A new time, a new era. or a new century.
Each time begins with the creation of a world.
A creation of a new reality or new universe.
There is according to holy books a supreme creator who
creates by saying a word. That word grows to be a planet, a universe.

Words are the basis and ground of a new world.
Our humanity is led by the communication in words.
Our feelings, our thoughts, all words on paper, in our head.

But each human individual has the voice. An advising or critical voice.
Which tells what is right, what is wrong.

A voice giving commentary on our actions.
Which insults us and compliments us.

A voice sometimes tells about future events.
Future events we cannot understand.
But which holds the act of preventing misschief.

May voices be the guide to prevent the evil things from happening.

A voice speaks of things not in daylight. evil science being used to analyse the flaws in our brains.
to invent new medicines that calls for guinea pigs.
A chinese experiment which uses convicts for testing pain aches and surgical insults to
induced the largest amount of pain.

The chinese experimentation, a view on it, a convict is placed in a strangle chair and
the head is opened and a electrical wire is attached.
by stimulating different parts of the brains, there is a pain effect, and the convict is forced to tell how it feels.
Another experimentation is to use convicts for a bodyworks program.
Some museums have a body works program, a human body stripped from the skin, and showing different parts of the body.
Muscles, and intestines.

Those stripped bodies are made of convicts, which are treated in full consciousness and without painkiller.

A voice speaks of a terror situation, with hostages.
A hospital, is under siege of a terrorist organisation.
Both personnel and clients. It is said that the source of that misschief was an aerial spirit.
Which deluded the terrorists to create a hazard situation.

in the hospital corridors where turned to defense turrets.
Each corridor was being taken with heavy casualties.

Even outside the hospital, the threat was that buses were not allowed to stop of go near the building,
even buses were filled with bodies and covered with blood.

May such a crime never come to existence.
May protection be to all civilians.

The heartlessness to attack those in need, those in sickness, those with good intentions.

Consider this, you are not human, you are not an animal.
But by the change of fate your body is drawn towards the earth.
A body that is not known to be a specie born on earth.

What would happen next. How can he be saved.
As an extraterrestial you are brought to a secret region.
As non human there is no medicine, no food that supports life.
As there are no pain killers all investigation is done with full lifeconsciousness.

Some would say it is better to die than to live and experience those inspections.
Without being human, there is no law on this planet that give rights to be treated in a humane way.