author: Bastiaan Oostendorp




Good Reader,

May this book aid you in the quest to spirituality and the goal to attain peace of mind.

May the good days and prosperity follow the life filled with prayer, meditation and the search for wisdom and happiness.

This serie is inspired by prayer to the higher force, the Allmighty and by meditating as being constantly aware of the reality.

This serie consists of the english books: Silver Line, Bronze Line, Blue Line, Green Line, Orange Line and Yellow Line.

The other serie in dutch consists of the titles: Zilver Licht, Brons Licht, Blauw Licht, Groen Licht, Oranje Licht, Geel Licht and Scheppingskracht.

I wish the reader a pleasant reading and happiness through wisdom.

Virtues as compassion and calmess are highly regarded values in society.

May the Allmighty give us attention.


Bastiaan Oostendorp


List of Contents







Simulation game

symbolic description


Thoughts about Jesus

Evil instruments

Black mass

Water & its value

Mercy of saints

Door Sun

wise government

Goal seeking

subject coding

The third eye

reality energy paths

Homerus brothers



radio waves

Mind Antenna

Ethical decision


Country economics


Genetic combination


A story of science

Cyber-enimated cops

Children and education

Creatures of life

Quest for happiness

The black side

Future wisdom




Balance in life

world in demise


alien influence

Intelligence agency

natural & virtual


time travel





All the religions have their god.
The jew-god was Shaddai. which meant the Allknowing Allpresent force.
The hindu-god was Brahman. The whole reality and its intelligent creator.
The islamgod- was a representation described by the angel Gabriel also called a omniscient force.

If we study religion, we see that every religion has the same power they pray to or try to serve.

The Allmighty. an intention to point your prayers to.



Early hinduism had a couple of books, or holy writings named the upanishads.
Of which a couple explains what makes humans happy.
Happy in a lifeexperience not based on desire or wishes.

One Parable is:
There is a rope laying in a dark area. And everyone who passes it sees it and thinks it is a snake.
So everyone is afraid and scared that the snake will bite.

Untill one wise person comes, and sees all are scared of a snake, he points at it,
touches it and everyone is convinced it is a rope.
Fear disappears. Everyone is happy and doesn’t think anymore about a snake laying there.

The lesson is: The reality is not alway as hostile as we in our minds think it is.
Sometimes the reality is like a rope, not a living hostile force but an article or appearance without living source.



We know government in our countries are ruled by a representation of the country.
Social groups are choosing the one they want in government.
But the politicians being appointed have their own agenda.
They when elections are held say to represent certain values.
But when chosen they have all kinds of interests, and not always because of their group they represent.

A new government which is possible when communication is at a certain technological level.
A government in which the people decide for themselves.
And where every sound is translated in a voice, against or pro the government.

I call it polycracy. Choose by deciding on every subject politics come.
When we use the digital knowledge like used at creditcard companies, we can give every citizen a voice in politics.

Imagine. Every morning a new decision is in your special inbox, maybe related to the current digid in our country.
Every morning a question with a couple of possible answers.

The government cannot lie anymore about what she is doing. the people are in control.
And when the questions are truthfull there is no range in what will be possible in such a country.

Poly-cracy. A government truly concerning citizens.



A fictive society, a civilisation with certain wonders.
If a societ has certain values, or wise lessons.
There arises the need to make it known to the future.

For example the egyptians, they had ‘experienced knowledge’ about afterlife.
Such as a pyramid. thy believed that the soul after life, in death travels to the realm of those passed away.
They wanted their leaders to rule after death from the realm of twilight.

The leaders and the slaves made the pyramids as a heritage.
the same with all the other civilisations, they left a heritage about what they esteemed highest.

Most civilisations leave a heritage, but sometimes not undamaged.
The greeks and romans, left the temples.

What will be the heritage of our own civilisation.
We don’t build large statues.
We don’t create special things.

We as civilisation. What do we leave for those in the future.
Will they say, we have no air because they burned or used energy with side effects.

A heritage.



Nowadays meditation is a favorite act of relaxing.
By meditation pain and suffering would slowly diminish.
By meditation the mind gets rest and when in use again it is stronger and more effective.

Meditation, as some advertisements say. Attention makes everything more esthetic beautifull.
Attention gives increase in good values.

When someone meditates, first the people get more calm,
second people begin to work more harmonious.
Third after a period even the scenery gets more harmonious. Better color. in place of black an ugly its get white or green or orangecolored.

Meditation, it sure is worth a good study on the good effects, effects on top of the personal better lifeexperience.

The place where is meditated improves slowly.



When you have a certain job in military you learn to distantiate from pain.
When in pain you learn to just endure it.

But in groups of heightened intelligence there are levels of influencing.
The lowest level is to force persons with direct pain infliction.
When the subject is in fear of the pain, he or she will do what is asked for.

The second level is to influence by using normal fear for subject as a way of manipulation.
when a person a scared of spiders. the person is forced by confronting with spiders.

The third level is by influencing the stable ideas of the person about his friends, beloved ones, etc.
By lying about it, the person thinks the relation with his beloved ones is in danger.
For example the manipulator tells your mother is angry at you because you don’t help us doing this or that.
They pretend the task thy give you come from your beloved ones.

The fourth level is by influencing your ideas of right and wrong. The enemy is what you have to attack,
and who tells someone is the enemy, All reasonable arguments to point one.
Influencing the judgment you make on someone.

The fifth level is by influencing core values of you.
core values like ‘this is reality’ ‘this is my body’ ‘this is how i usually behave’ ‘what i do is according to the law legal’
‘my work is needed in society’ ‘i have to do what i ‘m asked for in my job’

The fifth level is the level in which you encounter intellectual fears.
If you see a movie about a reality simulation, in which it seems like the real reality is also a dream or computerprogram, you get intellectual fears. (intellectual and intelligent)


Simulation game

These times, the rise of the computer.
The interactivity of the machine.

As humans we sometimes, if we live in rich areas go to theaters and cinema’s
We see nice and pretty movies. About subjects we like to experience.
By seeing in a film the things we would like to have in reality we have pleasant experiences.

With watching movies we think nothing bad can happen. But when movies get more realistic and more psychological processes are built in the movies can have bad side-effects.

In some decades simulation will be a way to force people to get more main-stream.
In the times which have to come movies with an interactive element will be used to force all people who are not ‘normal’ to get more ‘normal’

Interactive simulation games. Like first person shooters in the gameindustry but then a thousand times more realistic.

It gives you distress if you apprehend what will be possible and be used.
May the future hold both peace and happiness.
And a way-out of the nightmare if it ever would exist.

A simulationgame. in the movies these days it is entertainment. but if it would be real.
For every criminal or abnormal person to be obligied to watch or experience ‘lessons’

Hopefully earth will have a safehouse for everyone, who wants to have a good life at the good side.


symbolic description

In languages we can sometimes hear or see the meaning of a word, as it emerges from history.
Names in the religious writings of the far past have the same method of being named as some of today.

The biblical term ‘satan’ is described as the opposing force to goodness or the evil source of all mishap.

The other biblical term is ‘devil’and it has the same meaning.

But if you turn the words counter clockwise, you see that satan, becomes natas. (natas probably a latin word for being birth)
And the word devil, becomes lived.

The meaning in those words are opposite to the spelling backwards.

This desscriptions proofs, as i may humbly say that those two forces do not have a physical body or intelligence that operates as a being named as such.

A large spirit with consciousness bigger than a planet, with intentions only pointing towards bad, destruction, pain inflicion etc.

Such a large spirit is not exisiting with that name.

So those two words point to a philosophical entity, having that name to personalise all bad things under one symbolic word.

Other words describing bad spirits, or forces may or may not be the same, if beings have a certain name, not with the meanig spelled backward, or spelled as a feature or part of it, can have the role as described in the writings of far history.



Every human at birth gets a name.
The name as a symbol to point to that person.
A name to be able to talk or communicate about cause and effect.
A name to not only give coordination and processes a meaning.
A name is such as a symbolic link. if you compare it with a computer.
In a computer programs have a link or an executable.
And by that link everyone operating the computer does know what a certain program is or does.
And people owning computers communicate about programs.

As every program has a link and a purpose, the link has sometimes a symbolic meaning about the program, or a description of the company which created it.

Animals have names, and everyone knows the visible appearance when you call the name.

People have names to. Some of them are conceived by intention, some are names being appreciated by the parents. And every person gets a name at birth.

Names, and the meaning. Sometimes i see persons, having a name, and having a similar personality.
Not just the way they communicate but also the choice of clothing or how they appear.

Names, there is more to it than just visible or known in society.

If someone would like to know, i hope time and means are available for a good study on it.


Thoughts about Jesus

the largest religion, if i may say is the one based on the teachings of christ.
He was on the earth for some time, but gave lessons and made miracles happen.

An experiment is; if you would have powers above the avarage human level.
What would you do with them.

If safety of yourself was guarenteed and the people you love are without deficit.
What goal or purpose would you find in life.

Extrahumane powers, most humans would use it for fame & fortune & success.

Jesus had powers we have not seen ourselves, but in the writing about his life.
The bible we read proof of his miracles.

Jesus, in the bible he said he felt the force going to the woman who touched his clothes.
He said he felt it. but he didn’t say he did it.

When he was praying on the getsemane, he said to god to take away the foretold future of pain.
And he rose from the earth up to the clouds to go to his father.

If god, or the lord of heaven would be omnipotent, omniscient, he would not live above the clouds. He would not use signs as pigeons sitting on the shoulder. As i can understand.

What lord did Jesus pray to, and serve.
As he said he did.

Some people might think he was an alien put in human form.
And as an alien, he had to choose his own destiny, his own life.
And he chose to help humans.
If he would live today. What would we do. harm him, banish him.

Christ, some see him as a saviour. But did he save all the ones asking Him for it.
Christ, some see him as son of God. What characteristics does a son of God have.

We cannot proof either he would be a son of God, or a saviour, or a normal man.
We cannot have a judgement on someone who is bigger than we understand about ourselves.
We cannot experience what he was and did, because he was no regular human.

The only thing we can do, is study religion and keep the good things.
The only thing we can do, is live and let live.
The only thing we can do, avoiding to experience pain and suffer, and to prevent suffer and pain at and by others.


Evil instruments

The world is divided in people doing what is needed to support society.
To support all humans or other creatures to be a system in which life is at least neutral to experience.
The support of the world, planet, universe is to give all beings a place to live and to be usefull for the universe.

the humans being part of the society and fullfilling a role to support the whole system.

The other side of the world is the people who are a burden on society,
for example evil people diminish the happiness or prosperity in the world.
Criminals , steal, damage and do things to destroy.

the society is not the task of a person alone, but of all the people and creatures working to let the system as a whole respects the places and uses the forces to create prosperity and happiness.

The evil force, opposed to good forces create chaos, suffering, fear and pain.
The evil force has instruments to influence the creatures they have as enemies.

The instruments of evil.
Fear is for most beings a reasons to avoid certain things, or to create a border or to stop doing ceertain things.

Evil forces use fear to persuade humans to be part of the evil system.

A second instrument they use is the prediction of pain or suffering.
they tell you, if you don’t want to suffer in the future you have to do what they say.

A third instrument is they tell you the people you trust, for example parents, teachers are imperfect and deficient. And because as they say they are not perfect they cannot be a good help for you, in opposition to them.

A fourth instrument is the use of social role models and idols.
If you look at the television you see what you can be, or should want to be.
Pop stars telling they are famous, but with the sidemessage that it is good to wish for what they want. like money, fame, and bad things like gambling and the other sins.

These are a couple of the instruments evil forces use to both seduce children and adults.
For the target they choose, they have a range of arguments and methods to choose from to tempt them.

A fifth instrument is they tell you justice is not something in society.
When you miss a child or you have a relative with a disease. They tell justice is not achievable in the legal way. To the dark side, where it is possible to get revenge.

All the forces both good and evil, give the other side reasons to be the enemy.
In countries: the capitalists say communism is a sin, or evil.
And the social groups say individualism is evil.

All groups or parts of society give a opposing group the sign of being evil.

The islam say christianity is evil.
The christians say atheism is evil.

The main arguments in law and ethics is:
What is happening to someone else, with your reason, or influence. would you like to experience it yourself.

What lets you suffer or in pain, do you want it to let someone else overcome.
And when you would be in the footsteps of other people or livign beings, would you accept what your path is like.

All the living beings walk the path of life. And the measure is, would you want to destroy the path of others, and would you accept it, when the path of someone else would be your path.

The second main argument is:
Are you befriended to your brothers and sisters.
Are you befriended to the living beings, with alike features and goal.
Are you befriended to the whole of our humanity.
Are you befriended to the whole world with all living beings included.

If you are not befriended, what hinders you.
And if something prevents you from being a brother or sister to all world.
What is needed to overcome that limitation.

And can you make the first step to give others what you miss in your life.
(if it is reasonable and humane.)


Black mass

In today’s science they use particle accelaretors to create new particles, of which some only exist for nano or micro seconds.
But the real matter which cannot be found is black mass.

Mass with the characteristics of being not found or visible.
In their basic components they don’t reflect photons, as usual mass does.
By not reflecting photons it is invisible to every creature able to see visible reality.
It’s like having a secret chamber behind a bookshelf.
Unless you know it is there it is not found or seen.

Black mass, it also has negative gravity values. It does not respond to gravity calls as being made by large objects for example planets or solar systems.

Without visibilty and without force fields like gravity it has the ability to have a certain stable position.
As a planet circles around a star or sun, the black mass doesn’t move at all.
And it isn’t seen too.

Black mass, it is a theoratical substance unless been found in reality.
May black mass be used for positive purposes of harmless tools.


Water & its value

As i have heard, in 400 years the water supply on this world is polluted with a kind of forcefield code, thereby the water is not anymore a life-feeding-substance but a source of poison.
Only water which is filtered and purified is healthy.
And the filter takes some electric source and a chemical basis.
As a joke i use: Water will be the biggest poison there is. At that time.

Another thing i heard is that water in a jar, and when you turn it round and rount,
the method of creating typhones is a little bit like creating a field where-in gravity is being reduced.

By creating such a field in a jar, its in the small space what can be done in a big space.
Water has special characteristics that works like that.

May our world in the future have the blessing of happiness.


Mercy of saints

From the beginning of time untill now there is once in a while a saint visiting our world.
Or instead of visiting getting to be one.

A saint is someone who has the mercy of the gods, or one god and uses the mercy to save people.
They can pray for forgiveniss and ask for boons to their god.

But if someone dies, he or she can ask a certain saint to grant them a new life.

For example the saint John of the early christianity can be asked for a new life,
And with that new life, chances to be a good person.

And that’s how people get their names. Not by coincidence but as the mercy of the saint giving them new life.

A new life with the life you asked the saint for. And the name of that new life consists also of the name of that saint.

It has not been proven that it works like that.
But it could or would be.

May the saints grant us new life. With the characteristics they became saintly by.

May all be blessed with the light of the Allmighty.


Door Sun

The sun is one giant ball of fire.
but the best of gates can be camouflaged by a heat and light not able to pass through.
To use the sun or other heat sources as doors your ships have to stand the harsh conditions.

The sun as a seal to have a door only opened by certain high intelligence beings.
When the sun would be a door, we as humans would never be abel to go through.

Not any human would be able to see or pass through the door. Not without support of an high intelligent specie.

The soul of intelligence when not anymore bound to a body could go through.
Most humans call it the light deceased ones have to go through.

When you tell a soul to go to the light. It is the sun they travel to.

And when spirits of other sides, the mind beings or souls want to dwell on earth they have to pass this gate as well.

May all the creatures reach the light. During their life by the light of wisdom, and by death the light of life.

May all beings reach out to immortality.
May all beings reach our for wisdom.
May all beings reach out for good health and prosperity.


wise government

Governing a country always has good and bad sides.
A part of the country agrees and a part is against rules or processes.

A good country has the largest part being content with the style of governing.
And a bad country has a lot of enemies.
Both inside and external.

An enemy costs a lot of resource or money to be kept at distance.
Therefore the main goal of a government is not to go to war or to use vasrt resources for fighting.

The best country has allies and friends by which the costs of defense or police are cut in parts or with the benefit of big numbers.
A large group will have less to pay than the same group funded by less civilians.

The main cost of a country is to provide safety and security for all inhabitants.
The safety to be protected against violence and other criminal acts.
When a country is protected the civilians can choose to get education, to labour or to raise children.

The second task for a government is to provide the civilians the education they need to be productive and have a life of meaningfullness.

Being productive gives the individual persons the feeling of satisfaction.
And satisfaction is the feeling everyone needs.

The education is partly the responsibility of the government as being part of the basic education needed to be a part of the country. basic education like language, math, gymnastics and so on.
The education to be able to labour is extra and can be provided by the profits gained with the knowledge and expertise.

The first task is protection, the second education.
The third is the care and cure for people with sickness and disease.
Caring for them is mostly a higher cost than people own by working.
And caring is more a task of the collective because sickness is not always the fault of the individual.

When citizens know they are being cared for when sick, don’t have the insecure feeling that if they get sick they are in a deadline.

A country caring for sick people gives a good feeling for all citizens.
Because it is good to realise that everyone is part of society without prejudices or false judgements.

The fourth task of a government is to give every citizen a reasonable part of income.
A country has the income of all labour added with all the profits of trade.
A country giving all people who labor an equal part is being regarded as a just society.

Everyone who works wants a good income for it without being misused.

The fifth task for a government is to provide for culture and religion.
Culture and religion is part of the social life of people.
They have the right to use culture and religion to make their social and societal role to being content with their development and evolution.


Goal seeking

We as human specie have all similar ways or methods to act or do things.
We have goals and reach for them to give our life the meaning we want.

But we would be happy when we release our goals and not trying to reach them anymore.

All the friction in life is between our surrounding and us trying to reach our goals.
If we let loose our goals, we adapt to reality which gives the most possible contentment.

Goals are an instrument of our mind to reach for the program it wants to realise.

Goals which are released do not anymore create karma because they disappear.

Some wise books tell that the release of your goal gives you peace and happiness.
Some wise books tell when you stop searching you get happiness.


subject coding

In the near future we have computers all related in a grid.
We now use objectbased programming with objects with characteristics and
unique little algoritms to make a big complex program.

As we progress the internet will be more and more important,
and with operating systems and programs being part of a subscription.
Like it is now with some email, netflix, spotify systems.

We then will use a subject based system.
Each computer can have a couple or more subjects being executed in the system.
A slow computer with only a few, and a complex computer with many.

subjects are like programs running in an environnement but doing work for the user or for a collective system.

It is like programs being used today as the world community grid.
By allowing subjects being run on your computer the subsciption to services or programs can be less in price or been subsidised.

Subjects consist of object oriented programs. but run stand alone in an environnement.

Subject based computing.
A step between computing and intelligent artificial systems.
As robots make use of subjects to create their goals and use the resources to be able to run intelligently.


The third eye

In all the writings of ancient times there was one secret of religious practice.
All the upanishad tried to explain the main goal of spirituality.
All the hindi writings were pointing to one main truth.

the enlightenment, the opening of the third eye.
The opening of the wise source.

The third eye is the eye of the vision of consciousness.
Moment to moment awareness.
Awareness of the ultimate reality.
Awareness of whats true in life.

The wise sages of those times, all had the characteristic of such an eye.
The wisdom to be kind, to be full with wisdom.
They were the source of wellfare.
They were the source of goodness.

They educated all the people around them about wisdom and goodness.
Peace was a natural result of their practice.

May all know goodness.
May all attain peace.
May all live without sickness.
May all grow from suffer to happiness.

May the ultimate reality be available to them who search for it.

Om shanti shanti shanti


reality energy paths

As we have bodies with all kinds of tissue in it we can look at reality and the galaxy as the same.

In our body we have nerves which transport electrical impulses.
In the galaxy there is the same. ways which act as superconductors.
All ships going on that track travels with high speed to the end of the so called high way.

Just one aspect of reality.
Those highways are in movies called as hyperspace only then it is a sphere or dimension without paths.

The pathways of that hyperspace or betweenspace is not easy to discover.
Discovery is by empirical sight on space events.


Homerus brothers

In the far past there was a religious sect which called themselves the homerus brothers.
They were seen in the times of the greek and latin societies.

The homerus brothers lived on mountain tops, and clothed themselves not but with oil and fat.
Naked they lived as religious people.

The homerus brothers.
Not much is known about them.



The bible is read by many people.
But its more than history.
Its describing religion.
From the very beginning in genesis to the end of the line at Jesus message.

When in genesis they talk about a descent of man to the perishabke form.
A couple of things are said.

The angel of fire protecting man from getting the fruit of eternity.
And the tree of knowledge of good and evil that demises mankind.

The angel of fire. Is in my vision the sun with its big sphere of fire which not only gives us light but also is a border to our possibility.

And the tree of good and evil. is like having the mind controlling people with the insights on what is preference and what is avertable.

In the genesis there is the first man was a living spirit and the last a lifemaking mind.

We as humans are from that time of in a certain path of science. Which lets us discover all knowledge but not to our happiness. As we get damned in the bible with hardship.

In the bible the tree of life is also the prayers as read in Proverbs of Salomon.



We as humans only know three dimensions. As the source of our living.
We build and protect our homes, get our jobs, and raise children or work for ambitious tasks.

In reality we know there are three dimensions.
We can walk and move in those three dimensions.

There is however possible according to guessing scientists a lot more dimensions.
As i would think it we would live in an egg and when the shell breaks or is penetrated we see more than only three dimensions. We see a fourth one, and even more as we distinguish the reality outside our egg shell.

Our galaxy is as an egg shell, and it grows. like an egg, and when its fully grown, it breaks into more than those three dimensions held inside.

By science its even more probable that the fourth or fifth dimension will be discovered soon.
Its like having a store and one place of 1 by 1 meter is with a crack or flaw and a certain penetration or space is there.

If we would want proof of more than three dimensions. we would have to see or search for those cracks. And look whats inside or outside it.

Like a crack in an egge, we would have connection with a second sphere of dimensions.
Its not unthinkable that the crack as in a movie set, or place where movies are filmed that a second movie set is there. Or a connection from this reality as a movie set to an outer reality where the real world is.

A lot of connections are possible in that theory.
May we discover the goodness of using reality cracks for the help and protection of what has to be kept safe.


radio waves

As our world species. including humans we have into space a kind of radio footstep.
We have a radiosphere around our planet.

We have radiotelescopes which reads from space radiowaves with certain frequency and velocity.
With our radiolisteners we try to decode signals to information of scientific kind.

But we forget that like animals in the wildregions can cloak to hide untill attack or hide to be safe from predators. We are like to face the same when we look in the outer regions aorund our solar system.

As humans, we look and listen to space but we ourselves are visible like a flaslight in a dark region.

We are like a candle in a room. All living creatures with a certain intelligence can understand their is life that lighten the candle and uses it for purposes of intelligent life.

To compare to our radiofootstep. We have radio waves like television, computerbased communication, radio, and all kinds of interaction through frequency based communication.

If there would be predatorlife in space. they would be easily distracted or attracted by our radiobased footstep.

Intelligent life with a certain civilisation and a certain evolution will choose to create camouflage for the information or signals that go out of the borders of the planet.

A radiosilent border. A shield or whatever is possible.
We as we would listen to their worlds would probably say there is no life there.
And thats the purpose of their defense system. No life forms available there.

In theory, if an alien ship would be undetectable for our radar, it can read out all the information being in the air.
Information being sent and received by all radio antenna’s with more distance than a couple of miles.

Radiowaves being sent to the atmosphere where the sattelites are are easily intercepted.

As we can feel or see the lightcorona’s in the air. around our planet. it can be seen all our radiotransmission of communication.

especially all our technology descriptions. like wikipedia, digital libraries.
If we would have a weak spot. it is one of the many we have.

Another linked danger is that if communication is intercepted and replaced by messages of hostile forces, and if they own more than our intelligence we wouldn’t notice it that information is changed. as such a message of an attacking country could be replaced and seen as something else. or more dangerous a peace treaty is changed to a act of beginning war.


Mind Antenna

In psychiatry there is the man function of the mind.
The mind doing whats not good. giving the sick man voices, bad ideas or
whatever by which he suffers.

There is a way to get new information, or new knowledge but its a great risk also.
If one should choose to open up his mind, all kind of information flies in.

The mind then works as an antenna. An antenna which receives not only usefull things.
But also whats like dirt in the cloud.

Opening your mind, is like saying it. that you want to open your mind.
or by thinking of opening your mind.

Please be carefull. Some of them who had chosen to do so are being protected in a mental health clinic. And they suffer a lot.

There is scientific research needed to see if its endangering us.

An open mind. all kinds of information does fly in the mind.
Choose wisely not only love or calmness is in the mind, but also all kinds of bad emotions and concepts are in there.

May those who suffer be protected.

Closing the minds antenna would be by saying the mind has to close, or by thinking that the mind has to close


Ethical decision

Humans have humane law.
Humans operate at decent law.

In world war two the germans used victims to do scientific research.
Not all research in that time was very harmless.
Experiments with deactivating certain brainparts to see what would happen.

As for sure there are on earth experiments right now.
We don’t know about it.

some ethical decisions.

To do surgery on a person.
Is it lawfull to do surgery with side effects as paininfliction when the memory of the pain is removed after the surgical operation. (and never be remembered)

Is it lawfull for criminals when the method would be effective to inflict a certain painimpulse to let the criminal be drawn away from doing the crime ever again. (some movies also show such methods)

Is it lawfull when in society high costs are for getting children to kill all babies who have no existence permit.

Is it lawfull when methods are there to change in the embryo the dna and or physical parts.

Is war lawfull when innocent people die or are in suffering.

We know that in the past marriage between religions counterparts was forbidden.
The devil would sleep in their midst.
If a person of earth would marry a person from another race. would it be forbidden such a relationship, and would getting children be forbidden.



Most persons from our reality. from our world has no vision on what will be possible in the future.
A couple of centuries ago we thought the earth was flat.
We thought diseases and sickness was a cause of devilworship or damnation.

A couple of thousands years ago we thougt that disease was a sign of sin.
By commiting sinfull activities we would get sickness or death.

Now we know that a disease is caused by virusses or bacteria.
The religion of the past for example the islam gives advices or rules that would have fit in in that time. (when their messenger concieved the message)

We know religion as a sign of good behaviour but their is one major problem.
Religion talks about the past. The past the messenger experienced all what he spoke about as a living guideline.
But what will be of the future. Will we still exist. Does religion has the same importance.

Will guidelines of the past still have meaning for us or for those living in the future.

For example mobile phones, nobody experiences that kind of objects as a cause for sin. Or thinks it is forbidden science.
We see in islam, girls and women with scarfs around their face. But with a mobile phone.

In the future? will they wear scarfs in public but are uncovered when communicating with mobile video phones.

The future. A new religion is needed.
The future. What is sin in view of eternity.
The future, Will sin be a subject not anymore applicable to us (see the examples of the past religious livings)

The future. We experience more freedom because of the changes from the past from the start of the religions in that time.

May we in the future laugh about our flat world we now not even can talk about, we not concieve as flat with inner meaning of the round ball our earth is.

Lots of things we not know. We are not having much insight in compare to our future.


Country economics

Each country, comparable to a business has a chart of income versus expenses.
In these times there is almost no country without a debt.

This country i live in also has a debt on the government economic status.
Debts are normal and it is paid by citizens or corporations to make able that a country can spend on all governmental issues.

The danger of such a political theme is that when the debt is a certain size and the interest on that debt is larger than the income of a country. Whether the income is by tax or by generosity.
If the interest is bigger than the income there is no way a country can heal from that nasty point of view.

If income is as big as the interest, most countries will be forced to sell part of the collective possesions.

They will be forced to sell banks, healthcare, education, travelling.
When they sell parts of their government there is only loss.

The corporations buying it will be focussed on profit.
And the collective has another goal or purpose than the profitbased corporations.

There is only one way out for any country facing this problem.
Its by giving every citizen a basic income, and taking all income above a certain amount.
If by that rule income of the government is big enough, the country can choose to buy back all the debtnotes or obligations.

It is not a plan for one or two years.
A stable political democracy is needed.

It will take years to heal the government to a healthy economical status.



May the Allmighty protect me,
May the Allmighty protect my family.

May the Allmighty allow me to be a citizen in His kingdom.
May The Allmighty give me a task.

I hope the Allmighty exist and hears our prayers.
I hope the Allmighty is Powerfull and Omniscient.

I hope the bad things i sometimes see can be cured or cared for by Thy light.


Genetic combination

In the near future there will be experiments to create plant and animal life with certain good qualities.
Genetic modification is a fact in these times. but the use of it is still to be invented.
Genetic alteration to get new species not yet existing is a possible thing in the future.

We all know the past legends and stories, from the hinduism the gods with animal faces or more than two arms.
From egypt with the gods with animal heads.

If genetic alteration is a good invention and is tested good.
We can fear things we not know yet.
We can be the source of another time of hunger, or icetime.

In a possible future we have to be scared of animals with new physical forms. Able to hunt prey as preditors.

The drawback of genetic alteration at human bodies is the reproduction over longer times.
In a couple of hundred years a genetic change with good qualities can be one holding the normal genetic changes back.

Genetic alteration, A good thing, A danger, a source of hardship.

Genetic combination, is it a source of spiritual declination.
Genetic combination, is it a source of unpredicted aggresiveness.
Genetic combination, is it a source of societal causes of war or terror.

The normal borders of natural species is a quality. What quality will deprive when we cross the borders.



In the future we dream that teleportation would be possible.
And a good way to travel through big distance in space.

We step through a portal,
And step out at another portal.

If the scientific method is by reading the body in atoms and molecules.
And building or printing it at the destination we have one major problem.

If communicating the bodies characteristics and code through space would be possible.
We have the problem of consciousness.

Is the body at the departure the same as destination.
We can proof that with scientific methods.
But we can’t proof that the consciousness, the soul or spirit arrives at the destination,
and steps with the body through the destination portal.

In the worst case when a lot of people step through portals,
We get a lot of people withouth spirits or consciousness.
Without us knowing that its happening.
Because all the bodies stepping through may be able to act like normal beings.

Is that a plausible case in the future. We don’t know.
Are their tests to proof existence of the spirit.


A story of science

There in a land or country comparable to china or japan.
They used a certain source for what they show people in
a museum.

It is called body works.
But not with the same method as we know it.
The method they used was to get criminals from jail.
And they let them sign a contract.
With a certain content.

In the contract were a couple of options.
One is the body may be used for medical examination.
With the choice of accepting pain or incision in the body.
The other choice is to be used for material for showing parts or the whole body
for example withou skin or muscles.

The only difference with us today is the experiments were done at their bodies alive.
And without painkillers or anestatics.

We can easy see that human rights are not been held.
removing skin, is painfull.
removing muscles is painfull.

And doing tests on bodies how pain interacts with the body.
tests at brains or other organs in the body.

In those contracts, the one signing it, would after the experiments get full freedom.
But the question is, could those humans still feel happiness with those bad things done to them.

Is there a human not understanding that there is a border to what we can do to other fellow humans.


Cyber-enimated cops

In the future at some point, there will be a new line in the law,
describing that people with a sentence for crimes,
can fullfil their penitance by becoming a cop.
A cop with parts of their body replaced by computerized or mechanized robotic tools.

Those cops, will because of their cyberparts not able to discard or refuse their job or certain incidents.
When those persons disobey they get a pain impulse to force them to do their tasks given to them.

When they are operational, it is not able to be measured how much they suffer.
For example, they get promised a painrelief or painkiller, but by contract they only have to give it for 2 weeks,
After that, pain or suffering doesn’t need treatment.

Those cybercops, as i call them, in their time they have different names, different titles.
May human rights, be applicable to all humans in the same way.
Humans with their natural bodies, as well those who had natural bodies, or the ones abel to feel human feelings and emotions.

May the Allmighty be aware of all the suffering now and in the future.


Children and education

For children it is important to learn, to play and to be busy with exploration.
Children who have the oppurtunity to play int their life have more and perfect personalities.
Because they have experience in ways of communication and in the cooperation and competition.
By competition they learn to only do whats right without doing false or wrong things.

If children would not play they would be very unpleasant adults.
And without playing in their youth they would not understand the importance for children to be able to play.

If education is also a form of play it is easier for children to learn.
Without experiencing difficult feelings because of the abstract lessons.

Children who play have more consciousness in their life, as children and as adults.
Children who play more have higher social status in job and private life.


Creatures of life

We all know that the food on our plate is from vegetables, meat or other sources.
We think or have the opinion that it is healthy to eat meat.
Vitamins and other needed materials to have a body capable of doing the things we are used to during the day.

Meat, We don’t know that it is the animal who suffers for it.
We don’t know the animals are suffering like if we compare it to us as being sentenced to death by being put in a ton with pins and send down a hill.

A death sentence they cannot escape.
A death sentence with the worst pain possible.

Because animals can’t talk, we think they cannot feel pain.
Because animals can’t talk we use them as meat sources without recognizing the importance of consciousness in their living beings.

If all on earth woould eat plantbased food,
All famine would be cured.
All people would have 60 percent less on healthcare costs.
All humans would have more calm and good emotions.
Resulting in less violence, less fights. And most important, 70 percent less war and terror.

It is a choice the leaders must make. To encourage less meat based diet.
to help make possible the good sources of food.
And to have advertising for it.

I wish good luck to everyone accepting such a fact and truth.
And double good luck to them who make it possible for theirselves and others to follow health and truth guidelines.


Quest for happiness

Happiness is the sole search of every human being.
We search for happiness in all things we do.
And happiness is being a product we buy, we sell, we work for.

Happiness, if there are legal ways of getting happiness being easier than other illegal ways we would all they happy with being legal.

If happiness is not avaiable in a good and just way we will turn towards other ways to get happiness.

Some people being unhappy search for it in drugs or pleasure.
Some search for it in doing criminal things for money.
Money to spend on things to get happy.

If in a good society the ways to happiness would available for everyone. Than noone would turn to evil or illegal ways of getting happiness.

The grade of evil existing in our society is a measure on how avaiable happiness is for everyone.

Learn evil people to use the good and just means to get happy and the whole of society turns to a happy, peace loving society.

Happiness is the only reason and emotion for all things existing. By education one learns to point the work towards a goal. Better the goal being a positive influence for society.


The black side

In society we have a dark side in which all the evil exists.
We call the demons, knights of darkness.

But if we look more precise. Black is not a color defined by characteristics but by absence of description.

If we see light it is a fire source which emits the light.
And darkness is the absence of such a source.

In that definition; darkness is the absence of light.
In morality the absence of intelligence and order.
The absence of wisdom and goodness.

Its not the presence of evil, but the absence of goodness.

The lack of energy gives all kinds of things not preferable.
The lack of light erases the posibility of coordination and daylight action.


Future wisdom

As humans we have all a common knowledge of what is around us. in reality, in communication, in life.
We know how humans look, how they act and what different behaviour they have.

As we will be in future time, we can dream about it. We can foretell in a certain matter.
But when we dream about it we can only think of current parts of being human, and recount them to what we think can be in future time.

It is like five hundred years ago. Indians met with people from europe and asia. And indians were amazed by our civilized society.
We can onlky guess what they would have experienced by meeting with us.

It is like meeting indians who say they were stolen by our machines.
If you take a photo of someone. you can think you stole his visible appearance.
Like in movies and television, with reduced intelligence you would understand that the soul was stolen by the one taking the photo.

If we look at the past. and post that to the future. We will say when aliens come to us, they stole our soul.
Not by the same principle or technology by which we were accused by the indians. But a similar process.
A similar process of understanding.

It is a rule if we would be understanding other civilisations that we wouldn’t interrupt their societies. or wouldn’t influence them.
A similar example is in the movies star trek.
No influence which will harm civilisations.
Except maybe to save total worlds with intelligent species.

compared to humans a several thousands years in the past we are like humans compared to animals. And we compared to a future time are like animals unto them.

So we are in our own eyes intelligent, gifted with science.
But in eyes of unknown intelligent species we might be in a stadium similar to animals.

Its like being an indian seeing a photo. If we see our appearance on a photo we think we are stolen by the photographer in his photo, while its only a picture of the visible side.

In our future we will have the same idea on what they do to us in the future.



Sometimes i hear people wanting religion because they are afraid not going to heaven after their life.

A good possiblity to go to heaven is by praying towards the Allmighty, and asking him to guide you to a better life.

Ask him to teach you how to reach heaven.
Learn by prayers to Him how to base your life on good things.

An entrance to heaven is surely by being devoted to the Allmighty.

And if you are really scared to be discarded at the gate, the give your life to the Allmighty.
Surrender to Him.



I was someday being inspired by a tribe of indians.
They had a different social system as is usually in the western world.

When they have offspring, children. Then when the parents die, they do not leave their possesions as heritage for their children, but it is given to the collective.
And the collective decides who in their community needs it, or can get those things.

They believed not in the children being descendant from the spirits of the family line.
They thought that offspring where new spirits and where different from the parents.

So when a man or woman died, the stuff they owned became property of the collective.
And it was given away to persons that needed it, or could use it wiselly.

A different system. And it was more known that when persons reached adult age they had right for a house, property to be able to live in a normal way.
And because the system was organised that way, it was easier to appoint certain possesions to new people.



In this society there is an invisible part.

As a national agency, with network all over the world.

The honey makers.

They arrange political changes,
society manipulation.

For a price they do whatever change in the world you wish.
They have a network of important people all over the world.

They are called the honey makers.

If someone wishes to be president, pay the honeymakers and get the high profiled position.

They are not seen during daylight. But they exist like lions in the field.


Balance in life

Most people follow a religion to be assured of going to heaven.
Some people are not interested in religion, and not in heaven.

But as it is in our world, most civilised countries have rules, and laws.
If you follow the rules, apply to the law you are safe and can do what you like.

If you break out of the law, disrespect the rules you get a penalty or jail.

Its easy if you say as above so below.
If you stick to the law you can live freely.

Laws are like in the country you live in:
stealing, killing, doing damage is a crime.
If you follow the rules of the country, if its a decent country.
You are safe.
As in my opinion, if you do whatever is good according to the law, you are safe also for your future to after life go to heaven.

Its like the scale of the egyptians. if your life was more heavy as a feather you were to hell after your life. But the scale is with your good deeds and acts on the one side, and the other has all your bad deeds and acts and the crimes you do or did.

If the scale of good deeds is positive, than you may go to heaven after your life,
If your bad deeds are counting more, or are heavier then you go to hell.

Its a simple theory.
Anyone likes to proof it? May the good ones be blessed by the allmighty.
May the bad ones be turned to good ones. In the mercy of the Allmighty


world in demise

I once a while ago had a message from outer space.
The message was a distress call.
It said:
We have in our science no longer the rule of objectbordes, gravity, dnamorality.
The abolition of object borders, made the use of tools a bit out of control.
It was no longer safe to do anything you liked because other individuals could travel through an beyond the object you use. By that kind of science it was no use anymore to forbid and send away anything.

The second the science of nullifying gravity, it was no use to have a planet with ecosystems like we have on earth. because all the plantation, animals, buildings were not fully bound anymore to keep on the planet. If an enemy with gravitycancelers arrived. The planet was not habitable anymore.

the third science. dna changement. It created monsters, which took away the happiness of living in a good society. The changed dna creatures were bound to be aggressive and controll the worlds they live in.
Because they were adapted and for special habitats.

It was a distress call. A distress call of a world in demise.

If we want to keep on living in a good manner. We have to be carefull what technology will be our worst enemy. What technology we avoid using.

May we be blessed by the Allmighty wit his clarity.



In a time last ago, there was a kingdom, which was in technology better as ours.
They had electronic devices just like us. But they also use electronics to manipulate the people.

If someone was into penitence, or had punishment it was a legal punishement to force the ones to carry a load of pain or suffering.

The suffering was done by electronic ways.

Besides that kind of punishment they had a strange way of punishing.
they took the soul out of the body and placed in a single cell.
by that way the soul was never to be again a full person.

A third way of punishment was to force persons in a kind of computerized environment,
They had to undergo interactive movies. By which they learned again to behave in a good manner.

By those interactive movies, they got the effects of real life, but then not with the problem that some crimes go unnoticed.

By interactivity, and reactions to what they did in the movies they learned again to be good citizens.


alien influence

As i can imagine. Our world gets visitors sometimes.
visitors coming from elsewhere.

Its like a secret that we not have proof of their existence.
In a movie they sometimes show them.

Like they infiltrate by taking a human appearance.
For example they read your mind and come passing by in the visible appearance of your nephew or a long forgotten friend.

If you want to be sure its the real nephew or friend, call them after a while.

Another theory is that when aliens are in your surrounding the lightcolor turns from warm white to coldwhite. Like from a lightbulb to a flueorescent lamp.(And you loosing consciousness for a little while, ofcourse not known to you)

And if you get taken by them. They don’t use anesthesia but they let you loose your memories of the surgery they had on you.

It is only theory, no one has proof so let it be imagination.

By the way all the good stories about saved dangers also could be have a source in unvisible influence.

giving the aliens a role as angels.


Intelligence agency

We all know that in countries with a least amount of budget for defense, police and military there is a special agency. An agency with the task to prevent terrorism, to prevend criminality.

Those special agencies, Call them cia, kgb, and all nice abbreviations.

there is a root of those agencies in the second world war.
To be precise in the german country.
there was a kind of analysation on how humans could be influenced. How they could be forced towards things they wouldn’t want to.

There were surgery operations, operations on interrogation.
But also on fields like hypnotism. force by pain or verbal agressiveness.

In germany, subjects where conditioned by pain and certain code-words.
If you knew the code-words, you could do anything you like to the subjects.
you could force them to anything that you liked. Even when it would mean danger, wound or killing the subject by his own deed.

Certain code-words. there are still people alive with those words burned in their minds. when they hear a such word, they react.

But these things not only were practised by the germans.
There are still experiments going on in some agencies. notnamed ofcourse.

If you would like an end to those experiments. question your government.
Mostly the head of goverment knows abou those special military operations.


natural & virtual

In a futuristic society. We have more advanced computers.
Not only showing us movies or interactive games.
But we as is said could live inside of computers.
We put our soul in a kind of electric basket and it gives us connection to all kinds of views.
Being able to controll an look inside of certain cultural and jobtechnicall apliances.
In a mine it is a machine controlled by someone living inside a computer a few thousand miles away.
Another one is meeting friends in a computerized place. where both the scenery and the people have a visible appearance as they liked.

The virtuals are the ones living in computers. and doing all that is possible by computers.
computers and machines controlled like a marionette.

These virtuals they recommend all things possible and how their lives got more pleasant.

The other side is the naturals who point at the fact that no virtual every has gone back to their living bodies. And its even said that those bodies where not anymore able to live disconnected from the computer.

The naturals. Choose to live in a house, in a neighborhood, in a country.
And they have the ethical border that humans have to feed and do all things with their body.
And not by being immersed in computers.

Would you like to be a virtual if you knew computers would one time be turned off. Loosing all virtuals by a command in a computer.

Or would you like to be a natural. Fighting for the existence of our human race.
with all the problems and chances there are in life.



There was a time.
The same as we have these times.
but it was a strange tradition.
A tradition to let yourself as a soul being placed in a new body.
they promised a birth in a certain place.
the place was being characterized by the choice of the client.
One would want a strong body, the other a goodlooking, or a innocent one.

It was not known for the client which country, which family he would be born in.

So for a lot of money a birth was bought.
A birth of a man, into a family giving time for the one growing up to get certain things e wanted in his past life.

If the time was past the living of the excarnation. he would be placed back in his life as a rich client.

It is however a bad choice to leave your life to incarnate in a life somewhere else.
It is what is valued most.

Life as unique.
Life as a product which may be used, or misused.
Life as a chance for new beings to live and earn heaven or hell.
Or life as a product for trade on the market of life.

It is for people who are rich, not always a good choice to do things that maybe possible.
Its maybe a small or easy task to ask for a different life.
But its a big pain for a new life to be edited to hold a soul of someone else.
Who may not value life as serious as an natural soul would.


time travel

For our humans it is not known that time travel would exist, but only in our dreams we imagine it.
But i saw in some world that the most important people, who ruled their world and kingdoms had a strange habit.

They could appear in different places, different times. Could choose how their body looked.
They had to appear, then they appeared. The place where they had good influence on their task of getting world power in their hands.

As they likely being said appeared around the corner, walked in the room, gave their speech,
walked back around the corner and disappeared.

In that way through fast travelling they could be masters of more than one world.
And they had access to more information, knowledge or wisdom than they would have in one world.

They were as being said the invisible masters governing all the worlds highest assets.

In each world they were the most high people in the hierarchy.

Time travelling is like throwing a stone on water, it touches the water an flies back up agains a little distance and a couple of meters away it touches the water again.

(Like throwing a flat stone towards the water)



In a kingdom, sometime, somewhere there was a kind of tradition,
A tradition to give forefathers and ancestors dedicated time in their future-offspring.
to help them get peace in their afterlife. And get done with tasks they started but not finished.

It helped to get the ancestors more calm, and create a kind of devotion to give ancestors a timesacrifice.

It was done by wishing or praying the name of the ancestor and telling may i be a vessel for your goodness, May i be a vessel to give your tasks a place to rest.

There was danger in it however because when it were agressive or rude people the life of the one sacrificing time in their lives could be harmed or be in danger too.

It was a honarable task as they thought in that kingdom.

To give your ancestors a bit of your time. for example a couple of hours or days.
And by praying for it, also for a fixed length.

May the ancestors be honored by their offspring. And having respect for what age it has become.

Eternal Life