorism giving their rules and making statements by violence.

As it is unknown, it can change fully, or change not at all.
As it is unknown, we are not afraid of futures giving torture or badness.
As it is unknown, We live at peace untill we get in danger.

Future as the weather being predicted two or three days ahead, so intelligent ones can analyse and predict future.
We as mankind have not many tools to analyze future,
But as we use computers, if it would exist, intelligent life forms could use computers to predict future, or avoid dangers.

If we choose to live peacefully, we enlarge the chance that peace will be in our homes.

Future, We care.





In your youth you get peace by sharing your experiences with your parents.
All your problems come to rest if you reflect them and ask your parents for advice.
All what hampers your mind, your feelings are being diminished in sharing them with your parents.

So every subject, you experience, in relation to others, in relation to what happens to you, can be brought to rest by talking about those subjects to your parents, (grandparents also)

If you are child or grown up without having relations yet, or behaviour which is part of relationship, you can turn for problems to your parents.

If you have a relationship, (i do not exactly know) you have to turn to your relation-partner with your experiences.

(i myself experienced every subject on experience you share with your parents give extra peace in your mind or feelings.)

(if you have parents who are open to that kind of coaching.)




the need for virtues in society is formed by knowledge of harmony and the opposite danger.

Virtues, we all can name a couple.
Virtues, some value it a high place, others say its not of any worth.

Virtues, if you act with virtue, others not always can understand.

Virtues, in religion it has a name and a place.
In one religion it is valued high to act with peace and goodness,
in other religions they say you have to defend with violence.

Some spiritual ways you have to be honest and honor the old good people.
Some spiritual ways say you you have to use the biggest effort to get rich.

But what is virtue really.
the way they say its placed in tradition,
The way parents learn their children,
The things that are forbidden in law, thus acting without expressing crimes.

Peace, Chastity, being helpfull, valor, a good measure, altruism, justice, friendliness.

Choose to follow the values of virtue.
Choose to be an example.
Choose to give harmony to reality by following virtues.

Search your life long for goodness. goodness being the core virtue.
Search you life long, to learn your offspring and children the value you found to be true.

What is Virtue,
is virtue of good use for society.
Virtue in religion does it serve a good purpose.
Virtue in society, does it add value to wellfare.

Virtues, name all of them, and tell others how good they are.
But give way to experiencing them and feeling the truth of it.


natural resources

In our reality,
On our planet,
In society,

We make use of all things that can give profit.
We make use of all resources, being natural or artificial to gain profit.

Natural resources,
We use them, for basic needs, and luxury needs.
We don’t think of what our future brings when we get the backslash of what we do.

Trees are cut down,
Oil is being harvested,
Gold, diamonds, rare ore are being exploited.

We use the planet, but how long can we continue our habits.
We have profit as the main value in our monetary-system.

We use all things, for our own needs of money and richness.

Natural resources, we may exploit them, without borders.
And deserve the future we get.

Be a good man and use your future to live the here and now.
Natural resources. an value we are not valueing unless we feel the results of our choices.

The indians of a couple of centuries ago said, in your life don’t leave footsteps that cannot be healed.

Every step you make, value if footsteps are permanent, bad, or good.

So choose your steps with wisdom. Leaving no traces that can’t be healed.
So choose your steps with conscience of the future, leaving your children a world without hunger for natural resources.

May our future posses enough to make our next generations be blessed with enough natural resources.

Future resources.


giving peace to history


Our peace, is formed by what we preserve.
We as human kind have history of both good and bad things.
Our good things, are all inventions be it personal or community.
Our bad things are all damages done to health and world.

In the past,
We left other races without justice in bad shape.

Name the indians in america. We killed them, made them to outcasts.
Name the gypsies being persecuted by all civilisied people.
Name the jews in war being chased.
Name individuals having other opinion than normal people.

If we want to give harmony to our world.
Do not only think of helping screaming people.
But also of the ones who were not able to scream, or are forgotten.

Give indians, land and means to live in their favored ways.
give gypsies, way to education and shelter for basic needs, so they don’t have to be vagrants.
Give the jews, safety and their possesions.
Give those indivudual outcasts peace and ability to live.

(in the past a lot more were in bad situation, this is only an example of a little few)



illusion, is part of our life.
We look at televisions and computers. And take all experiences serious.
We look at movies, and listen to music.
It forms our character, memories.
We let ourselves being influenced.
When we see an advertising and go to stores to buy what gives our status or profit.

Is formed by our mind, we think things and sooner or later we take it as reality and act according to its influence on us.

The mind projects, not only by subject and theme of our thoughts, but also
the style of impression. What kind of colors we see, what kind of scenery is used.
We let us being influenced.

Some religions name the mind the source of illusion.
Some spiritual trends say it is the source of evil.
Some people teach us, let go off the mind, stop using it.

There are monasteries, centers for practising letting go your mind.

Choosing to follow reality, radical accepting it,
using intuition for acting.

When fully being someone experiencing reality, you have pre’s and don’ts you will only see then.

in religion there are stories about this subject.
Being it someone who dreams of his kingdom, and in reality forgets to work and earn a living.
Being it someone thinking of using violence to raising his meaning and forgetting to allow peace in his surroundings.
Being it a life you not live in reality but in your daydreams.

Choose to experience reality, as much as possible.
It gives you peace of mind,
peace in your life.
endure pain and miserey, it slowly changes to a good life.
(not a promise of me, but something promised by religion)

Buddhism told the same,
being present in reality gives calmness and goodness.
Giving treatment to the source of suffering. (destroying the source of it, the mind)

May the wise, prosper,
May the present, get wellfare,
May we get peace.


cure and care

most diseases are being cured,
They have a medicine removing the illness.
Diseases being treated succesfully are not anymore cause of suffering.
They are not anymore inflicting pain or misery.

But there are diseases being cause of misery and pain not being able to be cured.
No medicine to relief the patient.

May our society find a medicine for all diseases.
May our society lessen pain and lessen misery.

Some diseases are caused by our way of living.
Taking drugs or other bad stuff.

When we suffer we want, if pain or suffering is high, a cure and we are not witheld by costs or effort to diminish the pain and suffering.

May we as civilisation care for all that suffer and are in pain. Not countin the costs or profit we gain by it.

May we as society keep an eye on all diseases and discover effective treatments.

May we as people help those in pain and those in misery.

May we help for curing the bad side of society.





We as society are thriving when everyone is happy,
when everyone has a fullfilling goal.
When we take care of our children, raising them to adulthood.
When we take care of our sick family. being it temporary or permanent.

Inventions serves our civilisation.
We have a lot of benefit from them.
Being it a car with wheels, to having computers counting what we need and preparing it.

Inventions, discoveries. May we have them as healthy changes.
Inventions, discoveries. May we avoid danger with them.

May it have a good role in our world.
Not giving way to (mass)destruction, or (mass)violence.

We need as society our health to invent good things, the same
we need work for use and spending our living.

Inventions and discoveries. May they be helpfull, so we hope.
May they help our retrieval of peace.
May they add goodness to our life.

if we are invented, or discovered, May we not suffer from the results.


Eye on you


An eye on you.

If superpowers do exist,
Do they see everything we do.
Do they see everything we think.

Would they judge us.
Would they punish or bless us.
Would they act to safe society.
Would they misuse to gain.

May the superpowers if they exist,
Tell us their reasons,
Tell us their interests.

May those superpowers proof to us their reasons, their acts.
May those superpowers, tell us of their heroic deeds.
May those superpowers help us living and creating intelligence.

Why do we exist,
Why do we act,
Why is our reason different than other beings.

May superpowers,
act in accordance with their greatness,
To the good and usefull of society.

May superpowers choose to have harmonious and healthy intentions.
May they not hate,
May they not manipulate,
May they not only act for their own gain,
May they not use violence,
May they not inflict pain, unless it is a border for more violence and danger.

May superpower,
Be aware of our
needs, our desires, if we are in their influence or sight.

May we be blessed by the Allmighty,
If we act according to the rules of goodness.



source of mischief,
Source of evil,
Source of mass-infliction of pain.
Source of mass misery.

They act for their sole happiness, or their sole profit.

We are as human kind, responsible for all humans belonging to our world.
If we choose to serve a couple of persons,
we give them our consent of defining what we do or don’t.

We cannot always fight them, because we are weak, or not able to.
May time overcome every dictator.
May our deeds and prayers help the total of our mankind.

May our friends and allies help us fight dictatorship.
May we prevent the gain of a few at cost of many.

Dictators, May they change their heart to serve their country.
Dictators, May they change their opinion about ruling, about governing.

Let us as mankind serve and lead with consent of all our habitants.
Let us as mankind make a fist to prevent dictators getting to rule, or being the most important person.

peace of hearth


Our peace is caused by us following our hearth.
The feeling something is important.
The feeling something needs our attention.
The feeling we matter if we do something.

Our peace of hearth,
a source of empathy,
a source of altruism,

Our peace of hearth,
Being aware of reality,
Being aware of what we lack.

May we serve society.
May we do what good is for us,
May we do what good is for society,
May we do what good is for all of living consciousness.

What we do, matters,
What we do, changes everything,
Be it a small or big change.
Be it a good or bad change.

What we do,
May be counted as our steps.
Steps from youth to old age.
Steps from parent to child,
Steps from peace and harmony, to we hope peace and harmony.

May our steps lead to the good.
May our steps be visible, and give our peace.
May our steps, give warm feelings to others.





Time is a moment long,
a moment in which we live from zero to old age.
a moment flowing from water to water.
a moment flowing from history to future.

Time is as a snake, biting its tail.
Being from birth to life’s end.

Time is as a predator, eating all of our thoughts and feelings.
Time is as a preditor, exhausting our life.

Time is as a friend destroying pain and suffer by new time.
Time is as a friend, giving us opportunity for reason and peace.
Time is as a friend, giving us dreams and fullfillment.
Time is as a friend, flowing from past to future.

Time if we pray to it, t gives us time.
Time is we put our purpose to it, it shares purpose with us.

Time. As giving gold to effects.
Time. As demanding our best intents.
Time. if we follow it from the past tot the future; we learn to act according to its rules.

Time. one day in a period of eternity.
Time. One life in a period of centuries.
Time. We count it hour by hour, second by second, and time by time.

Time, it is valued by the people giving benefit to it.
Time, it is hated by them getting full of pain and misery by it.
Time, it proofs our intents with reality.
Time, we give peace, we get peace in return. If we act according to the real blessing of it.



a past secret


In the past, a couple of sages lived. They gave our society peace and harmony.
One of their valued secrets shared with all of us was:

If we are rich,
If we have income more than our basical needs provide,
If we are famous,

Share it with the poor in society.
Share it with those not being cared for,
Share with the ones suffering.

Because what you give them, is attention, is goodness.
Because what you give them is source of their thankfullness.
And it not only i benefit for the near future,
but also the source of you good afterlife.

Building palaces by investing money in poor people.
Building towers of diamonds by giving without need for return to poor and sick people.
Because they cannot repay you.
Because they repay you by being present in your afterlife as the ones saying, he was good to us.
May he be good in afterlife.

Society, is a border to good and bad ones.
good ones get rewarded, either in life, or afterlife.

Society is a meaning,
Sharing lives with lives.
Sharing needs by needs.

May the ones choosing to be rich in reward,
choose by sharing with those in need, not able to satisfy their own.

May the rich share.
May the poor be blessed by the rich.

May you care for your afterlife.

(one person understood this secret, some name him Jesus.)


future beliefs


The future holds our reasons.
The future, gives our peace.
Its our goal in the future to experience the blessing of the fruits of work and tasks.

Its our future, it matters to all of us.
The only future we have is a good one.
In our dreams and thoughts.
We work for safety, money, satisfaction.

If we work, we create
If we work, we benefit, we hope.

Our future beliefs, its a shipwreck if we get bad results.
We suffer if our dreams are not coming true.

We belief in a good future.
May it be soon, or far.

We hope on a good life, be it now, be it in the future.

All our dreams of the past. What value had they. What value do they give us.

Our beliefs, when we get old, change to more realistic ones.
Our beliefs, when we get old, change.
Not always to our peace.
Not always to our harmony.

May we listen to old ones,
May we listen to the voice of reality.
May we listen to all good voices we notice.

May we care for our world.
May we hear all cries for help and victim of bad.


Society of goodness


A society, has its norms, laws, values.
A society, have a couple of tasks everyone has to do.

Living, means, fullfilling tasks to maintain your health, your living.

From eating, washing to other needs.

If you choose to reject to fullfill those basical needs, you
get an appearance not being liked by others.

In society, you have the choice to act with good intents, or bad intents.
The full of all our intents, create our society.
If we have a society of all bad persons.
We are divided. War and Terror are in our midst.

If we would have a good society.
We would care for all inhabitants. being limited or fully healthy.

In good society,
Pain and misery is being compensated by care or cure with enough means to be to satisfaction.

In good society,
inhabitants are not unhappy with richness or fame of other inhabitants.

In good society,
The total value of happiness, of total population, is
being on the positive scale.

The individual suffering is not bigger as the individual blessing of others.

May every one be in peace with each other.
May every one not envy others.
May every one has the same chances for wellfare and happiness.

May our society turn to the good light of harmony.



The rich are unhappy with their richness.
They buy all kinds of nice things,
But it doesn’t give happiness.

They do all kinds of pleasure,
But they are not truly happy.

They work for their money, or live on money of others.
They do and live but not for their pursuit.

May the rich, discover the ways to peace and satisfaction.

May the rich find their true task.
The task of being of value for others.
The task of being good without conditions.

If they choose for pleasure, may they constrain themselves. for their happiness lies in limiting their pleasure.

Limit to pleasure is as limiting the disease of the mammon.

Richness. As of use for others, As giving the radiance to the surrounding,
May it create warmth.
May it create consent.




May Criminality, not make us hate each other.
May Criminality, not make us deceive others.
May Criminality, not make others sick or wounded.
May we not kill,
May we not damage,
May we live with mutual consent of society.

The criminals, if they want to get happy.
If they will get happiness in their lives.

They should act with empathy.
They should do all their acts with empathy.

For in refusing to do evil things, lies their happiness.

May all criminals discover the gem of empathy. may they be little criminals or big criminals.

May they discover how to heal instead of hurt,
May they discover how to give, instead of steal.
May they discover how to defend instead of attack.
May they discover how to act lawfully instead of unlawfull.



normal people


If you feel like a normal citizen of your country or region,
You might be aware that in life you have periods of misery or misfortune.

For you as a normal person,
having work, having activities.

For you as a normal person,
adding value to society, or acting according to values of others.

If you are not fully happy with your life,
If you are experiencing something missing in your life.

Choose to give part of your possesions to charitable goals.
Choose to use your income, a part of it, for charity.
For in the normal world happiness lies in supporting charity.

Get happy, share charity.





Respect for Old people.
Learn from them the old values,
Learn from them the traditions,
Learn from them, the things we ought to care for,
Learn from them what is effective in reality.
Learn from them what gives inner and outer peace.

May they be honored by all,
May they be asked for guidance,
May they give a way to society for the benefit of all.

May our old people learn young children how to behave in a proper way.
May our protection be based in guiding our children by the effort of old people.

May the old people, say to us their experiences, which gave them wisdom and health.
May the old people, share their beliefs, their discoveries, their knowledge.

May we give our old people the feeling they have done good, that they matter for us, for society.
May we allow them in our words to go to heaven. To promise heaven to everyone being good or helpfull of our total peace.

May the old people, share their dreams with the young people. To not forget the dreams which were usefull.

May we believe in goodness,
As being part of reality.
As being part of society,
As being part of our life.



dealing with the bad.

Dealing with the bad,
Associating with de devil and other demons.

All of our humans, are neither good nor bad.
But we are good or bad according to what we do.
We are good, if we are aiding the good of society.
We are bad when we do harm, kill, steal, do damage to others, or to society.

Bad persons, sometimes say serving the demons.
Bad persons, sometimes have signs by which they show to associate with demons.

May bad persons, reflect on their feelings and thoughts.
Associating with demons, means beside using their name in your communication,
That you allow violence, hatred, damage, damnation to be part of your life.

Those demons, not only is a name, but a dangerous power is the source of it.
Those demons, kill, harm, are violent, destroy and deceive.

If you say demons like the devil and satan are normal powers, you lie, or you are misguided.

Turn away from those evil powers. Do not serve, not even in a joke or a saying.
Turn away, because they do no good to you.

If you associate with those demons, you could get mentally ill, or be faced with misfortune in your life.
Do not even do those things in your dreams.
If you have been doing evil things,
Try better your life by praying to the Allmighty.
He can save you.
I hope all people acting with demons may be sooner or later saved by the Allmighty.
If someone you know associate with demons, pray for him or her. Not only once, keep praying for him or her.
IF he or she is disapprover your prayers or effort of saving her or him, pray and not bother him or her with the fact you pray for him or her.


angel or demon

Angels, according to religion they are servants of the Lord of heaven, name him God.
Angels, they have no free will, but follow the commands of God.
Angels, they can do no evil, cannot cooperate with bad powers.

Angels. May they be the blessing of earth.
Angels. May they be the blessing for all living creatures as well as creatures of other form.

Angels, May we in distress remember the angels. or the Lord himself.
Angels, May we in our desires honor them.

There is no evil in the Lord of Heaven,
There is no evil, part of goodness in its totality.

If we are in danger, we may call the lord, angels, or saints.
But best of all, we pray to The Allmighty.

Angels become angels by surrendering to the Lord of heaven
Angels become angels by giving their free will to God.
Angels, we hope they live, they exist, they help us.
We hope they help us in our bad times.

Angels, according to religion, one converted human is laudable.
My own opinion is that every being giving his life, his soul to the Allmighty or God,
becomes an angel. (as being a representative of good deeds and good life)

May every one wanting to of good use, surrender to God, or the Allmighty.

(God as being described in the bible, hinduistic writings etc.)

Demons. don’t want to be one, they are not favored by many if their intents come in daylight.



the Past

The Past,
If i did damage, may the Allmighty help me heal it.
If i disrespected anyone, may the Allmighty help me respect them.
If i killed beings, either animals or humans, May i be able to heal and mend it.
If i did evil, May it be repaid by good deeds.

The Past,
If i hated anyone, Let me love or feel friendly towards them.
If i hurt feelings or soul, may i help to recover.

Help me heal,
Help me change to being a good person.
Help me heal my bad side.

I want to be of worth for reality.
I want to not any longer cooperate with forces serving death or evil.

Help me heal,
Help me recover,
Help me change.





If we are a mirror for each other,
We would reflect to them,feelings like love, friendliness, anger and hatred.
We would reflect acts of healing, violence.

But if we would be a source of light, we would give light to their dark part.
We would give warmth to their pain and suffer.
We would lighten their intents with erasing their shadows.

What if we would give awareness as a mirror.
We would show pain and grief on their bad side.
And we would show, happiness and love if they act with their good side.

We all have awareness, But we have to grant it to reality.

May we all respect awareness.
May we all let us be guided by awareness.
May it be a pillar of our civilisation.

Awareness, consciousness. Observation and acting in reality.

Give awareness to others as a gift of friendship.
Give awareness to society as an act of goodness.
Give awareness to reality as acts of presence.



body and soul


We are hearing in all kinds of situation that we would be soul,
and not be part of life. Not be part of body.

We would be more or less a being in our mind. Not having part in the
sphere called body.

We would be living longer than the body.
For eternity.

So as some say.

But if you get hit by someone or by accident. Who is feeling the pain.
If you eat, who is feeling satisfaction.
If you sleep, who is sleeping.

Your body is part of reality.
It is better to care for your body, because when you don’t or forget you feel the misery of your body.
Feeling pain if you don’t eat or drink for longer than normal
Feeling pain when you get wounded.
Feeling grief when someon fights you with words.

If you take a medicine against pain, who is experiencing the pain going away.

You are feeling all those bodily feelings.

May you when experiencing that fact, choose to live with conscience.
Not making jokes with your life, Not disregarding advice and feelings.

So as we feel our body while living,
So we can conclude all living beings feel emotions.
Emotions more or less the same as us.
Some living beings can’t talk our language,
does that mean they don’t have emotions,
does that mean they don’t have consciousness.

Emotions are felt by all living beings, beings with blood and able to move.

We all feel our bodily feelings, it doesn’t change if we would not be able to explain or say it.

Emotions, do they stop after life.
A question everyone asks him or herself once in life. (or more often)
A question not regarding our own life alone, also the life of other humans, other living beings.

If you take medicines against depression or psychosis, does it affect only your body. No it changes also the way you feel, you act in reality.

May we acknowledge that we all are living beings with consciousness, with awareness.
May we respect the feelings of other human beings, all living beings.

If we hurt or wound a human, we get convicted by law that it is not a good act.
If we hurt or wound other living beings. We do not always have a law to be a border to it.

Are all living beings experiencing pain and emotions as we do?
Some say they do, some say they don’t.

If life forms are congruent with our life form. They should feel it the same way as we.

animals, gifted with breath, hunger, pain just like us, in inner feelings may be not recognized, but as outer acts, name it instinct or intuition, the same.

If we notice their emotions being a little bit or more of us the same.
we then have to respect their lives to.

It gives us responsability over all beings gifted with consciousness.

Your soul is based in your body.
Your mind is a sphere which counters most of intuition.
Your Spirit is bound to the life of your body.

Some say spirits live on after life,
but not in your body.

So treat your body with respect, and live as if its your ticket to eternity.

If your soul is bound to reality in the body,
you may conclude other souls are bound the same way.
Therefore do to others, as you would against yourself.
If you treat yourself with good intent, choose to treat others with the same intent.
If you recognize feelings in your consciousness, trace it back to feelings others would have in you would act good or bad towards them.

(soul is not a word standing alone, or meaning an object alone)