Afterlife as bonds of love

A vision on hell and heaven.
As no one knows what is after life.

One tells you are in a sophisticated hotel,
and at the dining table with all saints,

Others say you are very bored there
because there is nothing to enjoy.

In hell either flames and suffering,
or enough beer and cigarettes.

Now think of all the people you know,
how much percent is in favor to you.
How many do you like,
and how many of them loves you.

Now think of, you having no body,
but able to look at their places
and feel if they love or hate you,
and your feeling too.

Would it be heaven if
you fly around and feel the love
of them every moment you are
in their surrounding.

Would it be hell,
if you when meeting them
feel their hate or fear
about you.

Now if they say
without body
you cannot change how
others feel in your situation
as only with a body
you can by communication change
the way they feel about you.

And not able to change the
way they feel about you
by saying nice things,
making compliments,
sharing love and doing for

The first months after death
you are either horrified by
all those who are in fear or hate
or are in wonder about how
much good things you did while in life.

This is a vision on the afterlife.